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Deborah Levin presiding

Nick Smith, Scribe

Patron Saint Fred Patten

Vice president President Deborah Levin called the meeting at:

Special Orders of Business:

The scribe had to double­check this time to make sure that it wasn’t him, but

in fact, we’ve lost British actor Nicholas Smith at the age of 81. With a

character acting career spanning five decades and roles on Doctor Who,

the Avengers, Ace of Wands and other fannish series and films, and even

a role in a Wallace and Gromit movie, what he’s most remembered for by

the general TV­watching public is the twenty years he spent playing Mr.

Rumbold in the British comedy series Are You Being Served?

In addition, Akiyuki Nosaka died yesterday at the age of 85. A writer, singer,

songwriter and member of the Japanese House of Councilors, he is best

known to American fans as having written the story “Grave of the Fireflies,”

which Studio Ghibli turned into what is considered the saddest anime of all


Harry Bowman was one of the 14 victims in San Bernardino, apparently also

a fan.

Minutes of the last meeting

Named: $1.75 from Scratch to name them “It's Marcia' Fault.”

Patron saint Fred Patten

Ed—Fred was a co­founder of CFO, the first American anime club.

George—many fond memories related to Fred, including conversations.

Most memorable was introducing George to “Bring me the Head of Charlie


Marty—Fred was a co­founder of the Down Under Fan Fund. Marty and

Robbie won that, and had a great time. Fred was also a prolific apa

contributor. He contributed to over 2000 consecutive issues of APA­L. His

stroke only slowed him down, although he finally quit.

Milt—Oddest fact known about him was Fred knew how to tap dance. He

was also a science fiction reviewer for Library Journal. He was a member of

“The Cult,” a traditionally obnoxious group of fan writers.

CLJII—when Charlie joined LASFS, Fred was the source of non­American

comics, even before he sold them manga. He also sold corresponding toys.

Kay—She manages Fred's website these days. Fred gave her photos to

post, and one of them was of Fred in costume—as the Jay Garrick Flash.

Kay is slowly typing up some of his old zines and posting them.

Barbara—remembers seeing him standing up, leaning against a bookcase,

sound asleep.

Scott—picked Fred as his fan GoH for LosCon. His stroke happened

between selection and the con, so the con made arrangements for his

transportation so he could still participate.

Marty—Infamous for reading at a party, but still paying attention to

everything around him.

Joe—Fred's APA­L zines had complex funny titles, like one that translated

into English as Radioactive Radishes.

Ed—Fred brought a guest to a con in Anaheim, the creator of Mobile Suit

Gundam, which is how Anaheim Electronics got written into the Gundam


Jerry—Fred was publisher of a review magazine which gave Mote a bad

review. The editor told him he couldn't be fired. That seemed unusual.

Three cheers and a giant robot.

Guests: none

Time­Bound Announcements:

Committee Reports:

Holiday party­­ 2 pm to 10 or 11, and the lantern o' jack is getting full, which

is a good thing. Hot food, cool movies

Treasurer’s Report:

Upcoming Programs:

December 10: Procedural officer elections for January through June

December 11: Gift exchange

December 17: Big Fat Auction

December 24: No program per se, but you can find things to do

December 25: Winter holiday party

December 31: A showing of Dr. Cyclops, a film from 1940

Rules for the gift exchange are available, in print. Bring a gift and snacks to

share. Doors open at approximately 7, exchange starts at 8 pm.

A Moment of Science, with David Okamura

Things are looking up in space, even though there is no up or down there.

The Japanese satellite is now in an elliptical orbit around Venus, and should

start relaying data.

In terms of companies launching stuff into space: Virgin Galactic had Space

Ship 2, which crashed, but have announced a plan to launch satellites off of

a 747, a Virgin Atlantic plane. If that sounds familiar, this idea has been used

before with a B­52, by Orbital.

Orbital still has a contract, but their hardware is suspect, being old Russian

rocket engines, so they've subcontracted. United Launch Alliance is helping

Orbital send a payload to the International Space Station. ULA was the

primary launcher for the U.S. government for satellites for a while. Space X

will be testing a new Falcon 9, and if it works, they will be going back into

space within days. They are still working on landing, and will next try for a

land­based location, rather than the barge concept.

Meanwhile, the ULA may need to use Blue Horizon to launch, because ULA

had been using Russian engines.

Treasurer's report: $24,149.70

Committee to beg [Gavin] pointed out the book sales

Time Bound Announcements:

Sunday, December 13 is both a Board meeting and 2

CLJII—Tuesday is Deck the Halls day on Amazon, so he wants people to

download his free book that day.

Old Business: Procedural elections

Nominations for president:

Gavin Claypool [24]

Nick Smith [14]

Ed nominatef Rob Powell, who clumsily declines

Frank nominatef Deborah, she declined

Gavin Claypool was elected

Vice President

David nominated Deborah, but only if she gets the club name right

Scott nominated Gizmo, who declined

While NOT using the green radioactive radish­colored ballot,

Deborah was elected by acclamation.


Elayne nominated Jeromy [24]

Deborah nominated Ed Hooper [13]

Eric nominates Michelle, but Elayne pointed out that Michelle is already co-
treasurer, and is thus not eligible

Marcia nominated Scratch, who declined

Greg nominated David, who declined

Jeromy was elected as registrar


Jeromy nominated Karl

Michelle nominated Nick and Karl, who collectively accepted [30]

Karl then withdrew Jeromy's nomination of Karl

George nominated The Emperor, who declined imperially

Ed Hooper nominates Joe Zeff, who accepted [6]

June nominates Jack Harness, who posthumously declined

Joe nominated Matthew, whose wife had been given instructions to decline

Voting used a ballot “Visible from space”

The team of Nick and Karl won

New Business: none


CLJII has been watching the new Fargo series, 2

you count a flying saucer.

Gavin—adaptation of Childhood's End will begin next Monday.


Francis Hamit has a new book out on security, a professional one. Also

Leigh Strother­Virn is still undiagnosed.

Since Gavin will be busy for a while on Thursdays, so buy your DVDs now.

Frank is going in for prostate surgery.

CLJII says we don't want to see his scar.

Marcia says that Jim Hines is still saying nice things about LosCon on social


Milt: Retro Hugos for the year 1940 at the Kansas City Worldcon. Year of

eligibility and length. If This Goes On by Heinlein was too short to qualify, but

the Gray Lensman is eligible in the best novel category.

Francis announced that Gavin has been editing books for him for publication,

and did a superb job.

Adjournment at: 9:31 pm
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