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Gavin Claypool presiding

Nick Smith, Scribe

Patron Saints: Dan Alderson and Joe Zeff

President Gavin Claypool called the meeting to order at:

Special Orders of Business:

Actor Pat Harrington, Jr. While best known for his role as the building super on the show One Day at a Time, he actually had a long career in fannish television. He was a voice actor for many animated shows, including Scooby Doo, Captain Caveman and Journey to the Center of the Earth. He acted in the David McCallum version of The Invisible Man, and in the Ray Bradbury Theater. He was also part of the only known McHale’s Navy/Man from U.N.C.L.E. crossover, since he played the same character on both shows.

Also, we lost animation director Robert Balser, whose most notable genre work was the Beatles film Yellow Submarine, as well as one of the segments of the Heavy Metal movie.

Minutes of the last meeting

Named: 2015 should be hauled away as garbage, by Matthew Tepper

Patron saints

Dan Alderson

Scratch—Dan Alderson has been immortalized in three Niven/Pournelle books, and one of our members had a lot to do with helping in his later  days.

CLJII—Star Trek the Motion Picture should have been called the Revenge of Dan Alderson. Dan had written maneuvering software for Voyager that permitted it to get through the asteroid belt. In addition to his work at JPLm he was a collector of things like old Fawcett comics. The collection eventually went to Harlan Ellison. Also a collector of sf books and magazines. Later in life, he found out that he had many of the foods he enjoyed were cumulatively bad, but then lived longer than expected on a diet that was bad for him. His health declined as a result of his diabetes, and he remained active as long as he could be. Charlie shared a house with him until it burned down.

Barbara—knew him slightly when Dan was in high school. Her mother was a teacher at Verdugo High. They came to LASFS in 1957, hoping to meet Ray Bradbury.  They didn't, but instead met Fritz Leiber. Dan won a statewide student chemistry award his senior year in high school.

Joe—Demonstrating Dan's common sense, when he was still mobile, he would start his walks by going uphill, so that he would be going downhill when he was tired. Joe points out that Dan wrote out the rules for LASFS elections in the way a computer program is written. Dan is also a character in Exiles to Glory by Jerry Pournelle

Gavin—Dan is also in one of the David McDaniel UNCLE books. Gavin helped Dan to collate APA-L at a Westercon. A year later, Gavin showed up at the clubhouse, and Dan handed him a copy of the zine.

CLJII—It's a well-known belief that comic book characters never die. Dan Alderson, along with Bruce Pelz and a  few others, were clearly cartoon characters, so they're just waiting for a new editor to bring them back.

Three cheers and a weep-wail

Joe Zeff

David—Joe was an excellent scribe, and apparently one of two people who understand the Alderson voting method.

Francis—Joe is a Vietnam veteran, an experience that was quite science fictional.

Christian—Remembers Joe's collected “stupid computer user” stories.

Marcia—Known Joe all of his life. He became involved with LASFS, and he kept talking about it. Marcia dropped in to find out about it. Everything that Marcia has done with the club are because of Joe.

Barbara—Joe is very inspiring, in the way he deals with health issues.

Christian—When Dan Alderson's health was failing, Joe did his best to keep him comfortable at the club.

Gavin—on behalf of Mary Ann Canfield—Joe Zeff used to buy groceries at the store where she worked, and told her about LASFS.

Three cheers and a stupid user report

Guests: Douglas Fisher was here, but had to leave. Learned about LASFS through Google. Interested in SF and fans.

Time-Bound Announcements:

Sci-Fest, the annual festival of science fiction plays, is having a fundraiser event on Monday, January 11th at the Colony Theater in Burbank. Tickets are available at . The event includes a 1944 radio play version of Frankenstein, performed by Brent Spiner, Gates McFadden, Tim Russ and Linda Park, from various Star Trek series, and other actors. Sci-Fest is also presenting an award to Roger Corman, and there will be a silent auction of donated memorabilia.

Nick will be organizing a club outing to the Star Trek musical at Caltech, which will be the last weekend of February and the first weekend of March.

Francis has copies of his new book.

Also, the Marlowe movie is going well. Officially a Gary Kurtz production. Distribution deal guarantees at least a minimal U.S. release, and how many theaters depends on casting and how the production goes.

Gerry—February 27 will be the celebration of George Clayton Johnson at the Egyptian Theater

CLJII received proof for new book Aerial Ace, and is trying to find out the lag time before publication.

Treasurer’s Report: no report

Committee to Gouge held a small auction

Upcoming Programs:

Jan. 7—Discussion of the club's future

Jan. 14—Tim Griffin pre-meeting program at 7 pm

Jan. 21—Big fat auction [hey, it's only big-boned]

Jan. 28-- Two episodes of Science Fiction Theater

More to come

Library report—Saturn Run by John Sandford and Ctein has been added to the library, thanks to a generous donation from Christian McGuire

Report from the board—Board meeting at 11 am, which will examine LosCon bids.

A Moment of Science, with David Okamura

Thanks to Kristin for reading his report on December 24th. In Japan on that date, normally visitors are more like Godzilla, but in fact there was a giant squid wandering into shallow waters. A diver jumped in to get pictures, and he got close enough to get inked. It was “only” 12-feet long, so it was a young one.

Out with the old and ring in the new--elements 113, 117 and 118 have been added to the periodic table. Official names to be announced later this year.

Have you driven a Ford lately? There may be a Ford driving you around soon. A collaboration between Ford and Google is apparently in the works. GM is working with Lyft to see if they can do self-driving taxis.

Bad news—NASA's Insight craft planned to launch to Mars has to be scrapped for now, due to serious flaws.

Good news—European space agency's exo-Mars craft will orbit the planet to measure atmospheric methane.

More news for the bulletin board.

Matthew comments that Asimov's story “Sally” is about a retirement farm for self-driving cars. In the story, the oldest car there was a 2015 model named Matthew.

Old Business: Proclamation of 2016 as “Y4E” because this year is the 100th anniversary of his birth. The new president hopes to do more to remember Forry. Bill has unearthed a cap produced by Forry in 1996, on his 80th birthday, commemorating his planned 100th anniversary. Donated to the club display cabinet. Black cap has Vampirella, white cap has the robot from Metropolis.

Old Business: none

New Business: none


Barbara—got a free ticket offer for The Martian, but it turned out to be an offer to keep coming back for standby tickets.

Nick—watched the first half of the premiere of Chronicles of Shannara. Good production values, but didn't care for the characters and the modern slanginess. MTV may be doing SF better than the SyFy network.

Milt—Expanse on SyFy has been pretty good.

CLJII—Murdock Investigations on Cozi TV 4.2 is pretty good.

Francis—Diary of a Callgirl makes sex boring, but is Billy Piper right after Dr. Who.

Milt— He read Saturn Run, good enough book, but not one he would nominate for a Hugo. Space race triggered by an apparent alien visit to our outer planets.


CLJ announced that a combined digital/super 8 camera is being introduced.

Matthew is so hopeful that film will make a comeback that their executives have business cards printed on film stock.

Adjourn to discussion at: 9:28 pm
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