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The Home Page (Brief) contains a short description of LASFS and important news, plus a few useful links.
The Home Page (All) also contains information on the LASFS meetings and aftermeetings, plus more useful links and information.

Hey! I changed my home page, but when I come back I still see the original home page. What's up with that?

This is caused by the way browsers store information about websites. Your preferences are saved in "cookies," small files that a given website sends to your browser. Whenever you visit that website, the browser sends that cookie back to the website. But a cookie is associated with one specific website; "" is not the same as "," as far as your browser is concerned.

Failure to remember your preference for home page and/or menu usually have one of two causes:

  • Cookies are disabled: if your browser refuses to store cookies for the LASFS website, there is no way for the website to remember which home page you want. To correct this problem, access your browser's "options" or "internet options" settings and tell it to "accept" cookies from
  • Different websites: The LASFS website has several different names on the web,including "", "", and "". The "official" name of the website is "". But "" referred to the old, dark-gray website when I set up our current, Joomla site. So Joomla thinks our website name is "" If you start at "," the browser will not send the home page and menu cookies back to the website, so your preferences won't take effect. I can't change that without doing a full re-install of Joomla, which I am reluctant to do. There are two fairly simple fixes for this:
    • Click "Home" on the main (or brief) menu. That will take you to "" and everything will work properly;
    • Bookmark "".

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