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Gavin Claypool presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Brought to you by Patron Saints: Marjii Ellers, Bill Ellern

President Gavin Claypool called the meeting to order at: 8:00 pm

Minutes of the last meeting were read.

$3 paid by Marcia Minsky to name the minutes “as long as there isn’t a test on Friday”

Treasury said we have $151 more in the treasury than last week.

Since the Registrar was out of the room, Kirsten introduced Paul, an omnivore

Patron saint Marjii Ellers

From the hagiography:

Costumer, active at Costume College

responsible for the wallpaper in the back bathroom and the tile in the front bathroom, as well as the lunar mural in the computer room

One of her most striking costumes was "The Queen of Air and Darkness"

When she was fan guest of honor at one convention, she brought a 10-pound block of chocolate to the con suite every day to thank the convention for selecting her

She generally brightened any room she was in

Patron Saint Bill Ellern:

From the Hagiography: He would over-contribute on auctions to raise money for the club. He worked very hard on the Board of Directors, he worked a lot at Loscons, and he was behind a lot of great things at the club.

He was an aerospace design engineer, and the adult supervision for LASFS.

When we moved to this location, Bill was one of the crew who observed the closing of the old building along with Mike Thorson, Michelle Pincus, and Matthew Tepper.  Bill being senior, he got the job of locking the doors for the last time.


Gavin reviewed Boldly Go.  It has a very nice patter song for Dr. McCoy. Not sure they understand what parody or musical really means.

Also, as a quick review, Nick Smith attended Boldly Go, and found it really quite funny. Good performances and material, with lots of in-jokes for the fans. LASFS member Nicky Baric is one of the spotlight techs for the show. There are still two shows, Friday night at 7:30 pm and Saturday afternoon at 2:30 pm.

Board announcement:

The period for bidding on Loscon 44 has expired as of Monday at midnight.

Program: tonight, no program.

Next week, commentary on previous week’s program.

Two weeks from tonight, a great big auction. A really spectacularly great big auction.

After that, Dr Pournelle speaks

After that, the Loscon shenanigans.

FWEMS for March, the April FWEMS moves to March 27. Detectives is the theme, Sherlock Holmes, Mr Moto, Charlie Chan, and others.

We have a new raffle, prize is two books by Lynn Hunter. They are inscribed. Total retail is $17. Tickets are 50¢ each, or 5 for $2.

We have a Loscon meeting 11 AM on Sunday.

In the absence of David Okamura, Gavin announced USC is doing a study on something that might prevent atherosclerosis: They are looking for guinea pigs.  No compensation, but lots of neat medical tests and some drugs.

News Items:

Matthew Tepper announced cyberpunk author Pat Cadigan’s cancer had been diagnosed as terminal. With aggressive treatment, she’s pleased to announce the cancer is 97% gone.

Karl: If you must have a terminal cancer, make it terminal for the cancer.

Doug Crepeau is having cancer on his scalp cured later this month.

Frank Waller: they’re going to be receiving the tank of the shuttle and it will be taken by sea to Marina Del Rey.

Jerry Pournelle had two points: When he and Niven wrote Mote in God’s Eye, it had 60,000 words you don’t see. Heinlein pointed out they added nothing to the story and had to go. Every now and then someone gets interested in those words and asks to read them. Someone’s starting an anthology and buying the story of the Battle of New Chicago.

Second, he and Niven have in Analog (possibly June) a sequel to Lucifer’s Hammer, and it will be a ghost story.  The surfer from Lucifer’s Hammer appears.

One last thing: The discovery of gravity waves -- another confirmation of General Relativity. It doesn’t contradict ether either.

Christian had an auction. The DVD of Spirited Away was the top selling item.

The Aetna warning was given at 8:45.

We had announcements:

Doug Crepeau notes they’ve released the trailer for the new ghostbusters movie. The trailer can be found online.

George McUrso announced his birthday party Saturday. Starts at 13:00 ends at 22:00. Gift opening or cake is 18:00

CLJII’s publisher has an idea. Giving away free stuff will lure people to buy more stuff. There’ll be an anthology of super type heroes including an Emperor story and a Fireball story. Also a separate book will be origin stories of the four costumed superheroes.

Kirsten had a time bound announcement.  Arclight dome is playing 2001 on 70 mm Wednesday the 16th.

Gavin announced Saturday, from noon till midnight, rides on the gold line will be free because they’re opening the extension, Sierra Madre Villa

to Azusa Pacific University.

Gerald Aho announced Saturday classes on writing at Mystery and Imagination, will feature the writer of Hellraiser as a guest writer this week.

Adjourned at 8:50 pm
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