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Minutes of the LASFS

Meeting # 4065, 7/9/2015

Matthew Tepper presiding

Kristen Gorlitz, Scribe

Patron Saint Marc Schirmeister

President Matthew Tepper acted meeting # 4065 onto state at 8:00 pm.

Special orders of business:

Minutes from last meeting were read.  David Okamura bid $3 to name them "I'll let Kristen name her own minutes" They were so accepted.

Three guests:

Cameron Brenner - son of a member, learned about LASFS from friends and family, never attended before. (we don't bite hard). Interests: Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, aspiring writer.

Terry Fong - here from Westercon, likes conventions, literature fan, bookkeeper (occupation).

Jannie Shea - found out about us at LA Con III, likes art and social organization, freelancer

Time Bound Announcements!

This Saturday from 2-5pm Mystery & Imagination bookstore LASFS' own George Clayton Johnson will be celebrating his birthday and is expected to be there.

Obituary - George Retzlaff, who appeared in Rocketman, is survived by 25 cats

Tom Safer will be showing Twelve Chairs at 10am on Sat

The Treasurer’s Report:

We have termites. And money, you can't spend either.


Tonight we have Second half of more like the movies by CLJII, next week is big fat audition. Tom Safer salute to Bugs Bunny? But don't hold CLJII to that

We honored tonight’s Patron Saint:

Patron Saint Marc Schirmeister

Scratch: Marc has a small passing talent with pen and ink. Cartoons in color and b&w. Wants a copy of the double blessing and curse dancer.

Matthew Tepper: executed a float (in 3 dimensions)  Going to the Moovies.

Marc says it was interesting to design a float. Was one of the only ones not associated with a corporation.

Milt: First clubhouse on Ventura, had a problem because of glass window in bathroom. Corrected it by having Marc paint window.

Marc says, he walked in back about 5 years ago and it's still there. There was a small crack.

Milt: Hyatt had wallpaper that looked like rainforest, so Marc drew in some dinosaurs in between ferns. Stayed in the same room years later and dinosaurs still there. So he added a pterodactyl.

Marc- was crude jungle mural, drew big dinosaurs, even king kong over a mountain. And years later, dinosaurs had been added to by strangers. Staff must have thought it was part of the original mural.

David O: When moved to this clubhouse, Marc dug out rocks and planted the foliage we see today.

Marty: Showed a piece of art from Holier than Thou, printed block for all covers.

Scratch: Has a marvelous sense of humor, somewhat dry, always good tempered.

Jerry P: Does anyone remember his Close Encounters of the Worst Kind (Marc doesn't remember)

Matthew: still remember 42 years ago when he and friends were standing around looking at cartoons and admiring them only to find out they were Marc’s

Marc - LASFS helped give him an outlet to draw, sci-fi fandom gave him an excuse to keep going and he was able to develop a career in animation

Patron Saint Marc Schirmeister was given three cheers and And there's ice cream in the other room..

A moment of Science

David Okamura: Russians successfully docked (after 3 failures to restock the space station) Things should continue to improve next month with Japanese supply ship. And going to add 3 astronauts to crew.

Plane powered only by sun landed in Hawaii after taking off from Japan. Solar Impulse 2.

New Horizon spacecraft approaching Pluto will have its nearest encounter next week. Had small glitch on saturday and went into safemode. Were able to restore it.

Philae Lander went into ravine and lost sunlight. It is getting charged now and sending more info. They think crevices are caused by sinkholes. Other features might be caused by microbial life.

Old Business

No old business!

New Business

No new business...


Milt: Read recommendation from friend at SF commentary, who said his favorite sci-fi novel is Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber. A minister is sent to a congregation on alien world. Interesting to see how aliens view Christianity.

Jerry Pournelle: Reading Tim Powers Hide Me Among the Graves. Tim finds unusual events and creates a realistic fantasy explanation of what happened. Dante Rossetti buried his wife and journal of poetry; two years later he dug her up. Very strange novel in Victorian England (if you have interest in the period) Great prose. One of his weirder novels. But very good.

Gavin: This book is a sequel to one of Tim Powers’ The Stress of Her Regard earlier book, but don't need to read first to read this one

Tom Safer: at Westercon, volunteered to be projectionist to Star Trek: Continues. ST: Continues aims to complete the original series 5 year mission. Completely recreated TOS set. Wonderful webseries.

Ed Hooper: Playing Scotty is Chris Doohan, son of James Doohan (accent is spot on).

Matthew agrees these are excellent

Ed: Richard Nash playing Klingon warlord in Axanar.

CLJII: Saw feature film Gothic. Start off weird, then becomes fantasy and disgustingly insane, found the end coda fascinating (we’re not supposed to know who Mary Godwin is).

Glen: Discovered author Jim Butcher and on his sixth Harry Dresden novel and he is totally entranced and getting to know city of Chicago very well.

Hare: Dresden Files lead Hare to the books and he will always be grateful for that


Tom Safer: on the Amtrack from LA to San Diego a woman stalled the train by yelling "I am the queen on England and I own this train". She was threatening people and had to be forcibly removed.

Marty: Board Member presentation: Next Sunday Board of directors meeting starting at 11:00 am. Open House afterwards starting at 2pm. Board games.

Ed Hooper: Went to Disneyland, California Adventures, and saw a real working Pacific electric red car.

Jerry Pournelle: Last dec, before stroke, Niven did a short story that takes place in stronghold the year after the comet falls. They just turned in the story. it mentions character in Lucifer's Hammer and you get a hint of what happened to the surfer.

*Frank: Creature Features: Altered universe dedicated to SF, fantasy, horror, modeling on July 11th 9-12:30pm.  

Milt: Westercon- on way, driver got lost. On the airplane a Stewardess hits him in nose with peanuts. strange day.

Matthew: Message from Phil Osborn, problem with KPFK local station board elections. Reelecting entire LSB, needs members ($25 or volunteer at station). Offer hard science programs instead of questionable science now. need some to run for board seat. Nominate Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. Deadline: July 14th.

Bill: Westercon (drove) other trips wonderful compared to his. Traffic was horrendous. 6 hour trip.

Tom Safer: Is taking special request for Bugs Bunny (2 weeks on Thur)

Marcia: Westercon: drove. Better experience. Only 3.5 hours. Only one tank of gas. 6-10 memberships brought in from Westercon.

Frank: Last Friday, had two seizures, messed up foot, went to hospital. They will tell him results on their own leisure.

People moved to adjourn.

Put chairs away.

It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned to the program at 9:15 pm.

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