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On Saturday, October 27, 1934, seven Los Angeles SFL members and two guests met in the garage of member E. C. Reynolds. These nine fans sent a letter to Wonder Stories asking to become an SFL chapter, so we remember that night as the first meeting of what was to become LASFS.


Speeches at the 75th Anniversary Banquet (October 23, 2009) and the Anniversary Meeting (October 27, 2009)  

Len & June Moffatt:  LASFS Alive at 75

Larry Niven's Five Minute Speech

Paul Turner:  The LASFS Building Fund

Memory Book: To help celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, we created a memory book. 


75th Anniversary Banquet

Engraved Invitation (pdf)

RSVP Form (pdf)

Banquet Ingredients

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