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Anyone may apply to join LASFS by filling out an application form and paying the Treasurer $10. You may even join before you attend a single meeting by sending in a check. But most people prefer to take advantage of the rules and attending three free meetings as guests. When you show up at a fourth meeting, the Treasurer will ask you to join. (No, the LASFS meetings you attend as a guest don't have to be consecutive.)

We have dues, as specified in the Standing Rules. They are $4 per meeting. You can also pay them by month or by the year. (Click Standing Rules to see how much they'll cost.)

LASFS meets in Freehafer Hall, currently located in Zoomland while California's "Shelter at Home" rules are in force. 
It used to be located in the Friendship Hall of the American Lutheran Church, 747 N Whitnall Hwy, Burbank 91505 -- near the intersection of Clark Ave and Hollywood Way (between Magnolia Blvd and Verdugo Ave). There were plenty of street parking and a parking lot behind the church (enter from Screenland Dr). Please note that the gate to the parking lot on Screenland closed promptly at 10:00 PM.  This meeting location was temporary until we found a better place to rent and/or buy.

The following item is Not Applicable until we have a Clubhouse Again. Sorry.

Attending an Open House on Friday evening or on Second Sunday is considered an extension of attending the previous Thursday meeting as far as dues (or your three free meetings) is concerned, So is attending any "non-paid event" on a weekend day.

Tygett #1
(artwork by Scott Tygett)


Doing Anything Thursday Nights?
by Scott Tygett (with a minor change by Lee Gold)

What do a bikini-clad gold-painted woman, Robert Heinlein and B-5's Michael J Straczynski have in common? If you said "The LASFS, of course!" you should find yourself fitting in before you've even found a parking spot. We host the LosCon science fiction convention held annually at the LAX Marriott, as well as weekly meetings and other fascinating events at our meetings. Come visit a few times for free.

Aspiring writer? Artist? Want to know what it is they're doing to you so that you never miss an episode of your favorite show? Come pick the brains of famous science fiction writers, heckle the fracas, or just humor the eclectic tastes of the LASFS video librarian as he shares an obscure 1950's serial just before meeting time. There is so much to assimilate we're working on cobbling together an informational documentary on YouTube (soontobe) available.

Come check out the snowballing viral event before clubhouse meetings become a thing of the past and we're sucked into Second Life.

The regular weekly meetings are documented by the official jester "scribe," archived for posterity in the De Profundis archives. If you like reading, and many among our literary and media membership do, they can provide an interesting profile of the goings-on. Have you ever wondered how the Hugo Awards are given? Never heard of them? There is a little of something for everyone here, whether you like to use a fannish "handle", appear in costume or lurk in the shadows of relative fannish obscurity, or appear to be a "mundane."

The doors open about 6 pm, though the meeting starts about 8:15 pm. We ask that you let us do a brief intro of you by way of a guest card. Feel free to make up things if you think we're being too nosy. We'll ask you to stand as we enthusiastically applaud your interests.

A number of committee reports and parliamentary procedures proceed to proceed, and some of these may seem pretty silly or lengthy or both. They grow on you.

Though there may be an exciting auction of chatchkes, kitchen appliances, spare lawn gnomes and such; the meeting will often seem to end the moment it's begun. And then all the cool people are meandering out or gone... But wait, some of them are meeting down the street to an all-night diner, and you're invited!

Whether you want to trade insights on cold fusion with a fellow armchair physicist before the meeting (it's due to thin film mechanics of palladium hydrides emulating rhenium, but you didn't hear it from me) or to offer a deal-of-the-century option for your unwritten screenplay to a Lasfasian over "Aftermeeting" coffee, you'll probably find it's the eclectic, if reclusive, bookish science fictiony people that keep you coming back. You'll find mention of LASFS, which has held meetings since 1934, all over the web; a few examples:

And you've just scratched the surface of this website if you started here. Have you seen some of the photos?
Now That You Have Attended a LASFS Meeting
by Marty Cantor

Do you remember what you saw and did there?
There will not be a test at the end, so not to worry.
At least not about LASFS.

You have found your way across the Web to the LASFS website and are looking around.
Thank you for your interest.
Stick around and if you’re the right sort of person, there will soon be no hope of your leaving.
(There has been no hope of my leaving LASFS for decades.)

Let me tell you something about us (the members of LASFS) and about the club itself.

We are a friendly bunch, and we really do welcome new members. After all, new members become new friends, and there are never enough friends in this world.

People quite often come away from their first LASFS meeting with a feeling of confusion. LASFS meetings have been described as a Callahan’s Bar (a fantasy series by Spider Robinson; and, yes, the library has copies), without the alcohol or drugs. Well, confusion is a normal state of affairs for most LASFS members so, as you can see, you will fit right in.

Humour (or what passes for same amongst the members) is given premium value by our members. So you will have heard lots of laughter at the meeting. A problem you may have is trying to figure out what was so funny to get us all laughing.

