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Loscon 2021
The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (LASFS) is aware of the situation with respect to Westercon 73, and we regret that the Seattle Westercon Organising Committee (SWOC) who won the bid for Westercon 73 has experienced the troubles it has.
LASFS will host the functions mandated in the Westercon Constitution for Westercon 73 at Loscon 47, held over Thanksgiving Weekend, 2021. This includes the Business Meeting and Site Selection voting.
Individuals who decline to get their memberships of Westercon 73 refunded from SWOC are welcome to attend Loscon 47. Those keeping their supporting memberships will be able to vote as well, but have no other participation. If  the supporting members wish to attend Loscon 47, they may pay the difference, for the current attending rate and the supporting rate for Westercon 73. All attending badged members at Loscon 47/Westercon 73 will be able to participate in Westercon 75 site selection. LASFS undertakes no other obligations for Westercon 73. All contracts and agreements made by SWOC in the name of Westercon 73 remain the responsibility of SWOC. Please watch for further statements.

Karl Lembke
Board Chairman
Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society

See https://westercon73.org/


Rev. 17-Jul-2008

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Also see Richard Lynch's Fandom in the Sixties Convention chapter . 

from File 770 (June 24, 2021)

The Tempe (Arizona) committee has dropped their unopposed bid to host the 2023 Westercon because the recovery from the pandemic has not moved quickly enough to assure them the region’s fans will support and attend their con. They are now considering a bid for 2025.

They announced on the bid’s website:

    With sadness, CASFS and WesternSFA are officially withdrawing our bid to host Westercon 75 in Tempe, AZ in 2023.

    This is because of the ongoing effects of the COVID pandemic. While we expect that the country as a whole and the southwest in particular will be much more open in 2023 than it is today, that expectation has sadly not translated into support for Westercon 75 thus far and choosing to continue at this point would put both our sponsoring bodies at serious risk. We cannot survive on local fans alone. We also need regional fans to be ready to travel again and it’s clear that they’re not comfortable doing that yet.

    The prudent option, which was taken unanimously by our committee and both our sponsoring bodies, is to withdraw at this time but to ready a future bid for a time when the wider community is hopefully ready to return to a physical Westercon.

    Our current plan is to submit an equivalent bid to host Westercon 77 in Tempe in 2025, once we’ve agreed a contract with our hotel in mid-2022.

The bid was a joint effort of the Western Science Fiction Association and the Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society.

Kevin Standlee explained on the Westercon.org that the site selection process for 2023 will be conducted at Loscon 47 in November 2021, because this year’s Westercon was merged into Loscon after the original Westercon 73 committee disbanded and handed the convention over to LASFS, owner of the Westercon service mark.

Standlee also told File 770: “Because Westercon’s deadlines are hard-coded into the Bylaws, we’re not allowed to reopen filing to be on the ballot. Bids can still file, though, and be eligible to win. There will still be an election (at Loscon), but if no eligible bid wins, it will go to the Business Meeting (at Loscon), and if the meeting can’t decide, then as you probably know, LASFS will have to decide.”


According to Fancyclopedia 3 :  "Westercon is formally sponsored by LASFS, though in practice it is completely independent. Nonetheless, in the event that Westercon were unable to function, the LASFS Board of Directors would be responsible for sorting things out." 


In 1948, Walter J. "Doc" Daugherty of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society proposed that an annual West Coast convention be started for West Coast fans who couldn't afford to travel east each year. The first Westercon was held in September, 1948. It was a one-day event with an attendance of 77, and its official title was "the first Annual West Coast Scienti-Fantasy Conference." Click here to see its Program Book and Len Moffatt's convention report (including his copy of the names from the convention's Guest Book).


It wasn't until 1951 that the Westercon became a weekend-long event, settled into the July 4th holiday and began traveling to different cities.


