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Gavin Claypool presiding

Nick Smith, Scribe

Patron Saints: Gary Louie and Mike Luwish

President Gavin Claypool called the meeting to order as the patriarch of Kzin at: 8:05 pm

Special Orders of Business:

Paul Kantner, longtime musician from Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship and other musical groups, died a few days ago. The concept album that he created, “Blows Against the Empire,” was nominated for the Hugo Award in 1971, the only music album ever on the final Hugo ballot, according to the Hugo website. Oddly, Signe Toly Anderson, who was the original lead singer for Jefferson Airplane, died on the same day.

Also, Emmy-winning voice actor Joe Alaskey, whose first big break was when he took over the classic Mel Blanc role of Yosemite Sam in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and later he was the voice of Richard Nixon in Forrest Gump and in many films TV cartoons and video games, playing everyone from Wile E. Coyote to Doctor Octopus. Oddly, he was also the voice of Jackie Gleason in some of the restored Honeymooners episodes, where the original sound needed to be replaced for the DVD release.

Minutes of the last meeting

Named: “The minutes that I didn't really hear will be the silliness of the LASFS.”

Patron saints

Mike Luwish, son of Emil

Bought  his father a sainthood. All we know about Emil is that he raised a generous son.

An old zine states that Mike was remembered on his saint's day with "three cheers and some green cheese."

Three cheers and a “funny, he doesn't look Luwish”

Gary Louie

Elected to the Board of Directors the very first election for which he was eligible and remained on the board the rest of his life.

Club librarian

First person elevated to sainthood posthumously

Served on staff or committee on most Loscons from 1987 through 1998, the 1996 Worldcon, both Los Angeles Westercons, and many Gallifrey One cons

Was considered part of the "Permanent Floating Worldcon Committee

Helped with Bouchercon.

Evans-Freehafer Award winner

Collector of LEGO® toys particularly trains

Collector of books

Three cheers and a happy Chinese New Year


Jonathan Jake, who heard about LASFS through a convention. Literature fan and writer, occupation attorney.

Josh, who has been in L.A. for a couple of years, worked at Marvel and Disney in publishing.

Time-Bound Announcements:

No board meeting in February

Whimsic Alley is hosting Geeks in Love, a craft fair, on February 6 and 7 from 10 am to 6 pm. 5464 Wilshire. Fun place for British-related fandoms. The craft fair is a pre-Valentine event for fans.

Matthew announced that Robbie Bourget has been added as co-chair to his LosCon bid for LosCon 44.

CLJ II announced that Tom Khamis will have Part II of his monster movies of the 1950s here at the club on Saturday the 6th on Saturday from 2-10 pm.

Aetna warning at 8:51 pm

Treasurer’s Report: nope, but LosCon 42 handed over $6244.76 to the club.

Loscon Committee gave out 130 fliers at Anime L.A. and sold four memberships.

Upcoming Programs:

Feb. 4: Leigh Strother-Vien and Francis Hamit on self-publishing

Feb. 11: Talking among yourselves

Feb. 18: Big Auction

Feb. 25: Tim Powers on his favorite book and club raffle

Feb. 28: Film program with a tribute to Colleen Gray, of The Phantom Planet and other such films

A Moment of Science, with Bill Green

Space Merchants by Pohl and Kornbluth had the concept of “Chicken Little,” artifical chicken. Currently, artificial meat is in the works, but the current cost of an artificial hamburger is $18,000, so it's not cost-effective yet.

Old Business:

New Business:


Milt Stevens—Locus recommended reading list has appeared. Its significance is that it's very extensive, and typically includes everything likely to be on the Hugo ballot. Category of “publication” mixes prozines, fanzines and websites. Locus poll is weighted toward subscribers, in terms of how votes are counted.

CLJII saw Jungle Moon Man, an adventure of Johnny Weissmuller, because the movie company had sold the Jungle Jim rights before the movie was finished. Jungle movie with fantasy elements in the last reel.

Scratch is still reading the Honor Harrington series.

Matthew—he and Deborah attended an HD telecast of a the Met's broadcast of Turandot, which does have fantasy elements.

Leigh read Games Wizards Play, by Diane Duane. The characters are growing up, and really getting interesting.

Nick reviewed volume 3 of Schlock Mercenary, by Howard Tayler. The AI torpedoes are the best computerized weapons since Dark Star, and a lot of fun.

Josh—reading Kindred by Octavia Butler, really amazing. This was the first book of hers that he read, and heard about it from a Harlan Ellison article.

Larry Nivenhas been reading Schlock Mercenary for years, and finally caught up. The author is talking about eventually ending the series, very funny hard SF.

Leigh—Another online series worth checking out is “A Girl and Her Fed,” which starts out weird and gets stranger.

Eric Hoffman—Guerrilla filmmaker Graydon Clark wrote a book called On the Cheap about creating low-budget movies. He was able to get name actors who weren't busy at the time to do odd roles. Jan Michael Vincent, Raymond Burr and others.

Jerry Pournelle—When he was in graduate school, he and classmates were trying to predict grades of undergrads. It actually worked, and one of the predictors was IQ. A new book called Hive Mind by Garret Jones, which seeks to predict the GDP and life expectancy of a nation. Jerry thinks it's surprisingly accurate.


Club president wants a volunteer to assist with a project to document saints.

Adjourn at: 8:54pm

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