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Gavin Claypool presiding as Helmuth of Boskone

Nick Smith, Scribe

Patron Saint: Craig Miller

President Gavin Claypool called the meeting to order at: 8:00 pm

Minutes of the last meeting

Named: $5 to June Moffatt as “What is so rare as a day in February.”

Patron saint Craig Miller

From the hagiography:

Makes a living from genre-related activities (writer, producer, et cetera)

Has worked for Lucas Films and Henson.

Chaired many cons and also served as hotel liaison

Helped put on the first two Star Trek conventions in LA

co-chaired the '84 Worldcon, and head of programming for ’96 Worldcon

Won first prize for his table-setting at the L.A. County Fair.

Nick said that Craig was one of the best convention bosses he'd ever had.

CLJ II: Craig exemplifies the best of LASFS membership, helping out in all ways including helping connection with the professional media. Wishes Craig was still more involved, and hopes that others will follow his example.

David: Craig has good taste in shirts.

Matthew: Craig was the liaison with the Palms Recreation Center when LASFS used that as a clubhouse in the late 60s/early 70s.

Jerry: He was liaison in disguise, since the city misread his signature as “Cecy” Miller.

Christian would like to expound on David's comment, that Craig has an incredible collection of Hawaiian shirts. Some of the credit should go to his wife.

Kristen: Craig has entertained her with many stories about Star Wars of which she is now becoming a fan.

Josh: All Josh's animation fans speak highly of Craig, and he has learned a lot about licensing and business from Craig.

Matthew: During Craig's time on Pocket Dragons, the way people differentiated between that and a similar series was that Craig's was the one that did NOT make people vomit.

Christian: Craig had the sense to decline ComicCon's offer to have him do lots of work, but he has worked on many aspects of fandom, and he has been recognized by the club.

Craig: Usually not here on his saint night, but he would like to point out that nobody ever mentions that he was Chairman of the Board for ten years, and on the board for many years.

Gavin: Milt and Craig went on Hour 25 to promote L.A. 2000, which is what got Gavin to come to LASFS.

Three rousing cheers, and another closet full of Hawaiian shirts.


Daniel Carr, told about the club by Darnell Coleman. Interested in general SF.

Terry McIntyre, with the fedora. Told about the club by Jonathan Jake, another recent visitor.

Time-Bound Announcements:


Other Announcements:

Special Orders of Business:

Short story writer, poet and essayist Bud Webster died on Saturday the 13th. His writing about science fiction history vastly outweighed his fiction output, but he was also the estates liaison for SFWA, and his job was to put publishers in touch with the literary estates of authors. Also, he wore a propeller fez, rather than a mere beanie, so he was automatically cool.

[Jerry met Bud in 1976, when he was just a fan. Wrote enough to get a SFWA membership, and became very valuable to SFWA.]

Singer and actress Vanity died on Monday the 15th. Originally discovered by Prince just because of her looks, once it was noticed that she could both sing and act, she appeared in movies like The Last Dragon, Action Jackson and Neon City, as well as various genre TV shows, including Highlander, Tales from the Crypt and Friday the 13th.

Career character actor George Gaynes died on Monday the 15th, at the age of 98, after a long career on stage and screen. Best known for his continuing role in the Police Academy movies, he had roles fans might have seen on Alfred Hitchcock, Mission Impossible, Sliders, and Six Million Dollar Man, along with a variety of horror movies and the SF movie Altered States. He was even in the Roger Corman version of The Fantastic Four. Before that, his early 1950s Broadway work included the Cole Porter fantasy musical Out of This World.

Treasurer’s Report: None

Upcoming Programs:

Tonight is the smallish big auction

Feb. 25: the Tim Powers event is postponed, but the raffle still happening

Feb. 28: FWEMS featuring Colleen Gray movies

March 17: Big auction

March 24: Jerry Pournelle on his favorite book

March 31: LosCon pitches to the club

Nick announced the Star Trek musical at Caltech, and is trying to arrange a group outing.