1 9/05/48 Los Angeles Park View Manor   E. Everett Evans, LASFS
2 10/02/49 Los Angeles Knights of Pythias Hall   Walter J. Daugherty, LASFS
3 06/18/50 Los Angeles Knights of Pythias Hall Dr. Robert S. Richardson Freddie Hershey, Outlanders
4 6/29-7/01/51 San Francisco California Hall (etc) George Pal Little Men, Steward Metchette, replaced by Tom Quinn
5 6/28-6/29/52 San Diego [SouthwesterCon] U.S. Grant Hotel Ray Bradbury, William Nolan Roger Nelson
6 5/30-5/31/53 Los Angeles Hotel Commodore Gerald Heard E. Everett Evans, LASFS
7 9/03-9/04/54* San Francisco [SF Con] Sir Francis Drake Hotel Jack Williamson J. Ben Stark
8 7/03-7/04/55 Los Angeles Hotel Commodore Mel Hunter Lew Kovner, Chesley Donovan Foundation
9 6/30-7/01/56 Oakland Hotel Leamington Richard Matheson Marilyn Tulley
10 7/04-7/07/57 Hollywood Hotel Knickerbocker Mark Clifton Lew Kovner, LASFS, CD Foundation


(combined with the Worldcon) 

Los Angeles [SolaCon] Alexandria Hotel Richard Matheson Anna S. Moffatt Outlanders
12 7/03-7/05/59 Seattle Moore House Alan E. Nourse F.M. Busby, Nameless Ones
13 7/02-7/04/60 Boise [BoyCon] Owyhee Hotel Rog Phillips Guy and Diane Terwilliger
14 7/01-7/02/61 Oakland [Baycon] Hotel Leamington Fritz Leiber [Pro], Jack Speer [Fan] Honey Woods, GGFS
15 6/30-7/01/62 Los Angeles Hotel Alexandria Jack Vance [Pro], Alva Rogers [Fan] Albert J. Lewis, LASFS
16 7/04-7/07/63 Burlingame Hyatt House Hotel Kris Neville [Pro]; F.M. & Elinor Busby [Fan] Al haLevy, Little Men


(combined with the Worldcon) 

Oakland [PacifiCon II] Leamington Hotel Edmond Hamilton & Leigh Brackett [Pro]; Forrest J. Ackerman [Fan] Al haLevy & J. Ben Stark
18 7/03-7/05/65 Long Beach Edgewater Inn Frank Herbert [Pro]; Anthony Boucher [Fan] Steve Tolliver, John Trimble
19 7/01-7/04/66 San Diego Stardust Motor Hotel & Country Club Harlan Ellison [Pro]; John & Bjo Trimble [Fan?] Dennis N. Smith
20 7/01-7/04/67 Los Angeles Sheraton-West Hotel Marion Z. Bradley [Pro]; Lon Atkins [Fan] Ted Johnstone, with Brandon Lamont as acting chairman during con


(combined with the Worldcon)