The reason is that many of the members have been coming to the club for decades, they truly know each other well, and they are fully conversant with the jargon, language conventions, and other things developed by people who share interests over a long period of time. Now, as often happens on occasions like this, you are witnessing a get-together of long-time friends who, prizing humour, are spending much of their time trying to think of what can be called “one-fun-man-ship” (sort of like one-up-man-ship, only funnier - or so the participants think (if you can call that thinking)). As a result of this, you may feel yourself ignored by many of the members. This has nothing to do with you; it just has to do with the preoccupation of the members with what they are doing. After you have been to a few meetings you will find yourself fitting right in as you get to know a few (and then more than a few) members. And one of the things you will soon find is that what is going on at LASFS meetings is just a little bit of what LASFS (and Science Fiction Fandom) is all about.

In fact, LASFS meetings are only a small part of what LASFS is all about. The material handed to you by a Registrar will give you some idea about LASFS, and the Registrar will show you the club and some of what we have on our premises. But this is just a little bit of what the LASFS is all about. Indeed, as you will eventually find out, the LASFS is only a part of Los Angeles’ fandom, just as Los Angeles’ SF fandom is just one small part of a social group which covers the whole world.

But you have to start somewhere, so let’s start with what you’re likely to see at your first LASFS meeting.

[These paragraphs were followed by a description of what was where in each LASFS building. Those have been deleted and won't be replaced till we're sure where things will be in the New Buildings. -- Lee Gold]

Who’s Meeting at the LASFS Clubhouse

The LASFS has a monthly newsletter, De Profundis . This newsletter includes a schedule of events for the month after the newsletter is produced, condensed versions of the club meeting minutes, complete accounts of Board of Directors meetings, assorted announcements, listings of what is new in the library and of fanzines received in trade for De Prof (allowing members to read about what is happening in the rest of fandom), columns written by members, fanzine reviews, and other items of interest to members. It is a good resource for members to find out what is going on in the club, especially for busy non-regular attendees who want to plan their meeting attendance in the next month.

As you can see if you look at the calendar on page one of De Profundis, many interest groups of LASFS members use the clubhouse, and various pieces of equipment (movie projector, video machine, etc.) are available for their use. Several related organizations (such as the local Dr. Who club) also use our premises. Feel free to inquire about these other interest groups and join their activities if they interest you. Fandom is a Big Tent which accommodates many related activities.

Thursday evenings: The LASFS club meets every Thursday evening. Necessary (and often silly) stuff happens at this time - and even club elections are usually turned into opportunities for humour.

Friday evenings are considered an extension of Thursday meetings as far as dues are concerned, but no business (except for monkey) is transacted at this time. The time is generally utilized for gaming of various types: Mah Jongg (at one time there was a yearly tournament), Fantasy Role Playing games, board games, Hell (a card game), and such-like. Feel free to participate in the on-going fun, or bring your own games and try to entice other members into them. As with the club as a whole, age (or lack of much) is never a barrier as we have members (and some of their children) who regularly attend our functions.

Second Sunday: The Board of Directors meets on this day at 11 am - all members are welcome to attend. What is called Second Sunday begins at 2 pm. This is when the board (and other) gamers gather and divert themselves with this passion. The club maintains a cabinet with many board games, but the board gamers usually bring their own. Munchies are provided, but members and guests should bring their own more substantial meals if they plan on being on the premises for some time.

Other Items:

LASFS holds several events during the year when members can gather and socialize with other members. The club also hosts a December Gift Exchange, a fun tradition of many decades.

The club has also hosted club picnics at appropriate spots in the area.

Putting the Fun in Fund raiser, LASFS also puts on a large regional convention (at a hotel near LAX) hosted by LASFS every Thanksgiving weekend. This is called LOSCON; and it is open to anyone -- member or non-member -- who purchases a membership in the convention. These conventions have noted science fiction writers and artists as Guests of Honor and also honor noted science fiction fans, bringing together fans from all over fandom.

Your First Three Meetings
by Barry & Lee Gold

Anyone may apply to join LASFS by filling out an application form and paying the Treasurer $10. You may even join before you attend a single meeting. But most people prefer to take advantage of the rules and use their three free meetings as guests. When you show up at a fourth meeting, the Treasurer will ask you to join. (No, the LASFS meetings you attend as a guest don't have to be consecutive.)

You can get some idea of what a LASFS meeting is like by reading the Minutes, whose traditional title is the Menace of the LASFS.

After the meeting, some attendees will adjourn to a late-night food place for the aftermeeting. and continue their conversations.

Feel free to look around. The Treasurer will be sitting at a table by the door. Ask for the Registrar who will hand you a guest card to fill out, asking your name, interests, and how you heard about LASFS. Later, the Registrar will read the cards of that night's guests, and you'll be asked to stand up so people can recognize you. There might even be applause.

Guests may get a free copy of APA-L, which is collated each week at LASFS. Feel free to talk to APA-L's Official Collator, the fan doing mysterious things with paper in the metal racks.

Guests may bid in the auction, contribute money or auction items to the LASFS, contribute zines to APA-L and buy books for sale. Guests may read books in the Library, but only LASFS members may take books out. Guests may make comments during the course of a meeting, but only LASFS members may propose motions or vote.

Below is a (slightly reduced) image of the guest card that you will be asked to fill out. Click it to see the full-sized image.

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