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Matthew Tepper, President

Kristen Gorlitz, Scribe

Patron Saints Elayne Pelz, Robbie Bourget, Marty Cantor

Matthew Tepper called the meeting to order at precisely 8:00 pm

Special Orders of Business:

Celebrating the life of George Clayton Johnson -

Marty Cantor: Was once on same panel as George. George didn't show up for 1st half, and they were on topic until he showed up. George talked about things that interested George, and it was a wonderful panel to be on.

Matthew Tepper: He was indeed a stoner- the most brilliant and cogent stoner Matthew has ever known. Some have flashes of brilliance, but George was a steady beam of brilliance. Few got in conversation with George, he got involved with what you were, and the love he generated pulled you in. Never came away unhappy or dissatisfied from a conversation with George.

Tom Locke: MSN reported him dead, one time at a con, crazy George (as he was known to friends), encountered a couple of runners who came into the room where George was sitting, shouted “save us, save us, the sandman is after us”, and sure enough, sandman try to come through the door. George props his feet on the door. “Why did you block our way. Why did you stop us?” the sandman cried. I'm George Clayton Johnson, and they stopped in their tracks - here was the creator of the universe they were playing in

Joe Zeff: At a Loscon at Burbank Hilton in the smoking lounge, he spent a pleasant time talking with George and he was a delight to talk with. He not only wrote but basically created the story for the original Ocean's Eleven. Rat pack wanted to make a heist movie set in Las Vegas and they handed that to George and the entire story came out of his imagination

Tom Locke: Long before he knew George, he saw Ocean’s Eleven

Matthew: Lived outside of LA and flew in to visit at Thanksgiving and go to Loscon, KTLA ran Twilight Zone marathon and they always played “Nothing in the Dark”, very touching, moving story that is about dying and moving on. It was such a moving story that he would then head off to Loscon and he would run into George and pump his hand, thanking him for that episode. Thanked him over a dozen times for that. Few years ago, when Deborah and he became a couple, Matthew wanted to know where he stood with her parents, mother liked him right away, bonded with her father over the Twilight Zone. Thanked George because he and the other writers helped him bond with his future father in law, which is very important to Matthew. He never got tired of hearing how people loved his work.

Michelle Pincus: met him at paperback show, bookseller introduced her to George and they talked for about ½ hour. Next year she came back and George said “hi” to her. Great conversations and he was a dear friend

Hare Hobbes: First saw him at paperback show, went out and caught a familiar smell – pot – figured out who it was, he was holding court outside. Found out who George was later that day

Minutes of the last meeting were read and corrected

Marsha Minsky bid $1 to name the minutes “and you can't spend it”

Patron saints Elayne Pelz, Robbie Bourget, Marty Cantor


Scratch: Elayne has had a “small” impact on the club She doesn't have the historical forceful personality that Robbie had when manning the front desk, but she has a more incomptive nature Knows what is going on and will make sure the right person does it

Marty: Elayne is one of the better treasurer’s they have had. Corflew 2017 she is hotel Liaison and treasurer, she is very competent

Marsha: first came into club, Robbie was treasurer, Elayne was treasurer for the convention and had to work with Elayne and she was so afraid of Elayne. For Loscon 42, tables turned, was more confident, would tell Elayne what they are spending and you could see the wheel spinning. Lots of respect for her. Considers her a very valued friend

Tom: Bruce was very good at keeping the cash coming in. Wondered who would take his place, his wife has done an excellent job continuing that

Matthew: friendship goes far back, 45 years ago same German class, she had just joined LASFS, privileged and honored, quietest hard working people that you know. Can get people to work for her with just a few words. She has never frightened him, but always been impressed by the way she gets cooperation

Milt: moving into first clubhouse – did not have enough paint to finish, poured all remaining paint together and Yankovsky? purple

Three Cheers and “a cup of tea”


Scratch: Has a forceful personality when it comes to money, could gently get $ from people. Well mannered unless you deserved otherwise. Had the ability to (beat up a mugger). Periodically had migraines, Scratch sat by her, speaking French to him (er native language) was carrying on a conversation he did not understand. Hopes he was a small help to her. Good friend. Well worth

Karl: Run Gallifrey 1 for over ¼ century. Manages to hide rather well, she is terrified of speaking in front of crowds, but has to do so every year for Gallifrey. Has a way of dealing with would be felons. Email from Elat, scam, give him address and will pass it on to Robbie. If there were a club member in distress in London area, Robbie would have shown up