Berkeley [BAYCON] Hotel Claremont Philip Jose Farmer [Pro]; Walter J. Daugherty [Fan] Bill Donaho, Alva Rogers, J. Ben Stark
22 7/03-7/06/69 Santa Monica [FUNCon II] Miramar Hotel Randall Garrett [Pro]; Roy Tackett [Fan] Chuck Crayne, Bruce Pelz
23 7/02-7/05/70 Santa Barbara Francisco Torres Jack Williamson [Pro]; Rick Sneary [Fan] John & Bjo Trimble
24 7/01-7/05/71 San Francisco [SFCon '71] Hilton Inn Avram Davidson [Pro]; Don Simpson [Fan] Jerry Jacks
25 6/30-7/04/72
(combined with Mythcon)
Long Beach Edgewater Hyatt House Lloyd Biggle Jr. [Pro]; Len Moffatt [Fan] Dave Hulan
26 6/30-7/04/73 San Francisco [SFCon '73] St. Francis Hotel Larry Niven [Pro], George Barr [Fan]; James Nelson Coleman [Special] Jerry Jacks
27 7/03-7/07/74 Santa Barbara Francisco Torres Philip K. Dick [Pro][5] Charles Burbee [Fan] Fred Patten
28 7/03-7/06/75 Oakland [OakLaCon] Leamington Hotel David Gerrold [Pro]; Charlie & Dena Brown [Fan]; Ian & Betty Ballantine [Special] Lois Newman, Craig Miller
29 7/02-7/05/76 Los Angeles Hyatt House Hotel Horace L. Gold [Pro]; Gregg Calkins [Fan] Bruce Pelz
30 7/01-7/04/77 Vancouver, BC Totem Park Residence Damon Knight [Pro]; Frank Denton [Fan]; Kate Wilhelm [Special] Fran Skene
31 6/30-7/04/78 Los Angeles [Westercone] L.A. Marriott Hotel Poul Anderson [Pro]; Don C. Tompson [Fan] Ed Finkelstein, Mike Glyer
32 7/04-7/08/79 San Francisco Sheraton Palace Hotel Richard Lupoff [Pro]; Bruce Pelz [Fan]; Sherry Gottlieb [Special] Jerry Jacks
33 7/03-7/06/80 Los Angeles Hyatt House Hotel Roger Zelazny [Pro]; Bob Vardeman [Fan] Milt Stevens
34 7/02-7/05/81 Sacramento Red Lion Inn C.J. Cherryh [Pro]; Grant Canfield [Fan] Michael Garrels
35 7/02-7/05/82 Phoenix The Phoenix Hilton Gordon R. Dickson [Pro]; Fran Skene [Fan]; Robert Asprin [Special] Randy Rau, CASFS
36 7/01-7/04/83 San Jose [Westerchron] Red Lion Inn Phil Klass [Writer]; Alicia Austin [Artist]; Tom Whitmore [Fan] Lee Forgue
37 6/29-7/03/84 Portland Portland Marriott Hotel Harlan Ellison [Pro]; F.M. & Elinor Busby [Fan]; Alex Schomberg [Artist] Steve Berry, Pam Davis, Bryce Walden, OSFCI (Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc.)
38 7/03-7/07/85 Sacramento Red Lion Inn James Hogan [Pro]; Paula Christ [Fan] Michael Garrells
39 7/03-7/06/86 San Diego Town & Country Hotel David Brin [Pro]; Karen Schaubelt Turner [Fan], Greg Bear [Toastmaster] Gail Hanrahan, Mitchell Walker, Curtis White
40 7/02-7/05/87 Oakland [Episode XXXX] Oakland Hyatt Regency & Convention Center Gregory Benford [Writer]; Aubrey MacDermott [Fan]; Lela Dowling/Ken Macklin [Artist]; Leslie Fish [Filk] Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
41 7/01-7/04/88 Phoenix Hyatt Regency Phoenix Sheraton Phoenix Robert Silverberg [Pro]; Craig Miller [Fan]; Real Musgrave [Artist] Terry Gish
42 6/30-7/04/89 Anaheim [Conosaurus] Anaheim Marriott Hotel John Varley [Pro]; Arthur Hlavaty [Fan] Lex Nakashima (became sole chair during run up to con), Patrice Cook?, SCIFI 
43 7/05-7/08/90 Portland Jantzen Beach/Columbia River Red Lion Hotels Ursula K. LeGuin, Vonda McIntyre, Kate Wilhelm [Pros]; Art Widner [Fan]; Steve Perry [Toastmaster] Patty Wells, John Lorentz, OSFCI
44 7/02-7/06/91 Vancouver, BC Gage Residence Hall, University of British Columbia William Gibson [Pro]; C.J. Cherryh [Pro]; Jerry Kaufman [Fan]; Suzanne Tompkins [Fan]; Steve Jackson [Gaming]; Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden [Editor]; Warren Oddsson [Artist]; Verna Terrestriel [Lensman] Terry Fowler
45 7/02-7/05/92 Phoenix [Westercolt] Phoenix Omni Adams San Carlos Hotel; Phoenix Symphony Hall Jennifer Roberson [Pro]; Pat Mueller [Fan]; Rick Sternbach [Artist] Bruce Farr
46 7/02-7/05/93 Seattle Bellevue Red Lion Greg Bear [Author]; F.M. & Elinor Busby [Fan]; Wally Weber [Fan], Wally Gonser [Fan]; George Alec Effinger [Toastmaster] Richard Wright
47 7/01-7/04/94 Los Angeles [Conozoic] Los Angeles Hilton George R.R. Martin [Pro]; William Rotsler [Fan]; Real Musgrave [Artist] Noel Wolfman, SCIFI
48 6/30-7/03/95 Portland Jantzen Beach/Columbia River Red Lion Hotels Vernor Vinge [Pro]; Elayne Pelz [Fan]; John R. Foster [Artist]; Ray Villard [Science] John Lorentz, OSFCI
49 7/04-7/07/96 El Paso Camino Real Paso Del Norte & The El Paso Convention Center James P. Blaylock [Author]; Howard Waldrop [Author]; Brad W. Foster [Artist]; Arnie & Joyce Katz [Fan]; Pat Cadigan [Toastmaster] Richard Brandt, Fred Duarte, El Paso Science Fiction & Fantasy Alliance, FACT
50 7/03-7/06/97 Seattle Seattle Sheraton Dr. Martin M. Greenberg [Writer Past]; J. Michael Straczynski [Writer Present]; Amy Thomson [Writer Future]; Victoria Lisi [Artist]; Jack Cohen [Science]; Walter J. Daugherty [Fan]; Spider & Jeanne Robinson [Music] Sally Woehrle, SWOC (Seattle Westercon Organizing Committee)
51 7/02-7/05/98 San Diego [Concept 1998] Mission Valley Marriott Katherine Kurtz, Scott MacMillian, Sue Dawe [Fantasy Artist]; David W. Clark [Fan] Dianna Hildreth, CAASM
52 7/02-7/05/99 Spokane [Empirecon] Doubletree Inn C.J. Cherryh [Author]; Barbara Hambly [Author]; Kristine Kathryn Rusch [Author]; Alicia Austin [Artist]; Wendy Pini [Artist]; Ellen Datlow [Editor]; Larry Baker [Fan]; Betty Bigelow [Toastmaster] Bob Ladd, Team Maroon
53 7/01-7/4-00 Honolulu [Conolulu] Sheraton Waikiki Dan Simmons [Author]; Ctein [Artist]; John Lorentz [Fan] Kathryn Daugherty, SFSFC
54 7/05-7/08/01 Portland Jantzen Beach & Columbia River Doubletree Hotels Tim Powers [Author]; Mike Glyer [Fan]; Frank Lurz [Artist] Dean Koenig, OSFCI
55 7/04-7/07/02 Los Angeles [Conagerie] LA Airport Radisson Hotel Harry Turtledove [Author]; Robert Lichtman [Fan]; Beth Meacham [Editor]; Ross Chamberlain [Artist] Bruce Pelz, SCIFI
56 7/03-7/06/03 SeaTac SeaTac Doubletree Bruce Sterling [Author]; Lisa Snellings [Artist]; Connie Willis [Toastmaster]; Saul Jaffe [Fan]; Claire Eddy [Editor] William Sadorus, SWOC
57 7/02-7/05/04 Litchfield Park AZ [ConKopelli] Wigwam Resort C.J. Cherryh [Author] did not attend; David Cherry [Artist]; Heather Alexander [Music]; John Hertz [Fan]; Diana Gabaldon [Local Author]; Virginia Hey [Media] Craig Dyer, WesternSFA
58 7/01-7/04/05 Calgary Alberta [Due North] Westin Calgary S.M. Stirling [Author]; Dave Duncan [Canadian Author]; Mark Ferrari [Artist]; Tom Doherty [Publisher], David Hartwell [Editor], Dr. Phil Currie [Science], Cliff Samuels & Eileen Capes [Fan] John Mansfield, Randy McCharles, CWSFA [Canada West Science Fiction Association]
59 7/01-7/04/06 San Diego [Conzilla] Mission Valley Marriott Walter Jon Williams; Bob Eggleton [Artist]; Bobbi Armbruster [Fan]; Kevin J. Anderson [Toastmaster] James M. Briggs, SDSFC [San Diego Science Fiction Conventions]

