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LASFS has a lot of rules, some serious, some amusing.
Yes, we can usually tell which is which.

We also have  a Code of Conduct:  "Respect yourself, others, and the property of LASFS.  Treat them respectfully while on the premises."  See this webpage for more about the Code of Conduct.

If you click Contact LASFS , you'll see that LASFS also has a lot of officers -- all of them serious. And it has a lot of officials, some of them serious, some amusing.

One reason there are so many rules and officers and officials is that LASFS has two sorts of meetings:  the Club and the Board of Directors.

The Club meets every Thursday night, and its officers use its rules to determine what goes on at the Club meetings. It's been meeting since 1934. 

        LASFS Standing Rules
        LASFS By-laws   

The Board of Directors was created when LASFS became LASFS, Inc. in 1968, in the hope that this would make it easier to buy a building for its clubhouse.  It usually meets on the Second Sunday of each month.  

        LASFS Board Standing Rules

Then there's the Westercon By-laws which specify the LASFS as the archive of Westercon business and the default administrator in the case of the failure of any individual Westercon (which has never happened).


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