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Gavin Claypool presiding as Professor Yanna, as portrayed by Derek Jacobi

Nick Smith, Scribe

Patron Saints: Mike Glyer, Albert Sheean, Frank Waller

President Gavin Claypool called the meeting to order at: 8:00 pm

Special Orders of Business:

It was a bad week for people behind the scenes of things we enjoy.

Ray Colcord, a composer of music for TV and movies, whose genre credits range from shows like Dinosaurs and The Charmings to one of the songs in the film Earth Girls Are Easy. Weirdly, he to non-fans he was best known for something he did early in his career. While working for Columbia Records in 1972, he signed an obscure little band called Aerosmith.

Screenwriter Daniel Gerson, who co-wrote Monsters Inc., Big Hero 6 and other animated films. He also did voice cameos in at least three of his movies.

Actress Kristine Miller passed away, and her family just announced it. She was an actress in various adventure films and TV shows in the 40s and 50s, including a regular role on Stories of the Century, the first western to ever win an Emmy. She was also cast in various SF productions, including four different roles on Science Fiction Theater. She left acting to join her husband’s business, which was building and running TV stations in northern California and Idaho.

Two fantasy game illustrators passed away as well, Wayne England and Christopher Rush. Rush was the first American artist to illustrate a Pokemon card, and created the artwork for roughly a hundred cards for Magic the Gathering. England was the illustrator for many fantasy games and magazines in Europe and the U.S., including one based on Robert Jordan’s fantasy series.

Minutes of the last meeting

Named: to Eric for $1--”I have no idea what the hell he was talking about.”

Patron saints Mike Glyer, Albert Sheean, Frank Waller

From the hagiography:

Mike Glyer

Winner of multiple Hugo awards for his fanzine File 770.

As secretary, inserted humorous comments into the minutes, in the tradition of Jack Harness.

Worldcon chair

Works for the Internal Revenue Service.

Albert Sheean

Matthew Tepper: He was one of the purchaser and deliverer of donuts for a while.  He and his daughter Krystal Mae are wonderful additions to the club.

Mark Poliner: He’s always good for a good story in the library and he enjoys good beer.

Michelle: He’s an amateur paleontologist.

Frank Waller

At one time was a Star Trek costumer who appeared as Harry Mudd.

Has donated edibles, stuffies, and wisecracks to the club

Livens up club auctions with wacky bids.

When he was a Charles's Chips rep, he would often entertains us with the bizarre seasonal potato chip flavors that are offered.

Is a classic car guy.

Guests: Eric Hoffman announced Darly Brewster, an animator, who worked on Prince of Egypt, El Dorado, Osmosis Jones and others. She has a Lost in Space robot in her living room.

Time-Bound Announcements:

TSPC: Feb. 20th, Avengers, Age of Ultron, at 10 am.

Treasurer’s Report: the non-Elayne says that we have money and can't spend it.

Upcoming Programs:

Open house at the club on Sunday beginning at noon

Feb. 18: Big Auction

Feb. 25: Tim Powers [and presenting him with the plaque he didn't get at LosCon two years ago]. His birthday was on Feb. 29th, 1952.

A Moment of Science, with David Okamura

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, of Apollo XIV, on the 45th anniversary of his mission.

Harvard had done experiments with gelatin, to study brain development of the folds. Created a mold for the white matter, with a surface covering to mimic the gray matter. Expansion in an acidic solution ends up causing the gray matter to develop the folds and crevices. The gene that regulates the control of the actual development in the brain may be related to schizophrenia, which would explain the young adult schizophrenia onset.

Zika virus expanding explosively in the Central American tropics, and chances seemed low that it would spread here, but it turns out that the virus can be spread by body fluids as well as mosquitoes. The birth defects are the really frightening parts. This may encourage genetic modification of mosquitoes to out-compete.

New species are discovered and must be named. A new species of black tarantula found near Folsom prison was named after Johnny Cash.

Gravitational wave study announced at Caltech, and our own club member Kyle Baric worked on this project.

Gavin mentioned that a professor named Joseph Webber had worked on such a project. He is married to a professor at U.C. Irvine named Virginia Trimble, who had been Miss Twilight Zone when she was an undergrad at UCLA.

Old Business:

New Business


Milt Stevens read Prentice Alvin by Orson Scott Card. Enjoyed the first novel in the series as alternate history. Red Prophet and Prentice Alvin are more fantasy novels. Pretty good fantasy, hybrid of magic and science. Hugo nominated, but did not win.

Eric Hoffman read Carter and Dunlap, which caused him to rewatch Cast a Deadly Spell, a blend of private eyes and H.P. Lovecraft horror. Private eye named Harry Philips Lovecraft.

Josh reviewed The Craft of Science Fiction which has articles by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle and Harlan Ellison.


Hare Hobbs mentioned that Wings is being restored again, in which Pancho Barnes was one of the pilots. 3rd Friday in April at the Egyptian.

Gavin mentioned that there would be an interview with John Williams on KUSC this evening at 9 pm.

Aetna Warning at 8:46 pm

Josh asked about renting the club for a writer's group, and was advised to talk to Elayne next week.

Adjourn at: A motion that John deChancie is hungry was made at 8:46 pm.

Move to adjourn at 8:49
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