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Time Warner is my ISP and recently annoyed a lot of people on the filk newsgroups by announcing that it would soon be cutting off all Usenet  newsgroups.  The scuttlebut was that this would happen on Monday, June 23rd, and indeed right now I can't connect to this morning.


I checked out a number of news servers recommended by filker acquaintances.  

I couldn' get a reliable connection to Motzarella, and I couldn't get Octanew to

let me post messages (though I was able to read the newsgroups there).


Finally we went to (a free news server) at  and have found it fairly satisfactory when using it with Thunderbird (I can download the newsgroups and post messages).  It keeps downloading old messages, but  I just hit SHIFT-CONTROL-C to mark All Read after reading the newer ones, and the price is definitely right.  


I can post all the other cheap news servers recommended by filkers, on the understanding that I haven't tried any of them.


Last Updated ( Monday, 23 June 2008 )
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