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From 1949 until 1975, when a LASFS member made their first sale to a professional publisher in the SF community, it was customary to honor them with a banquet, called a "Fanquet". This is a list of the fanquets that have been given.


1949: E. Everett Evans
1950: L. Major Reynolds
1951: Len Mofffatt and Dave Lesperance
1952: Arthur Jean Cox
1953: Mel Hunter
1955: Ed M. Clinton, Jr.
1956: Helen Urban
1958: Monette Cummings
1959: George W. Fields
1960: Julie Jardine and Richard E. Geis
1961: Charles Neutzel
1965: Larry Niven
1966: Ted Johnstone and William B.Ellern
1968: Barry Alan Weissman
1969: Bill Warren and Hank Stine
1970: Jane Gallion
1971: Tim Kirk
1972: Alan Dean Foster and Mel Gilden
1973: Tina Hensel and Kathleen Goldin
1974: Gail Kimberly
1975: Dina Girard Crayne

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