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Matthew Tepper presiding

Kristen Gorlitz, Scribe

Karl Lembke, emergency back-up Scribe (Until Kristen arrived)

Patron Saint Alan Frisbie

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Matthew Tepper segued into meeting #4071 at 8:00.

Our Scribe has a flat tire, and is having to get a ride here. But as long as she’s safe, that’s all that matters.  So we have an emergency back-up Scribe.

The menace were read, and Debra Levin bid $1 to name them “Oh dear”.

We have a Special Order of Business, presented by David Okamura.

We note the passing of Yvonne Craig, youngest member of Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, and who had an extensive movie and TV career, including such series as Star Trek, Man from UNCLE,  Voyage to the Bottom of the Barrel Sea, and Batgirl. She was 78, blame cancer.

We had a moment of silence in her honor.

Bill Green mentioned FWEMS this coming Sunday.

The Emperor is having cataract surgery, and we wish him well and success.

FWEMS will show the Fullest Extant Version of It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, followed by 1941, Tom Khamis hosts.

Hare Hobbs: His Ride Access Card has arrived. He now has his own transportation.


No further announcements, and in the absence of an auctioneer, we had no auction.

Both treasurers having left town, Gavin Claypool is filling in as collector of money.

Patron Saint.

Michelle Pincus-

Scratch - She’s out of town

Jerry Pournelle- Always drives him to the meeting, always starts things and finishes them well.

Frank - Never met another human being like her. She was his wife in another life. Oh my god. So much energy in a reasonably small package. Knows Frank like the back of her hand.

Karl - Evans-Freehafer Award. Karl was on committee that selected her and continues to be happy that he was  (Actually, happy that she was selected -- KL)

Matthew - Also serves on the board of directors for something like 5 years and is semi treasurer

Gavin - Still working on 80th anniversary dinner, which would have been held next year. Cliftons will be open Next month October 27th, 81st dinner, Tuesday

“And a whole lot of ribbons”

Michelle could do a program on ribbon management

Fuzzy Niven - Marilyn Niven

Scratch - She is the quiet companion of Mr. Niven. Doesn’t say much often, but when she does it’s worth while

Jerry - Without her as hostess we could not have held kitchen cabinet meetings in Tarzana. 50 top scientists, politicians, military officers, sci-fi writers grouped into social situation. It was a very difficult job that she managed very well. And she kept everyone fed with gourmet meals for 50 people for a week with only a few volunteers to help. Unclassified meeting. Top secret clearances. Thinks we would still be in the Cold War if they did not have the meeting. And he is able to keep Mr. Niven anchored in the real world, which is a difficult thing to do.

MAtthew - If you go to convention like Worldcon or Loscon and there is an auction and art show, the reason things work so well is that Mareline Niven is involved in making sure they work properly. She has been the keeper of the one true mailing list for many years now. Elayne is the front, but the database was designed by Marilyn Niven

Scratch - She;s a nice lady

Fuzzy Pink Marilyn Niven

And fuzzy pink bedroom slippers

No guests

Guest Rowen Dell has graduated to member

Committee Reports

Charles is not here.

Next week is without program, although that is planned because many people will have things to say about Worldcon and Hugo awards. One disconcerting thing is that several people have taken photos of the sky, and there are many fires in that part right now, soot and smoke, and the sun is red. Superman would have lost his powers

1st meeting in Sept. Will be selecting laureate for Forrest J Ackerman award lifetime achievement to science fiction. Think about who would be a worthy recipient. Strongly suggested we nominated someone who is still alive.

Old business - None

New business - None

Moment of Science

David Okamura -

Some good news. Japanese supply ship has successfully launched and is on way to international space station. Concerning ISS, NASA has asked the museum that holds the Endeavor surrender two of the water tanks on board the shuttle. They need it for the space station. At least they are not taking the tiles says Matthew. We will never get it back.

Ventura County - recent USC riverside large earthquake in SAnta Monica channel a tsunami can hit far worse 7.1 one or larger could strike 20 ft tsunami right into VEntura County. Some people think this is like saying the sky is falling.

But the ground is falling right now in Santa quin (San Joaquin). Farmers who have been denied their surface water have started to drill and are sucking water out of the water table and are experiences ground sinking. Casualty could be California aqueduct.

