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Photo wes65/wes6500

Photo wes65/wes6501
Ray Bradbury
Photo wes65/wes6502
Unknown, Kris Neville, Paul Turner
Photo wes65/wes6503
Ed Clinton, Unknown, Elmer Perdue, June Moffatt,, Unknown
Photo wes65/wes6504
Rick Sneary, Evelyn del Rey, Jean Bogert, Lester del Rey
Photo wes65/wes6505
Ellie Turner, Unknown
Photo wes65/wes6506
Alva Rogers, Len Moffatt, Friendly Earth Girl
Photo wes65/wes6507
Ed Clinton meets Friendly Earth Girl
Photo wes65/wes6508
Don Fitch, Elinor Busby, Greg Benford, F. M. Busby (back), Bill Donaho
Photo wes65/wes6509
Paul Turner, Friend of Harlan Ellison, Harlan Ellison, Ed Clinton, Friendly Earth Girl
Photo wes65/wes6510
Paul Turner, Dennis Smith, Rick Sneary
Photo wes65/wes6511
Sid Rogers, F. M. Busby, Elinor Busby
Photo wes65/wes6512
Bob Konigsberg, Chrystal Tackett, Roy Tackett, June Moffatt
Photo wes65/wes6513
June Moffatt, Len Moffatt
Photo wes65/wes6514
Unknown, Barney Bernard, Mrs. Cook (?), Bernie Cook, Unknown, Ed Clinton
Photo wes6515
Steve Tolliver (Fred Langley), Sylvia Dees
Photo wes6516
Ellie Turner, Paul Turner, Bjo Trimble
Photo wes6517
Larry Niven, Ed Cox, Anne Cox, Chrystal Tackett, Roy Tackett, Lee Jacobs
Photo wes6518
Marsha Brown, David Hulan, Katya Hulan
Photo wes6519
Luise Petty
Photo wes6520
Lester del Rey, Unknown, Unknown, Roy Tackett
Photo wes6521
June Moffatt, Len Moffatt, Chrystal Tackett
Photo wes6522
Pres Sorenson, Lester del Rey, Unknown, Friend of Fritz Leiber (green), Bjo Trimble, Fritz Leiber
Photo wes6523
Bob Konigsberg, Rick Sneary
Photo wes6524
Bill Ellern, Jayne Ellern (Oscar and Star from Glory Road)
Photo wes6525
Dan Brannon (Steve Cartier), Luise Petty
Photo wes6526
Lee Jacobs, Roy Lavender, Len Moffatt, Friendly Earth Girl (friend of Bill Rotsler's)
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