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FUN-CON (Future Unbounded Convention)
1968 (over the July 4th weekend, because Westercon had been combined with Worldcon)

Chaired by Chuck Crayne and Bruce Pelz

Photo fun100
Photo fun101
SCA stuff
Photo fun102
Jean Berman, Lois Lavender
Photo fun103
Unknown, Walter Koenig
Photo fun104
Flieg Hollander
Photo fun105
Dorothy Jones (Heydt), Ruth Berman
Photo fun106
George Takei
Photo fun107
George Takei, Unknown, BobKonigsberg
Photo fun108
Unknown, Walter Koenig
Photo fun109
Poul Anderson
Photo fun110
Karen Anderson
Photo fun111
Bjo Trimble, Karen Anderson, Poul Anderson
Photo fun112
Bill Cox, Arthur Jean Cox, Earl Thompson
Photo fun113
Rachel Hulan (Dave Hulan's daughter), Earl Thompsonz
Photo fun114
Edith Ogutsch, Don Fransen, Paul Turner
Photo fun115
Anthony Boucher
Photo fun116
Len Moffatt, Bill Cox
Photo fun117
Bruce Pelz, Lee (Klingstein) Gold
Photo fun118
John Trimble, Ted Johnstone, Lee (Klingstein) Gold
Photo fun119
Harry Harrison, Walt Daugherty, Chuck Crayne
Photo fun120
David Gerrold
Photo fun121
Dave Hulan, Lenny Bailes
Photo fun122
Tom Digby, Lee (Klingstein) Gold
Photo fun123
Unknown, Caty Konigsberg
Photo fun124
Don Fransen, Terry Carr
Photo fun125
Harry Harrison, Unknown
Photo fun126
Forry Ackerman, Terry Carr
Photo fun127
Terri Pinckard, Poul Anderson
Photo fun128
Ross Rocklynne, Edith Ogutsch
Photo fun129
Ross Rocklynne, Unknown
Photo fun130
Unknown,  Dorothy Jones (Heydt), Karen Anderson

Photo fun131
Ed Meskys, Poul Anderson
Photo fun132
Hank Stine, Unknown, one of the Glass brothers (probably Richard or Phil), Terry Carr
Photo fun133
Bruce Pelz
Photo fun134
Unknown, Astrid Anderson
Photo fun135
Photo fun136
Photo fun137
Photo fun138
Astrid Anderson
Photo fun139
Karen Anderson
Photo fun140
Photo fun141
Rick Sneary, Unknown, Ted Johnstone
Photo fun142
Photo fun143
Marjii Ellers as the Black Queen from Barbarella
Photo fun144
Unknown, Morlock, Forry Ackerman
Photo fun145
Unknown, Lee (Klingstein) Gold, Bob Hollander, Marjii Ellers

Photo fun146
Unknown, Frank Robinson, Walt Liberscher

Photo fun147
Photo fun148
Ed Cox, Don Fitch, June Moffatt
Photo fun149
Marjii Ellers
Photo fun150
Dian Pelz, Bruce Pelz, Unknown
Photo fun151
Chuck Crayne, Sally Crayne

Photo fun152
Unknown but very pastel

Linda Stanley, Unknown, Mary Ann Cappa, Cliveden Chew

Photo fun153
Ellen (Vixen) Fox, Dave Fox
Photo fun154
Dave Hulan, Tina Hensel, Len Moffatt
Photo fun155
Harry Harrison, Poul Anderson, Karen Anderson
Photo fun156
Poul Anderson, Karen Anderson, Ray Bradbury, Chuck Crayne
Photo fun157
Walt Daugherty, Harry Harrison
Photo fun158
Evelyn Turner as Morgan le Fay
Photo fun159
Earl Thompson, Caty Konigsberg, Len Moffatt
Photo fun160
John Trimble, Bjo Trimble
Photo fun161
Roy Squires, Bob Bloch
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