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Click here to view the LASFS interactive monthly calendar (using using the Joomla! Events Calendar).Time is shown on the 24-hour system, so that LASFS meetings are shown as starting at 20:00 (8:00 PM).

Any registered user may add to the calendar by listing an event of interest.  

The Events Calendar software insists on an end date for each calendar item, even the ones likely to go on forever, like LASFS meeting on Thursday night, and we have chosen the year 2034, but we expect that LASFS will continue meeting long after that.  The Events Calendar also insists (way off on the right side of the webpage) on an end time for each calendar item, and we have chosen 11 PM (23:00) for items whose end time is indeterminate or is not known. 

Please write the Webmaster if you see any errors we can fix in these calendar listings.

LASFS meetings officially start at 8:00 PM in Freehafer Hall (named after Paul Freehafer, the first LASFS member to die). You can learn more about LASFS meetings on our Home page and our Visitors page, or by reading the minutes (referred to as "Menace of the LASFS"),


This schedule has been changed now that we no longer have a LASFS Clubhouse. 
Most of the items below have been cancelled except for the Board of Directors meetings.

BoD  (The LASFS Board of Directors):   Usually meets the second Sunday of each month, starting at 11 AM.
LAFA (Los Angeles Filkers Anonymous)  This group usually meets each month in the home of one of the members.  Everyone interested in filksinging is welcome, including audience members.   
Last Updated ( Thursday, 13 December 2018 )

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