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Minutes of the LASFS


Matthew Tepper presiding


Kristen Gorlitz, Scribe


Patron Saints, Sean Cleary and David Okamura



President Matthew Tepper called meeting number 4068 to order at 8:00 pm. No joke!


Special Orders of Business:


Tom Locke - Claudia Alexander died last week. She was the project manager at JPL, and one of her projects was the Galileo at the conclusion of the mission. Engineer and scientific researcher. Writer in steampunk genre (short stories). Vocal about African Americans to get involved in STEM type careers. Died of cancer age 56.


Matthew is sad to report passing of LASFS member Adrienne Martine-Barnes. the obituary does not give much information. She was a seamstress, costumer, and was awarded the wooden spoon for culinary skills.



Minutes of the last meeting were read by some imposter of last week’s scribe, with minimal corrections. Tom Safer paid $1 to name the minutes “Where no saga has gone before”


Time-Bound Announcements:



Treasurer’s Report:

We have some money and you can’t spend it. This figure does not include the termite work which was done on Friday. See the Treasurer for details.


Committee Reports:

CLJ II :There are changes in scheduling. Eric Hoffman has a program which revolves around Stan Freberg on the 2nd meeting of this month, Aug 13th

Forray award voting is moved to 2nd meeting of Sept (Sept 10th)

CLJII passed around the Lantern O’Jack to help pay for the Autumn holiday party, which will be Oct 31st on Dan Alderson’s birthday. There will be no naked dancing in the streets.

It was noted that naked dancing on the street cannot be done in this building.

Tom Safer: TSPC (Tom Safer Presents Cartoons) Peter O’Toole in My Favorite Year, made in 1982. Very enjoyable film. 10:00 am on Aug 15th

Sept 19th - Screening of Star Trek Continues episodes “Pilgrim of Eternity” and “Lolani”. Larry Nemecek, who plays Dr. Leonard McCoy, will be here to answer questions

3rd Saturday of Oct - Continue Star Trek Continues series with episodes 3-4

CLJ II: Announcement - Film coordination committee. This Sunday, Aug 9th from 3-10pm, there will be a screening of Lee Van Cleef Films, admission is free to members and guests



We have a guest!

Russell Frazier - from Montrose, recommended by Joel Eisenberg, has never been to LASFS before.he likes to meet people with similar interests. He is an artist. Likes stories, design, and prognostication. Graphic and visual effects artist.


We had a small auction!

CLJ II: held a money auction - US 1 cent piece with wheat on back, 1951. Sold to Scratch for $0.25, $0.20 from Matthew

Another 1 cent piece, 1925. Sold to Ed Hooper for $2, Frank $1.50


Patron Saints:


Patron Saint Sean Cleary:

David Okamura - Saw him at Westercon, Has two daughters also into fannish things. Very interested in film. Wishes he could see him more often.

Matthew Tepper - Remembers him from meetings in the late 80s, pleasant fellow


Three cheers and a third of a great last name


Patron Saint David Okamura:

(David wearing devil ears)

Scratch: Know for his paper model making. Does nice plastic work. He has great patience to gleam the papers and find science articles to enlighten us with, which is to the sci-fi and fantasy club’s advantage.

CLJ II: David is a fine fellow and a good chum to have. Charles playfully warns against telling David about things you are interested in, because then he will scan articles for that information and relay his many findings to you

Tom Safer: Commends him from traveling from Orange County and sharing information with us at the club

Debra Levin: Reiterates what others have said, David is a nice guy who does lots of good things for the club.

Matthew Tepper: David has taken great care of the club’s tame vegetation and also helping to tame the vegetation


Three loving cheers for David Okamura. And Martin Van Buren. He’s okay too.



A Moment of Science, with David Okamura

David Okamura reports of an incident in Narragansett on July 11, there was an explosion on the beach that hurled a woman onto a rock jetty. Many thought it was a terrorist attack, but it was actually a hydrogen bomb. An electric cable was abandoned by the coastguard and found deteriorating due to salt water. they found pockets that had 10k times expected amount of hydrogen.