originally 7/06-7/09/07, moved to  


originally San Jose Doubletree, moved to San Mateo [Gnomeward Bound] San Mateo Marriott  Tad Williams [Writer]; Theresa Mather [Artist]; Christian McGuire [Fan]; Jay Lake [Toastmaster] Michael Siladi, SPFII [Society for Promotion of Fannish Interests, Inc]
61 7/03-7/06/08 Las Vegas JW Marriott Resort Kage Baker [Writer]; Lubov [Artist]; Milt Stevens [Fan] James Stanley Daugherty, Conventional Wisdom
62 7/02-7/05/09 Tempe AZ [FiestaCon] Tempe Mission Palms Todd Lockwood [Artist]; Alan Dean Foster [Writer]; Stanley Schmidt [Editor]; Jim & Doreen Webber [Fan]; Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden [Toastmasters] Mike Willmoth, Leprecon Inc.
63 07/01-07/04/10 Pasadena CA [Confirmation] Hilton Pasadena Rudy Rucker [Pro]; John D. Berry [Fan]; Marc "Schirm" Schirmeister [Artist] Christian B. McGuire, ISL [Institute for Specialized Literature]
 64 07/01-07/04/11
San Jose, CA (ArmadilloCon)
The Fairmont, San Jose
Patricia A. McKillip [Pro Writer]; Phil & Kaja Foglio [Artists]; Mike Wilmoth [Fan]  Glenn Glazer, SFSFC [San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Inc.]

