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from a second fan who wishes to be anonymous
commenting on "What Have YOU Done (to help the LASFS lately)?" 


First, I think the diatribe needs to go under OpEd, NOT Members.

While the aside about chewing in the third paragraph is a true description of many of the fans I know, I still find it insulting, but cannot fix another person's opinion.

I am REALLY insulted by the female respect line. ["Think of The Glory That Could Be Yours! Respect! Admiration! Female respect and awe!"]

As a rant, it is one.  BUT it is an Opinion/Editorial, not official Lasfs unless passed by the board or recognized by the President or Chairman (or written by them)


Staff Comment:  I ran the original article past the Editorial Board and got a request to leave it where it was but put this comment into the TalkFest. 

    Any other comments?

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I didn't mean the emphasis to imply anything about the website's functions.  I just wanted anyone reading my post to understand that, should they choose to link there, it is not generally required to log in at the Forum in order to read what is posted there.  (Just if they want to post anything there themselves.)  Sorry for the miscommunication.



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I have posted a complete list of donation levels (with target $$ amounts) on the Forum , which can be read, without  logging in, by following this LINK.  I have also included the current lists of people who have so far become LASFS patron saints, sacred objects, and pillars.



Last Updated ( Tuesday, 14 October 2008 )
Tracking down Patrons in the LASFS Rules PDF Print E-mail


Actually, the LASFS By-laws and the LASFS Standing Rules both define Patron Friend and Patron Saint.   I have now tweaked the Patron Saints page to indicate where both are found, though using the site search bar might also be helpful. 


LASFS Standing Rules

12. Patron Friend donation amount is $300.00. *
13. Patron Saint donation amount is $1,000.00. *


LASFS By-laws

Article VII Miscellaneous

Section 1.  Finances

Donors to the Society shall be referred to as Friends of the LASFS, and shall receive certificates according to the following classes:

  1. a first amount shall make one an Associate Friend of the LASFS;
  2. a second amount shall make one a Supporting Friend of the LASFS;
  3. a third amount shall make one a Patron Friend of the LASFS;
  4. a fourth amount shall make one a Patron Saint of the LASFS;
  5. a fifth amount shall make one a Sacred Object of the LASFS.

Patron Friends are entitled to receive all Society publications free of charge. Each Patron Saint shall receive an individual engraved plaque, and may designate a meeting, from the first through the possible 53rd Society meeting of the year, to be set-aside in his honor....






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Error on the Patron Saint Page PDF Print E-mail
The Patron Saint Page says that there are higher levels of doner specified in the Bylaws.  This should be changed, as the donation levels are listed in the Standing Rules.
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