Genetics- scientists have found out more about obesity gene. It is not the gene but the mutation that changes the function of it, instead of ordering body to burn fuel instead stores it as fat. Seeing what they can do to reduce this process. There is something wrong genetically.

British scientists have been experimenting with mice. By changing one gene they are creating smarter mice that can have extended memories, solve mazes and remember them, and are less prone to fear. Tolerable of being out in the open light. Affects production of a certain enzyme.

Historic note - Warren G Harding, not know as most illustrious presidents, presidency corrupt with scandal. Died in office, some suspects first Lady had a hand in his death. More fuel - around time there was a tell all biography, claimed that her daughter was fathered by WArren G Harding, and it has been confirmed, she is his daughter. Matthew - there is a sci-fi reference in Barnstormer in Oz, Glenda (Glinda) is getting revenge on him for sending expedition into Oz

LucasLand in Disneyland - not so published, at the convention so participants saw a glimpse into yesterland. Three extinct attractions created in virtual reality.

Jerry Pournelle - due to California’s labeling laws, if they are genetically cured of obesity, will they have to wear a sign labeled as GMOs

Frank - question about tomorrowland - trip to the moon was there from the beginning. Futureland had Mickey Mouse house

Hare - Disney - Ruth Pells called it the board of Anaheim, they are consuming Anaheim

Reviews and Miscellaneous

Gavin - Saw new Guy Richie (Guy Richman is the director -- KL)  film Man from U.N.C.L.E. It was reasonably enjoyable. Don’t expect anything like the TV show. Don’t rush to see it but won’t be too disappointed with your time.

Scratch- do they have collapsible pistol? Gavin - possible but it was vaguely shown

Frank - Creature Features had a Man from U.N.C.L.E presentation with the old stuff. Props, backgrounds, old toys and collectibles. Had people of stature there (people who worked on it or were in it). Worthwhile to go to Creature Features, the store in Burbank. Before you die, you have to go. (IT would be difficult to go after)

Aetna warning at 8:49 pm.

Jerry Pournelle - Astronauts Wives Club tv series, about the women married to the 7 original astronauts. It is kinder to NASA perhaps than they deserve. Betty Grissom finally got mad after her husband Gus Grissom was killed. All and all it was good. The women looked the part. Jerry knew Gus Grisam (Grissom). The series was fairly accurate, even if it was Hollywoodized.

Matthew - how did they portray Annie Glenn. Jerry - she was shy. HAd they all how they were as far as her can tell, but Betty was not quite as aggressive as she was in the real world. When the president didn’t come down or act like Gus was a human being, she went crazy and enlisted members of congress to bring him back status wise. Gus one of the most fouled mouthed guys he met in his life, but was the best engineer of the lot. Would have been first man on the moon if he was not killed in capsule accident. He heard the tape of the burning. It is grimm. You don’t want to hear it. They decided to run an experiment in which they [put 15 pounds pressure about atmosphere pressure of pure oxygen in the capsule. Anything will burn in that environment. You don’t want to hear that tape.

Matthew - Soviets did not learn from it, one of their died for oxygen chamber and space heater

Jerry - 5 pounds is total pressure, not 15! Almost anything becomes flammable under those circumstances.

Scratch - has seen an enclosed experiment, had sears space heater in oxygen tank. Coils burned like magnesium torch.

Karl - steel wool will burn in normal atmosphere

Matthew - when something oxidizes quickly we call it explosion

Jerry could not believe that anyone was dumb enough to do this experiment.

Karl - As of Tuesday,platelet unit number 748 in the bag.

Bill Green - back in early 1960s when he was student. Teacher Ed Nye played recording of communicate with one of the early flights and in background you can hear someone cursing continuously. Maybe that was Gus Grissom.

David Okamura - Goodyear blimp has been retired and was deflated last week. There are 3 in the US. The one in Carson was in service for 13 years was retired. Will be replaced by its sister in Florida in Sept but that’s temporary and are phasing out that entire generation for a larger blimp done by Zeppelin company with very different technology from the old ones.

Hair - Company that made blimps went out of business?

Scratch - German Hindenberg (Hindenburg) survived until 1938. American makers were all Zeppelin designs. If you use helium it is safe, verses fire

Motion to adjourn after we have cleaned up after ourselves and put away the chairs.

Adjourn 9:04 pm
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