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Every year, over the long Thanksgiving weekend, LASFS puts on a convention in the LA area.


Loscon 2021

We are looking forward to a live in-person Loscon 47 for Thanksgiving weekend of November 26th through November 28th, 2021.  Existing memberships from the postponed version are rolled into this reboot.

In our efforts to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our 2021 event attendees, we will be following public health recommendations and policies on private indoor events with more than 100 people.

Loscon requires attendees 16 and older to be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination and attendees under 16 to have a documented negative Covid test within 3 days of the start of the convention.

We are only accepting the three US approved vaccines at this time. We are not requiring the booster, because of the variance in receiving first shots, but would encourage those who are eligible to receive a booster to do so.

Public health guidelines and Marriott policies will require masks to be worn in all public spaces during the convention. Failure to abide by public health guidelines and Marriott policies will be grounds for removal from the event.

Using the Loscon 2021 Webpage (October 1. 2021)

'Regarding the Loscon website. Little known design omission by the godz at Wordpress formed a discrepancy of presentation between landscape and portrait orientations on mobile devices, and between mobile devices and desktop devices. This quirk was not communicated to me at the time our posting this year began, when I was asked to be the webmaster. It has been brought to my attention now, and there is a remedy that has been employed in the past, but I do not view it as optimal. It was a workaround.

There are some good features in Wordpress that takes design work to deal with properly, but in the absence of that the solution will be the creation of a page that links from the front page (loscon.org) to a Menu Page. In order to create a new menu in Wordpress I would have to replace the existing one...and will not do that so as not to risk losing integrity. Please bear in mind that this is not a malfunction but a design incompatibility with the needs of the club and its visitors. It has been worked around but not resolved.

Anyone needing an instant menu, needs mobile device portrait orientation. A lined square appears at the top right just like Facebook uses. This opens to the complete menu. It has been this way since I was given the site to add to, except last year that webmaster knew and used the workaround. In a few hours between now and daybreak, the new menu page will be composed and posted and will appear on the quick link bar. I hope that this will be of good use for everyone.

Westercon 2021

The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (LASFS) is aware of the situation with respect to Westercon 73, and we regret that the Seattle Westercon Organising Committee (SWOC) who won the bid for Westercon 73 has experienced the troubles it has.

LASFS will host the functions mandated in the Westercon Constitution for Westercon 73 at Loscon 47, held over Thanksgiving Weekend, 2021. This includes the Business Meeting and Site Selection voting.

Individuals who decline to get their memberships of Westercon 73 refunded from SWOC are welcome to attend Loscon 47. Those keeping their supporting memberships will be able to vote as well, but have no other participation. If  the supporting members wish to attend Loscon 47, they may pay the difference, for the current attending rate and the supporting rate for Westercon 73. All attending badged members at Loscon 47/Westercon 73 will be able to participate in Westercon 75 site selection. LASFS undertakes no other obligations for Westercon 73. All contracts and agreements made by SWOC in the name of Westercon 73 remain the responsibility of SWOC. Please watch for further statements.
Karl Lembke
Board Chairman
Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society

See https://westercon73.org/


from File 770 (June 24, 2021)

The Tempe (Arizona) committee has dropped their unopposed bid to host the 2023 Westercon because the recovery from the pandemic has not moved quickly enough to assure them the region’s fans will support and attend their con. They are now considering a bid for 2025.

They announced on the bid’s website:

    With sadness, CASFS and WesternSFA are officially withdrawing our bid to host Westercon 75 in Tempe, AZ in 2023.

    This is because of the ongoing effects of the COVID pandemic. While we expect that the country as a whole and the southwest in particular will be much more open in 2023 than it is today, that expectation has sadly not translated into support for Westercon 75 thus far and choosing to continue at this point would put both our sponsoring bodies at serious risk. We cannot survive on local fans alone. We also need regional fans to be ready to travel again and it’s clear that they’re not comfortable doing that yet.

    The prudent option, which was taken unanimously by our committee and both our sponsoring bodies, is to withdraw at this time but to ready a future bid for a time when the wider community is hopefully ready to return to a physical Westercon.

    Our current plan is to submit an equivalent bid to host Westercon 77 in Tempe in 2025, once we’ve agreed a contract with our hotel in mid-2022.

The bid was a joint effort of the Western Science Fiction Association and the Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society.

Kevin Standlee explained on the Westercon.org that the site selection process for 2023 will be conducted at Loscon 47 in November 2021, because this year’s Westercon was merged into Loscon after the original Westercon 73 committee disbanded and handed the convention over to LASFS, owner of the Westercon service mark.

Standlee also told File 770: “Because Westercon’s deadlines are hard-coded into the Bylaws, we’re not allowed to reopen filing to be on the ballot. Bids can still file, though, and be eligible to win. There will still be an election (at Loscon), but if no eligible bid wins, it will go to the Business Meeting (at Loscon), and if the meeting can’t decide, then as you probably know, LASFS will have to decide.”


Go to the Loscon website and click there for information on this year's  Loscon.

We are starting an archive of material about past Loscons.
Loscon Hall Costume Award Duties (by Bill Ellern)

Arlene Satin's interview about Loscon 38 (2011) on Hour 25 (recorded at Loscon 37).

Opening of Loscon 11 Masquerade (1984)

Like all organized SF fandom conventions, Loscon is run by volunteers.  Amateurs and professionals join as panelists (and a number of rooms host competing panels).  There's open discussion plus snacks in the con suite, a dealers room, an art show, nighttime parties in hotel rooms, dances, singing, gaming, and other activities. 

Think of a fan-run convention as a family reunion, except that the attendees are related by common interests instead of by genetic ties.

Each year's Loscon has its own name and theme, selected by the con chair, who is one of a number of candidates approved by the LASFS Board of Directors and then chosen by the vote of attendees at a Club meeting.  Click here for the Loscon History webpage. 

Please remember that the Loscon website is under the control of the Loscon webmaster, not of the LASFS webmaster.




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