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These are fannish websites that belong to non-LASFS members who emailed us and asked to be mentioned on the LASFS website -- or registered on this website and posted Submit Link for their websites.

Web fanzines
(at EFanzines)
Barney Evans  Barney's Flickr Collection 
Arthur D. Hlavaty
ezine available on This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Radio dramas, theme and incidental music
Ringworld Visualizations
by Simon Terrey

The Ringworld

Ring Walls & Spill mountains

Great Fan site people!


The Angel, the Devil, and the Dead  Read 7 Chapters For Free The new dark fantasy novel by Nicholas Boyd Crutchley

The devil queen Zahkih returns to Dragonland, seeking vengeance on King Atrius, the angel that banished her to Hell. When Atrius is damned, a brave warrior, beautiful priestess and evil thief are enlisted to journey to Hell and save his soul. Yet the orchestrator of the quest has an altogether different agenda, one that would make him the one, true God.

Download 7 Free Chapters (PDF)

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