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Minutes of the LASFS

Meeting # 4064, 7/2/2015

Matthew Tepper presiding

Kristen Gorlitz, Scribe

Patron Saint Doug Abe

(Portions read at the meeting)

President Matthew Tepper launched meeting # 4064 faster, better, and cheaper than SpaceX at 8:00 pm.

Thanks to past officers, Scribe Karl Lembke, Vice President Debra Levin, Registrar Ed Hooper, co treasurer Michelle Pincus, Treasurer Elayne Pelz, President Matthew Tepper for their term

Special orders of business:

More like the movies pt 2 is postponed to next week. 

Minutes from last meeting were read.  Joe Zeff bid $2.25 to name them "Fail and hairwell" They were so accepted.

No guests.

Time Bound Announcements!

Terry Brussel ­ Room available in a science fiction positive group house. 

Eric Hoffman: Turned on youtube and they were running the trailer for the upcoming Hotel Transylvania pt 

2. Voice of Vlad is Mel Brooks. It's going to be a real howl. 

Matthew: Ludwig Satz is the great uncle of Matthew and Mel Brooks' hero.

Scratch: SpaceX blew one. 

Committee Reports
July 11th at 10:00 am The Twelve Chairs by Mel Brooks will be showing

The Treasurer’s Report: 

None. (We have money. You can’t spend it.)


July 2, More Like the Movies part 2

We honored tonight’s Patron Saint:

Patron Saint Doug Abe

Marty: Doug showed up with a box of books and has more than made up for the times he has missed the meetings. 

Doug announces every member can ask for a free book.

Eric Hoffman: First night he's met him, and he has good vibes. Hopes he enjoys himself. 

Scratch: Heard the name and heard the name but had no visual image until now. 

Patron Saint Doug Abe was given three cheers and And a box full of books (alphabetized).

A moment of Science

David Okamura is not here but he sent a moment of science. 

SpaceX 139 seconds after lift off, disintegrated, possibly due to an overpressure event, and SpaceX technicians are still looking for causes. SpaceX missions are postponed indefinitely until the cause is found. Now we look to the Russian space program. 

Shark attacks off eastern shores are increasing. Selfies, however, are being taken with sharks at 

Huntington Beach. Also, one porpoise or dolphin jumped into boat, they put it back into water

Marty: For a lifeguard, speed is of the essence. There have been experiments with a drone that carries a life preserver that it can accurately drop next to the person in distress to keep them afloat. So far, so good! 

Old Business

No old business!

New Business

No new business...


Eric Hoffman: Found he had a tape in good condition with no degradation­ an episode of Ford Jubilee 

Theater, the Maxwell Anderson play called High Tor. Bing Crosby plays the guy who owns the mountain. 

Two judges are trying to con a man to sell his mountain for less. It is from 1955 and introduces Julie Andrews, who does sing in the episode. Also enjoyed Dodge? Mystery Playhouse, adaption of The Bat is a novelette Mary Reinhart, last adaptation had Vincent Price

Terri: Terminator Gensys is the best one yet. Schwarzenegger is amazing. Good time travel. 

Eric Hoffman: The pal of son of Sarah Connor, Tim is played by Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor in Dr. Who). 

Christian held an auction.


Frank: 1st Sunday of every month is Super Car Sunday. Topanga and Erwin. Also, Frank will be going to the hospital on the 7th to find out if he will be driving anymore. Had two seizures over the weekend and one in hospital. 

Hare: Long time ago they talked about new pacemakers that has computer chip that keeps track of the 

heart. A gorilla now has one. 

People moved to adjourn. 
Put chairs away.

It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned at 8:42 pm. 
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