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Matthew Tepper presiding

Nick Smith, Scribe

Patron Saints Steve McGinty and Heide Nichols

President Matthew Tepper called the meeting to order 0at: 8:00 pm

Special Orders of Business:

It was a bad week for British SF authors. We note the passing of two of them.

First, British SF author Peter Malcolm de Brissac Dickinson, OBE. Under the shorter version of his name, Peter Dickinson, he wrote almost fifty books in the fields of SF, fantasy and mystery, many for children and teens. The BBC adapted several of them for television. Rankin/Bass did a made-for-tv film called A Flight of Dragons which was a weird mashup of one of his stories and a completely different one by Gordon Dickson. After the death of his first wife, he married another award-winning author, Robin McKinley, and they did a series of fantasy anthologies together. He was a reviewer, poet and editor for Punch magazine for seventeen years, and didn’t sell his first novel until he was 40. He quickly sold three more, quit his job at Punch, and continued writing for the next 45 years, publishing his final two books in 2012.

Also, British author David Rain, who wrote eight science fiction and fantasy novels under the pen name Tom Arden, including one Dr. Who novel. He was just in the process of re-issuing most of the books under his real name, under which his mainstream fiction had been published.

Fan writer and editor Felice Rolf Maxam died recently. She was a LASFS member. Last here around 2011, at the old clubhouse. Died at age 81.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and corrected

Naming rights were sold to Scratch for $3.25, and they became “...and throw the rascals in!”

Patron saints Steve McGinty and Heide Nichols


[from the hagiography] Avid reader and general fan, he had a propensity for computer-related gags. Was an Official Assistant Librarian.

Matthew: Steve would set up an ad-hoc computer network at the old clubhouse. He has been to this clubhouse only rarely.

Three cheers and an overpriced iDevice


Nick—Longtime filker and gamer who has done a lot for LosCon gaming, by keeping good relationship with game publishers.

Matthew—Distance and health issues have interfered with some of her fannish activity in recent years.

Guests: none

Time-Bound Announcements:.

TSPC on Saturday the 19th will be running It's A Wonderful Life. Starts at 10 am.

Marty: New Year's Day open house and gaming from 12 noon to whenever.

Treasurer’s Report: $23,088.28 and you can finish the phrase yourself

Upcoming Programs:

December 17: Big Auction

December 24: Ceremonial hanging of stockings, if we can find the chimney

December 25: Winter holiday party, with winter movies

December 31: Best SF film of 1940: Dr. Cyclops, plus stuff about Forry

January 1: Special all-day open house and gaming session with refreshments, Noon-10 pm-ish

January 14: Tim Griffin program

Forthcoming programs are in the works for guest authors to talk about favorite books

A Moment of Science, with David Okamura

As science and technology forge ahead, laws have to run behind, catching up. [Scribal note: do laws run with their tongues hanging out?] The state of California still insists on having a steering wheel and licensed driver in an otherwise driverless car.

The FAA has announced a drone registration program. Half-pound to 55-pound drones will have to be registered.

Everyone is talking about how El Nino will be a real gullywasher, but this will not totally alleviate the drought. Carlsbad will finally open a de-salinization plant, and Santa Barbara will bring their plant out of mothballs.

Nick mentioned that the Los Angeles Metropolitan Water District plans to cut off water shipments to other water districts for 9 days in the spring, so this may be a needed safeguard.

Old Business: none

New Business: none


Milt read Ancillary Mercy, by Ann Leckle, third volume in a series. The first volume won a Hugo a few years ago. Milt felt that the second and third books felt like one book split in two, and didn't add much to the first book. Lots of tea-drinking, unlikely military structure, gender-neutral terms don't help.

Christian recommended the TV show The Expanse, based on the first episode.

Milt has read the first 5 books in that series, and likes it, and thought the TV adaptation was good up to episode 2, at least.


Ed Hooper announced that there was a wedding between two Star Wars fans at the Chinese Theater, officiated by Shawn Crosby.

Adjourn to auction at:  8:48 pm

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