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Matthew Tepper presiding

Nick Smith, Scribe

Patron Saint: Forry Ackerman

President Matthew Tepper reminded us that Auld meeting times should not be forgot at: 8:00 pm

Special Orders of Business:

While his life was celebrated in depth last meeting, the actual passing of

George Clayton Johnson was on Friday, December 25th. He might have appreciated that, as it makes a better story. He was co-creator of Logan’s Run and the writer or creator of SEVEN Twilight Zone episodes. He co-wrote the original treatment for the film Ocean’s 11, and wrote scripts or stories for Star Trek, Honey West, Wanted Dead or Alive, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Route 66, and Kung Fu. He even acted in an episode of Sea Hunt, apparently just because.

Bass player Lemmy Kilmister, was best known as founder of the metal band Motorhead, with 40 albums, but fans may know his music from when he was part of the band Hawkwind. There he worked on rock music based on the Eternal Champion novels of Michael Moorcock and Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny. He was sort of the world’s loudest filker.

Meadowlark Lemon, mainly known as a member of the Harlem Globetrotters, but also acted on Gilligan's Island, and did a lot of voice work for animation.

Minutes of the last meeting

$5 from Regina to name the minutes “Kick the Can.”



Saint Stuff:

Nick—Back in the early 1980s, Forry was still acting as a literary agent. Many of the writers had given him manuscripts to sell as much as 30 years earlier, and some were never sold, or sold to magazines or anthologies which never came out. In those cases, authors told him to keep the manuscripts and try again. When Fantasy Book was getting started, Nick met with Forry to see if any of these stories could be used. That is how the first issue of the magazine ended up with a long-lost L. Ron Hubbard short story, and the second issue had a story co-written by Forry himself and Donald Wollheim. Forry also found a story in his files by Albert Hernhuter, who turned out to be the uncle of Nick’s then girlfriend, and who had given up writing for a career in meteorology. He was very surprised to get the check, almost 30 years after he wrote the story.

Eric—Didn't expect to ever meet him, but eventually got to work with him on the Famous Monsters magazine. Always a fan at heart. The calls and letters he got from fans meant a lot to him. They did a duet of Al Jolson songs at a LosCon.

Scratch—had the pleasure of going through the Ackermansion collection for a day, and was finally scuttled out the door because it had gotten dark, having seen only a fraction.

Regina—had fond memories of what a gracious host Forry was, on a visit.

Joe—One of the Man from UNCLE books by McDaniel involves a present day vampire, and Forry is included as a character.

Mike Thorsen—present at the LaLaCon where Forry was a guest, speaking on the history of LASFS. Asked what the most special thing about LASFS was, and he pointed to the display cases. Forry said that everything in the cases and on the walls had a story, and that someone knew that story.

Eric—One of his favorite memories was Forry at conventions. One year Jack Kirby and Kirk Alyn were judges along with Forryat the masquerade, and there were two different Vampirellas. One was Brinke Stevens, and the other an exotic dancer named Destiny, who were actively tormenting the judges.

Tom Safer—at one time Tom was friends with Dr. Donald Reed, and Dr. Reed invited Tom to come along to a party at Forry's. Tom got to see the collection at that party.

Eylat—Met Forry in a unique way. She learned about LASFS from an announcement in a magazine, and came to find out about fandom. While researching fandom for a speech for a college class, she wrote a letter to Forry, and he wrote back by sending her information and fanzines, and inviting her to one of his open house parties. Ray Bradbury was sitting next to her, and she didn't know who that was. This led to an argument between Ray and Forry about who deserved to be called “Mr. Sci-Fi.” Nicknamed her “Mystery Girl.”

Barbara—Forry didn't like to drive, and Barbara drove him around many years ago, called him Uncle Forry because of the difference in their ages. He offered to help Jim Harmon get work as a writer, very low-budget stuff. Jim and Forry had a falling out when Jim got an offer to do a competing magazine. The last time she saw Forry was at the Paperback Show, and he was fading in and out, but he had moments of clarity there.

Matthew—had a teacher named Florence Russell, whose husband was the FBI agent who investigated LASFS, brought SF people to class to talk about SF. That was when Matthew was 10 or 11, and Forry was one of the people she brought to talk to students. His silliest memory of Forry was seeing Forry play Chopin at a nudist resort.

Barbara—she was Forry's date at  a similar event.

Joe—has seen a fan film Forry made where he inadvertently released a genie. The dancing girl in the film was Bjo.

June—John deChancie came up to Len and said “I loved your story,” and Len said “What story?” It was in an anthology, and Forry helped them collect the check.

Gavin—when he attended his first SF convention in 1972, it was the Fantasy Film Fans International convention, and Forry was the featured guest. Gavin went up to ask a question, which was “Mr. Ackerman, how did you end up in a Man from UNCLE novel?”

