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Welcome to LosCon 36 But Wait...There's More! LosCon 36, But Wait...There's More! is the exploration of the diversity of Science Fiction. We are having a whole host of panels, workshops, and activities for you. The convention is organized into Theme Days and Programming Tracks in order for you to be able to easily find the special events and programs you will most enjoy. Themes are: Friday - Horror, Saturday - Dress Like a Pirate Day, and Sunday - Honoring Writers and Artists

The Tracks are: Anime, Art, BEM's & Aliens, Fantasy & Magic, Gaming, Heroes & Superheroes, Horror, Military & Historical, Myth & Legend, Proto-Science Fiction, Science & Technology, Speculative Fiction, and Writing. We are very pleased to have authors Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes as our Writer Guests of Honor. Both Steven and Tananarive have written books individually and have collaborated on a number of projects. Along with panels they have a few surprises for you, you don't want to miss. Make sure to enter the "Best Opening Line" Competition Like Chocolate? "Christian B. McGuire's Infamous Trivia for Chocolate" contest is a crowd pleaser (the chocolate certainly helps). Come meet Christian B. McGuire, Fan Guest of Honor, as he presides over this entertaining and yummy event. Our Artist Guest of Honor, is none other than Tim Rickard, creator of nationally syndicated "Brewster Rockit, Space Guy". Tim and his creation and fan friend, Bucky the Robot, ( Special Guest) are looking forward to meeting you. Make sure to stop for a photo with Bucky as he makes his way around the Convention. There is a Steampunk Science Competition, a LARP, fun workshops and activities through-out the weekend to interest you, your friends and kids. Did I mention there will be an ice cream social and dances both Friday and Saturday nights? I could go on - but that's why the theme of LosCon 36 is BUT WAIT… THERE'S MORE! Check out the pages of this site often as it is updated with more info.