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Loscon 28

November 23 - 25, 2001
Hilton Burbank Airport

Our theme:
Education... Building the future one mind at a time.

Attention JON SEWARD: You were picked randomly from those Loscon members with reservations at the Hilton to receive a free upgrade to an Executive Suite. Congratulations! (Chaz Boston Baden, Chairman, Loscon 28)

What should we tell you about Loscon 28? Most importantly, it's OVER!!
NOTE: pre-sale memberships are no longer available. You may still purchase memberships at the door to this terrific convention!

Our Guests:

Patricia C. Wrede - Author Guest of Honor

Chris Butler - Artist Guest of Honor

Lynn Gold - Fan Guest of Honor

Check out our current list of confirmed participants and their bios!


Latest News:

Schedule of readings now posted online.

The artshow is completely SOLD OUT! If you want to create art live and in person, we still have a couple of spaces left in the Artists' Concourse. Also, when you're at the con, be sure to check out the tours of the Art Show (times will be posted at the con.)

Check out the current panel schedule! Note: the schedule is subject to change between now and the conference, so check back for updates!

Call For Volunteers!

The Jubilee Room will have the Fan Lounge with "The Reference Library of SF and Fandom."

Registration Hours - now posted online.

10 Forward - Friday and Saturday nights from 5 pm to 7 pm, the Con Suite will be magically transformed into the Ten Forward Lounge. If you have a Trek costume, you definitely can't miss this event!

Student Writing Contest - Loscon is sponsoring a science fiction and fantasy writing contest for 7th and 8th graders. Please come to the award ceremony on Saturday, where you will hear a professional read and record the winning stories.

Costumers - The Loscon Masquerade offers TWO cash prizes!

Animation - There will be a three-part cartoon festival as part of Loscon 28's film program, as well as a 24-hour anime room.

Room Rates - NOTE: the deadline for guaranteeing discount con rates for rooms has passed, but if you still need a room, it doesn't hurt to ask.

Nocturnals - Don't forget that the convention continues on past the panels! Our nighttime activities include rock dances both Friday and Saturday nights, a regency dance, an ice cream social (Make your own sundaes! Wear your pajamas with the rest of the kids! Find a secret toy surprise! Watch Mr. Wizard turn liquid nitrogen into ice cream! Friday night), nightly filking circles, a live musical show, a Celtic cabaret, and more! If you're planning on throwing a party yourself, please contact

Plus - a con suite that's open all day, a multi-track program of panels and readings, a fifty-table dealer's room, a blood drive, autograph sessions, 24-hour gaming, a kids' room, exhibits....

Come be a part of Loscon 28!

If you were interested in the bid flyers, you can find most of the content from them online.
The vote was held 17-Feb-2000 at LASFS to choose the chair of Loscon for 2001.




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