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Anyone can look at the LASFS website's webpages, but contributing to them is only for registered users.. Once you are a registered user, you will be able to submit to Reviews and Eavesdroppings and the TalkFest. Even then, though, each new post must be approved by a member of the Editorial Board before it actually appears on the website.   

Posting a submission

1) Go to the User Menu and click Submit [Something]

2) Give your post a title 

3) Click Select Category -- and select a category, even if there's only one choice (as with Submit Link). 

4) Write something in the Intro Text box.
You may also write something in the Main Text box. If your submission is short (1-3 paragraphs, half a page or less total), just put it all in the "Intro Text" box. If it's longer, please put a brief summary in the Intro Text and the rest in the Main Text box. Think newspaper lead: who, what, why, when, where (and maybe how) go in the Intro Text, and the details in Main Text.

5) Go down to the bottom and click SAVE (the leftmost icon). 

6) Wait for someone on the Editorial Board to approve the post. 
If it doesn't appear soon, send a message to the webmaster asking if you posted the submission correctly.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 05 July 2011 )

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