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Board Members in attendance: Karl Lembke, Marty Cantor, Marcia Minsky, Gavin Claypool, Mike Thorsen, Nick Smith, Elayne Pelz, Mike Thorsen, Michelle Pincus, Rob "Gizmo" Powell, and Christian McGuire. Warren "Whisky" Johnson, had an excused absence.

Members and Guests: Tom Safer, Matthew B. Tepper, Dana Ginsberg, Frank Waller, June Moffatt, Bill Ellern, Joe Zeff, and John DeChancie.


Called to order: The meeting was called to order at 11:06 am. The Chairman welcomed us to the Sunday, August 9th, 2015 meeting of the Board of Directors.

Minutes: The minutes of the meeting of July 12th, 2015, were accepted as presented.

New Members: There were no applications for membership.
Treasurer: (Elayne Pelz): $X is the amount of the current treasury. // We then worked on our budget. It was moved and passed to accept the financial report.

30-second Reports:

Chairman (Karl Lembke): No report.

Vice Chairman (Christian McGuire):  Discussion about a person's Code of Conduct violations. Christian recommends this being discussed at a Thursday evening. It was moved that we have the President schedule a general meeting to discuss this possible violation of the Code of Conduct. The motion was passed and the President was directed to schedule a meeting to discuss the possible violation of the Code of Conduct. (We moved to a closed session.) After we returned from the closed session there was a motion to reconsider the previous motion. After some discussion this motion was passed with two abstentions. It was the sense of the Board that the original motion was withdrawn.

Secretary (Marty Cantor): No report.

Publications (Marty Cantor): I have no report from the Webmaster but I understand that Barry is in both better spirits and better health and expects to attend Worldcon. // And, for the record, I will report that DE PROFUNDIS, the LASFS' newsletter which the club gave me several years ago (in lieu of discontinuing it) continues to be pubbed every month. Currently I have no desire to discontinue the zine or to pass it on to anybody as I think that it continues to provide a service to the Society.

Comptroller (Gavin Claypool): Elayne reported that it cost less to eradicate the termites than we thought it would cost. // There was a small discussion of on-line auctions about some of the excess books (and other stuff) we have.

Quartermaster/Supplies (Mike Thorsen): This month: 284 units bringing in $302.75. (The difference has to do with two items being sold at higher than the usual costs.) Total units to date: 33,710, and total monies to date: $28,584.25. We have purchased paper towels and a few sundries for the kitchen. // There was a discussion about replacing the soda machine and/or getting a machine for edible stuff.

Library (Warren “Whisky” Johnson): Gavin said that the Doug Abe books have been sorted and handled.

Archives (Marcia Minsky): No report other than to state that we have archives and she will be doing more after Worldcon. // Bill Ellern presented some items from Westercon 1.

Physical Plant (Elayne Pelz): We had termites in the library but they were evicted, and we should all be on the lookout for little piles of sawdust. // Karl mentioned that the toilet is fixed.

AV Equipment (Rob Powell): There was a discussion of a Skype meeting for LOSCON. // Thorsen mention that Charlie had a problem with the combo-unit eating one of his old tapes. This was discussed.

Events (Nick Smith):  The Pasadena Museum of History would like to do an exhibit of SF in California. The Museum wonders if LASFS would be interested in this. The Board was interested. // Marcia: LOSCON has the hotel ready to take reservations. Christian recommended that the LOSCON web site be constantly updated. Michelle: LOSCON 42 has a table at the upcoming Worldcon. Bobbie Armbruster will be wearing a sandwich board at Worldcon with the board indicating that she is Guest of Honor at LOSCON. // Michelle: LOSCON 43 staffing up and new ideas are percolating.

Recruitment, and Marketing Committee (Michelle Pincus): Michelle is working on some stuff but there is no new report at this time

(Significant Others)

Club President (Matthew B. Tepper): We are still here.

WEBMASTER (Barry Gold): The webmaster was not here. Rob discussed inconsistencies in the on-line and the Treasurer's calendar. Part of the problem is last-minute additions to the calendar next to the Treasurer's desk not being added to calendar at the website.


Clifton's Cafeteria (Michelle): Clifton's Cafeteria is reopening. We are thinking of having a special celebration there as it was an early site where the LASFS used to meet. Michelle was asked to look into it.


Dana Ginsberg requested a place to sand small items. After some discussion this was accepted as a barter for the offer for some cleaning of the premises.

The next meeting will be on September 13, 2015.

We moved into a closed session.

A move was made to create a Committee to process Code of Conduct violations.
A committee of three people was created to draft a procedure for addressing alleged Code of Conduct violations.


The Board adjourned its meeting at 1:09 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Marty Cantor, Board Secretary

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