Marsha: Loscon 42, had the good fortune as having Robbie as co-chair. Robbie helped make it one of the most enjoyable Loscons. Took Loscon 42 up to Washington, ops and worked with Robbie and John and learned a lot more about ops. Well organized group of people

Joe: Robbie and conventions – when she is around during truck loading, she is an outstanding load mistress. Good at getting things loaded where they belong

Matthew: tidbit – she collects things and obsessively views things. Pink Floyd pulse, collect every variant edition of that from all countries and it would be blinking. Also, along with interest in Dr. Who, when she saw Adam's Family feature film, saw it again and again and again. Friends could say when they wanted to go, and she would join them. Had gone to theater directly from work then she went with matthew – wearing blouse and skirt. First time he saw her in “girl clothes”

Scratch : also loved the movie Sense and Sensibilities, Scratch saw it 4 times with her

Marsha: Wears kilts and skirt at Gally

Marty: did give her driving lessons, met Robbie at 1982 worldcon in Chicago. Mutual love at first sight. In school, was a hockey player, goalie. Talk about crook, San Fran 1993 worldcon, mugger, dragged him to hotel so she could call cops, hotel people threw him out. She wasn't hurt, he was. Really was a gentle person. They never had problems. One of better treasurer's we've ever had. Got divorced about 10 years after marriage. Collect monopoly sets, and Robbie brings him different kinds – chocolate version. Get along very fine. Miss her being around. Born in Canada, grandma told her nice little girls don't speak French, so she learned English. Wonderful person, glad he married her, too bad it didn't work out. Wonderful influence here in LA and in fandom. Now lives in England.

Three cheers “and I have nothing more to say, she's a wonderful person”


Scratch: He calls himself a curmudgeon, he's a nice guy.

Michelle: he's a nice guy no matter what he says

Kay: Managed to give Marty a holiday present. Santa hat with Bah humbug written across the top. Fughead of the year award, would actively campaign for the award. Campaigned for winner

Matthew: known marty for a few decades, not nearly as long as he would like, fanzine fan, not media on your life fan, reader, pleased to have Marty as a friend. Clockwork people, who likes to do things on time. During his single term as president, got the meetings to start at 8:00 pm. So many stories. Snow story – utter disgust at snow, bunch of ppl made trip to mountain, loaded flatbed truck full of snow and dumped it on Marty's doorstep

Mike Thorsen: fortune of being board member with Marty, having him there to make sense of Mike. When proposing things to benefit the club, but can't seem to find right words, Marty is there to help make sense of things

Frank: Remembers back in the day when both Marty and Frank had hair (Marty still does!)

Michelle: People don't understand how hard Marty works for the club, in charge of publications, always been there for publications and helping Michelle. Marty is doing something for Loscon 43 (Marty says no he's not)

Matthew : Deborah is very grateful to Marty because he likes to get here early on Fridays and open the clubhouse, thus relieving her of her responsibilities

Three Cheers and “bah humbug”

Guests: none

Time-Bound Announcements:

Aetna warning

Soda auction - $3 to Matthew for Cherry Coke

Treasurer’s Report: No treasurer's report submitted

A Moment of Science, with David Okamura

A report in Christmas rhyme

Tom: on space station they are now growing lettuce and flowers (zinas), discussing crops such as tomatoes (not yet potatoes)

Committee Reports:

Marty: committee to give people a relaxing good time. Jan 1 is a Friday. You can all come down and enjoy, board games

Marsha: Loscon 42, Jan 24th at 11:30 am there will be wrap up meeting and immediately following will be first meeting for Loscon 43

Upcoming Programs:

December 25: Winter holiday party, with winter movies

December 31: Best SF film of 1940: Dr. Cyclops, plus stuff about Forry

January 1: Special all-day open house and gaming session with refreshments, Noon-10 pm-ish

January 14: Tim Griffin program

Forthcoming programs are in the works for guest authors to talk about favorite books

Old Business: none

New Business: none


Karl: Childhood's End, marathon view, reasonably good adaptation of book, slight difference in ending. Slight quibbled but still enjoyable

Michelle: Star Wars Premiere afterparty. Long tent on Hollywood Blvd. 2 photo ops with BB-8 and Chewy, video games, like a cantina, open bars, plenty of food. Deserts were photograph worthy. Coffee was really good, with milk and cream. R2D2 strolling up and down. Music and light saber show

Milt: Miniseries – BBC miniseries from Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, made in 1996. Good novel and they did well with the miniseries.


Mike Thorsen: Vending machine has been restored to functionality

Karl: 774 platelets donated this year

Adjourn at 9:07 pm
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