Loscon 21 Schedule of Days
(November 25-27, 1994)

Webmaster's Note:  This is not a fixed schedule to apply to more modern Loscons.   Each year has a new committee and may offer different events.   This is just to give a sense of convention events we have offered in the past.

Note that this is the cold part of the year for southern California; also, it traditionally rains a little during the convention.

Loscon 21 timeline, approximate.   (Note filking, gaming, japanimation special interest programming not listed.)   (Also we've traditionally had Midnight Horror Readings and stuff ... this is just a rough draft.)

Programming in afternoon. Pretty full day of programming.
Blood Drive
Ice Cream Social.
"Loscon Friday Night" (meet the guests, opening ceremony)
Rock Dance
Regency Dance
A few open parties
Full day of programming
Meetpoint lounge including B5 fans
Masquerade/Cabaret ("Saturday Show")
A bunch of open parties
Rock Dance
Programming (half day?)
Straczynski (& co.?) B5 presentation
Afternoon Tea
Gripe Session
Dead Dog Party
Information provided by Chaz Baden