Chrysler - it has been a hard year for them with all recalls, and now recently Wired magazine publicized that hackers can take over one of their jeeps

SpaceX coming up with own explanation for the accident. The government has released their report concerning Virgin Galactic 2 crash saying it was pilot error. The pilot had unlocked the feathering . The government faulted the creators of the craft for allowing something like that to happen. Not enough safety equipment to prevent accidental release of tail feathers. They are also faulting the FAA for not doing their due diligence.

Recently, science has gotten to a point where we can identify and discover the remains of historical personalities and find out much more about how they lived. Among those identified are Richard III, the woman who inspired the Mona Lisa painting, and Cervantes, who was identified in Spain. They learned that they misidentified Philip II remains and now have identified his true bones. The Navy has exhumed the graves of unknown servicemen from the USS Oklahoma at Pearl Harbor. The Military had been reluctant to do this out of respect for the dead, but there was pressure from surviving relatives.

Boeing has recently come up with a new submarine. Large submersible, unmanned, with largo cargo capacity, that can do extended dives. And it may be used pretty soon. They have found the part of the Boeing 777 that could be part of Malaysian airliner. Drift patterns will show how it traveled during this time.


Aetna warning at 8:54pm


Board Member Presentation:

Termites - we have been de-termited. They injected poison into the doorframe. As of tonight there does not seem to be any more termite activity. Let Elaine know if you see any evidence of termites.



Old Business: None


New Business: None



CLJ II: Reviewed the Orange County Fair - an ongoing event. Fun, has stuff going on, was there yesterday. Spent most of time window shopping. Can get Australian batter dipped potatoes. All kinds of events going on. Saw baby piggies already lying under heat lamps. Lots of things to see. Woodworking, table working. And it’s only a few dollars to attend.

Milt Stevens: Finished Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell series. Rates it extra creepy. He particularly notes the scene where an old woman is turned into a cat. He remembers having read the novel, and that novel won a Hugo. Says it worked better in the visual medium. Forgot it in novel form.

Doug Crepeau: They are going to bring back the Muppet Show as a behind the scenes style instead of the traditional show. It looks up to date. He has a link on his facebook page for a preview.

Tom Safer: Did a screening at Hollywood Library - Most recent version of Annie, stars Jamie Foxx and Quvenzhané Wallis, and he was disappointed. They kept a majority of the songs, but it sounds like a rock band versus a broadway orchestra. Did not like the orchestration. Scenes were changed. It was not what he saw on the stage.

CLJ II: Milt reminded Charles of a creepy series of commercials for KFC, stars Darrell Hammond as the demented creepy dead version of Colonel Sanders.

It as noted that Yum foods owns Colonel Sanders, and Taco Bell.

Jill: Saw Ant-Man, actually quite amusing. Has romance, little of this, little of that. Recommends it.

Frank: SNL is not what it used to be.

George: Brand Music Library in Glendale has a music concert every Friday at 7. Free. Nice variety.




Joe Zeff: For fans of the Doctor. We probably now know where Gallifrey is now. Crater named Darth Vader. And Cthulhu being named. Provisional names only.

Bill Green: Tomorrow night is a night of the blue moon.

CLJ II: Guy who named other half of Pluto, named Sharon, Cheron

Frank: Glendale Galleria mall, found a Dr. Who store, mostly fashion stuff.

Debra: Quack

Larry Niven: His agent announced that Ringworld is going to electronic form! If Delray books objects, she will have to withdraw it. But Delray books tends not to pay much attention.

Tom Safer: Sports report - Indians vs Royals, Royals pitcher was intentionally aiming for indians players and hit them, but he was not ejected. One of the players who was hit was ejected. The Indians then proceeded to score 6 runs in 1 inning, and the ones hit by pitcher were part of the scoring process. Final score 12-1 Indians.

Jerry Pournelle: Topic of discussion - how particularly are we going to entertain this motion?

Matthew: we will entertain it with wine and cheese.



Motion to adjourn and put chairs away at: 9:23 pm.

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