A Moment of Science, with David Okamura

Space X is still testing barges for landing, this time because the booster has to land in a more risky fashion.

Channel Island foxes had been on the endangered list, but are bouncing back from disease and predation. Captive breeding programs and moving the non-native Golden Eagles have helped.

Zika virus apparently has a preference for fetal brain tissue. Autopsies have shown a heavy concentration in an otherwise uninfected fetus. This clue may lead to research goals, because this is normally the most-protected area of the fetus.

If the ice is melting, why aren't the seas rising more? The continents are soaking up the water, but there is a saturation point.

The 28th is the Academy Awards, overshadowed by controversy, but the Oscar has never looked better. A new foundry did a 3D scan of a 1920s Oscar, and the new casting is based on that, restoring details that had been lost. The base is from a scan of a more recent Oscar. The process involved a 3D printer working in wax, and then a casting made in a lost wax process.

3D printing for the consumer market is still pricey, but maybe not much longer. Mattel displayed a new product at the Toy Fair, a “Thingmaker,” an update of their 60's gadget. The new one is a small 3D printer, with an app, to allow kids to make toy parts and assemble the results. Mattel working with Autodesk. Pre-orders for $300, a huge price drop.

Aetna warning at 8:54 pm


Tom Safer will be showing Age of Ultron this coming Saturday at 10 am

LosCon 43 report from Michelle—sold seven memberships at Gallifrey

Gavin—Dennis Etchison is starting his writing class on Feb. 20th at Bookstore of Mystery and Imagination.

CLJ II—on Sunday the 21st, Tom Khamis will be showing a program of spaghetti westerns, starting at 2 pm, running until about 10.

Also CLJ II--17th book of the Emperor's Secret Files is on Amazon at a 99 cent price right now.

Old Business: none

New Business: none


Christian McGuire was at Gallifrey One for 90 minutes on Friday. He bought a bunch of books, and found that there was a Girl Scout cookie booth. Liked the badge. Seemed to be a lot of people. Spent 6 hours there on Saturday. Even more packed then. Sir John Hurt was there.'

Cathy Beckstead was there, and up all night. Very good convention [Elayne says only three fire alarms].

George Mulligan: The convention seemed well-run, with no major snags. Nice panel on Star Trek Continues, which had cast members and a screening.

Marcia Minsky: Volunteered for con ops, and helped with prepping for the charity auction. One member brought two tins of jelly babies, from England. Had specified that one tin should go to the children's auction. The one in the children's auction had gotten up to $110, so they moved the adult one to the children's auction as well. [Christian says charity auction raised about $11K]. [Scribal note: before Jelly Babies were a running gag in Dr. Who, George Harrison had to ask fans to stop throwing them at the Beatles. He liked them as candy, but not as projectiles during a show.]

Gavin was ordered out of the hotel by Tadao Tomamatsu, but in Tadao's defense, there was a fire alarm at the time.

Milt Stevens discovered a new writer, Alistair Reynolds. Poseidon's Wake is being talked up as a Hugo nominee, and Milt began reading it, finding that this was not the start of a series. Went back to the start, which is Blue Remembered Earth, and reviewed the series. Humanity has been genetically engineering people, shrinking elephants and doing other things.

Christian just finished reading Heinlein's Have Space Suit, Will Travel, after realizing that he hadn't. He found it quite enjoyable, dated but a good read.

Nick reviewed the Crown Books at Topanga and Erwin, near the Warner Center Marriott. Lots of fannish stuff, good prices, nice place. Hare Hobbs had just been there, and held up the book he had purchased.

George reviewed the last episode of Gravity Falls, about a place in Oregon with a weirdness magnet. Recommends the entire series.

Josh watched the Deadpool movie. Very funny, raunchy, but good.

Better Call Saul is good, but not SF.

Cathy also reviewed Deadpool. The demographic for the audience was skewed very heavily male.

Jerry Pournelle mentioned what happened to the Topanga mall. He and Larry researched malls for Oath of Fealty. Surprised that some malls are dying.


Adjourn to auction at: 9:05
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