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Westercon XXV (6/30-7/04/72 at the Edgewater Hotel, Long Beach) Science Fiction Convention Costume Competition.

8mm film from the collection of Rita Ratcliffe. Edited by Bill Mills.


Some of the fans shown include: Astrid Anderson, Dorothy Simon, Lisa Deutsch (wearing 'costume', entered in the "Most Naked Lady" category, titled "Golden Haired Sif welcoming her husband Thor home after a Hard Day at the Battlefield"), Bill Mills, Bob Short, Linda Brevelle (presentation titled "The Preacher and the Vampire"), Barry Gold (assisting getting contestants on and off the stage), Steve Goldin (entered in the "Most Naked Laddy" category). Many remain unnamed. If you are in this video or can identify these people please drop a note at: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Sincere thanks to Lisa Deutsch Harrigan for identifying the con and the date. (I will correct the video a.s.a.p.)

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