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Only a few of the people who founded LASFS back in 1934 re still alive, and none of them attend meetings regularly, but we still remember and honor them, nd a lot of other wonderful LASFSians.



LASFS got an email on January 3, 2020, which I'm putting here as a wonderful LASFS
Memory.  (Lee Gold)

My name is Robert Carl Cohen. I joined the LASFAS in 1943 at the age of 13.  In September 1945the LASFAS held a meeting of authors and fans to discuss the August detonation of the atomic bomb.  Each of those present, including myself, recorded their thoughts concerning the entryinto the Atomic Age on a wire recorder.  The spool of magnetic wire was to be placed in a timecapsule by Forest Ackerman.

1. Was this done?
2. If so, has the time capsule been opened?
3. If it has, is it possible to listen to, or receive a copy of, the statements recorded?

Yours sincerely
Robert Carl Cohen

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Martin Tays found a letter that Edgar Rice Burroughs
wrote to Forry Ackerman.

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Rob Hansen recently wrote us: "Though it's devoted primarily to UK fanhistory,
I've recently dded a fair bit of stuff to my website about LASFS in the 940s,
including lots of old photos, that may be of interest to your members."

Rob Hanson also found a site devoted to Forrest J Ackerman's time in uniform,
and another to he places LASFS met prior to those listed on your website:

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