Gerry—met Forry a number of times, and Forry was responsible for one of the best pieces of film that Gerry had ever seen, at a memorial at the Egyptian Theater. Packed event with a turn-away crowd. People went up on stage to talk about Forry, but then a big image of Forry came on the screen, speaking from his deathbed to the fans. It was filmed for that purpose, and may have been his best acting job.

Frank Waller—met Forry at a convention, but Frank first went up to the wrong author and asked him if he was Forry.

Tom Camus—wanted to make sure that someone mentioned that Forry was an integral part of the club in the 30s and 40s, and that many people who were there had said there might have been no LASFS without him.

Eric—Forry introduced him to Christoper Lee and Fritz Lang at a party. Because they were debating over a point, Forry pointed them to Eric to answer a question.

Bill Ellern—met Forry a very long time ago, before the Ackermansion. Even then, his house was filled with books. The office was piles of paper around a swivel chair. Later at the Ackermansion he remembers getting A. E. Van Vogt to explain his ventures into psychology. Van Vogt had attempted to use his superego to create stories, by getting an alarm clock to ring every 30-60 minutes, so that he never deeply slept, and cranked out stories both good and bad by that method. Forry got people to open up in public, including birthday parties at the Biltmore. Bill said that people were trying to get him on audio recordings, telling stories [Tom Camus says that some were done]. Blll asked him about Doc Smith, and Forry showed him unpublished manuscripts. Forry shamelessly raided files of the film companies, which is where he got the material for Famous Monsters and the Ackermansion. He would go on vacation in Europe and come back with a hundred boxes of books. His then-secretary finally informed him that he had no place to put any more stuff.

June—Forry's parties would last for two days, because he couldn't fit all the guests into his house at one time.

Barbara—at his birthday parties, he would give the guests presents.

CLJII—it was his pleasure to be a friend of Forry's for many years. Charlie found LASFS because he called Forry, and Bill Warren answered the phone, and said that Forry was away, but would be at LASFS later. That was what led Charlie to encounter LASFS. Forry took out a lifetime subscription to Charlie's writing, but he took people to work and help out Forry in the later years, trying to catalog his collection of stills. Only made it up to the letter R. Visited Forry in the hospital. He rallied enough to get to the House of Pies and back. Charlie had made him Fan GOH for the 1984 LosCon.

CLJII—Forry said that his last words would be “Sci Fi”

Three Cheers and not a dry martini

Time-Bound Announcements:

Friday the 1st, Marty is opening the clubhouse for socializing and gaming. Clubhouse opens at 12, food starts at 2.

Sunday the 3rd from 4 pm to 10 pm, monster movies

LASFS board meeting of January 10th will consider LosCon bids.

TSPC will be Jan. 16th at 10 am, and it will be the first Night Stalker film

Treasurer’s Report: Elayne's not here

Incoming president's report: 2016 will be known as the year of Y4E

Committee reports:

CLJII—leftover goodies from Dec. 25 party for tonight's party.

Upcoming programs:

Jan. 7—Open discussion “Quo Vadis LASFS”. Thoughts about the club and its future.

Jan. 14—Tim Griffin pre-meeting

Jan. 21—Big Auction

Jan. 28—Tentative My Favorite Book programs

Episodes of Science Fiction Theater, with Truman Bradley

A Moment of Science, with David Okamura, will resume in the new year because he couldn’t manage to top last week’s edition.

Old Business

New Business


Frank—saw Star Wars. Thoroughly enjoyable for the Hardware Wars people.

Matthew says that one of the characters was based on a teacher from his high school, according to J. J. Abrams.

Time-Bound Announcement:

CLJ II—two new books going into the LASFS library. 18 e-books, 12 physical books.

Fannish committee reports

Mike Thorsen—on Facebook there is a thing about crowdfunding an Axanar Star Trek fan film. Paramount has apparently gotten upset, because it's a GOOD fan film.


Tom Safer heard the dumbest criminal story on the news. Police pulled over a weaving driver, who saw a cop arriving, and the driver tried to smoke up all the evidence.

Nick--A fan in Montana last week gave new meaning to the term “spoiler alert.” He was so upset that a Facebook correspondent had given away one of the plot points for the new Star Wars movie that he posted a threatening picture of himself holding a gun, described as having a hair trigger. The young student who posted the spoiler was frightened, and reported it to authorities, who then locked down his entire school and arrested the fan. The moral appears to be, the next time you threaten someone over a spoiler, use a lightsaber, an elegant weapon for a more civilized time.

Drew, old returning young member, is working on a film project, and wants to be here at the club more.

Tom Safer—Today is the 60th anniversary of One Froggy Evening by Chuck Jones

Hare—on the Star Trek fan film lawsuit. In the past the rulings have been in favor of the fans.

Adjourn to program at: 9:30 pm
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