Seattle, WA


Doubletree Hotel, Seattle Airport
Robin Hobb aka Megan Lindholm [Author]; Frank & Brianna Spacekat Wu [Artist]; Art Bozlee [Science]; Chaz Boston-Baden [Fan]
 Bobbie DuFault
 66 07/04--07/2013
Sacramento, CA
Hilton Sacramento Arden West

Nicola Griffith & Kelley Eskridge [Author]; Eric Shanower [Artist]; David Maxine [Small Press Special Guest]; Warren Frey, Steven Schapansky, Chris Burgess [Fan:  "The Three Who Rule"]  


Kevin Roche & Andrew Trembley
 67  07/3--6/2014 Salt Lake City, UT
Marriott (Downtown at City Creek)
Cory Doctorow [Author], Chris Garcia [Fanzine Editor], Mary Robinette Kowal [Author],    Brandon Sanderson [Author], William Stout, [Artist],     Howard Tayler [Cartoonist],  Bradley "Dr. Zombie" Voytek [Neuroscientist ], Dan Wells [Author], Larry Correia [Special Guest Author] and David Farland [Special Guest Author]  David Doering
Advisor:  Mike Wilmoth
Erin Ruston
68 07/2 -- 5/2015

held in conjunction with Conjecture 13 and ConChord 27
San Diego, CA
Town & Country Resort & Conference Center
Spider Robinson (Author), John Picacio (Artist), Seanan McGuire (Fan), William F. Nolan (Special Guest)
Vixy & Tony (ConChord GoH), Morva Bowman & Alan Pollard (Interfilk Guests - ConChord)
Ron Oakes
07/1 -- 4/2016 
Portland, OR
Doubletree Hotel
Writer GoH John Scalzi, Artist GoH Theresa Mather, Science GoH Bobak Ferdowsi, Filk GoH Alexander James Adams, Special Guest Charles Stross, Fan GoH David D. Levine
Lea Rush

07/1 -- 4/ 2017

held in conjunction wih LepreCon 43

Tempe, AZ
Tempe Mission Paslms
Artist GoH Julie Dixon, Local Artist GoH Tom Deadstuff, Special Artist GoH Larry Elmore, Author GoH Connie Willis, Local Author GoH Ginnie Koch, Filk GoH Tim Griffin, Toastmaster Weston Ochse
Dee Astell
07/04 -- 4 / 2018
Denver, CO 
Hyatt Regency Tech Center
Nancy Kress [Literary],
Rebecca Moesta [Edi- tor], Jeff Sturgeon [Artist]
Margaret Davis & Kristoph Klover [Music/ Filk]
Nikki Ebright, Shiny Garden (corporate parent of Myths and Legends)
07/04-07/2019 (combined with 1632 Minicon)
Layton, UT
Davis Confer- ence Center and Hilton Garden Inn & Suites
Jim Butcher [Author],  Vin- cent Villafranca [Artist], Kitty Krell [Cosplay],
Kevin Standlee, Lisa Hayes, and Kuma Bear [Fan]
Tim “The GM Tim” Mottishaw [Gaming],
Eric Flint [Special] 
Kate Hatcher, Utah Fandom Organ-ization
73 07/02-07/2020
postponed to
07/01-04/2021, due to government orders prohibiting large gatherings due to COVID-19 
SeaTac, WA
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Seattle Airport
David Brin [Author],
Kevin Roche and Andy Trembley [Fan], 
Ethan Siegel [Science]
Sally Worhle, SWOC
Tonopah, NV
in negotiation
  Kevin Standlee


* The 1954 Worldcon was combined with the Westercon that year, with John W. Campbell as Worldcon GoH and Jack Williamson as Westercon GoH. The Worldcon "Executive Committee" consisted of Lester Cole and Gary J. Nelson; the Westercon Chairman was J. Ben Stark. Robert Bloch was MC at the combined Convention Banquet.
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