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Minutes of the LASFS



Matthew Tepper presiding


Nick Smith, Scribe


Patron Saints Ed Green and Tom Safer


President Matthew Tepper called the meeting # 4067 to a poor semblance of order at: 8:00 pm


Special Orders of Business:


Anne Morrell, longtime member of the club and wife of Bill Ellern, died a few hours after last week’s meeting. Anne, who had brightened many a club auction and LosCon art show, had spent years giving out Hall Costume prizes at LosCon. She was a lively and active fan for many years until encountering severe health problems that had confined her to a wheelchair in recent times.

Bill and his daughter are at tonight’s meeting. A full minute of silence was given in her honor.


Theodore Bikel passed away at age 91. In addition to being a longtime folksinger [a regular on Hootenanny in the early 1960s], he had an acting career that included character roles in many classic films [The African Queen, My Fair Lady and Moulin Rouge, among others]. He was the original Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music on Broadway, spoke several languages and sang in twenty. He also had roles in various genre TV shows, including Twilight Zone, Babylon 5, Mission Impossible, Beauty and the Beast, Star Trek: Next Generation, and as the voice of Aragorn in the animated Return of the King.



Minutes of the last meeting were read to wild acclaim and minimal corrections. David Okamura paid $4 to name the minutes “The Pentaquark Papers.”


Guests: No guests. Tsk.


Time-Bound Announcements:

Tom Safer—Monster Hunters USA is a web series, created by his friend Michael McDonough. We have cards with info about the series.

Marcia Minsky—Loscon meeting Sunday at 1 pm

Eric Hoffman—His program coming up in August may be either Stan Freberg stuff or trailers...see Eric with preferences

Tom Safer—there are brownies in the back room [fresh chocolate is always time-bound, as chocolate brownies with fresh icing should never be allowed to get stale!]


Treasurer’s Report:

We have money, and you can't spend it. Termite work is about to happen.


Committee Reports:

CLJ: Tom Safer cartoons tonight, no program next week

August 13 is the entire programming for the month of August, with whatever Eric does.

August 23rd’s FWEMS program will feature a restored version of It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, along with the director's cut of 1941. CLJ II promises that it actually makes sense in this version, which restores the 30 minutes the studio took away.

September 3 is the Forry Awards voting

September 17 is the next big auction

September 24 is a program on Bride of Frankenstein’s 80th anniversary. She’s well preserved for her age.

Fall’s holiday party on the 4th Sunday of October, and the Lantern O’Jack was passed to collect start-up funds for the venture. If we can’t celebrate on Halloween, celebrating on the anniversary of the death of Vincent Price seems oddly appropriate.

Tom Safer:TSPC in August, Peter O'Toole in My Favorite Year, along with cartoons

September 19: Star Trek Continues screening, with guest Larry Nemecek. More on October 17.

Marcia Minsky: July 26th at 1 pm LosCon meeting.

Committee to Gouge had a small auction


Patron Saints:

Ed Green

Hair Hobbs mentions the stories he told about his time in the military.

Tom Safer remembered disagreements with Ed about doing cartoon programs at meetings, and the result was the Saturday time slot which still flourishes

CLJ II mentioned that Ed was part of his stock company of characters in his stories. Ed has provided story research for some of the stories as well.

Joe Zeff: For a number of years he ran the Fughead contest, about memorable fannish activity

June Moffatt: Ed was one of the generation of fans that came up through Moffatt House.

Matthew Tepper: in 1991 the meetings of the club were, um, lacking in form and function. He and Ed teamed up to try to make things better. The team was called “Order and Merriment,” with Ed serving four terms as president and Matthew serving four terms as scribe. They were then paroled for good behavior, and Matthew ran for President, so someone nominated Ed as scribe, as an apparent joke. He won. The point was that both put in the effort to structure both offices so that successors could do them without having to reinvent the square wheel.

Scratch: I wish he was here today.

Frank Waller: Ed kept Frank in line, but nicely.

Larry Niven: Passed Ed in the hall at a convention, and Ed had a quarrel with someone on the con staff about money, and Ed put out a begging cup. Larry joined him, and someone added a placard “Will daydream for food.”

CLJ mentioned his acting career, which has never made Ed a star, but has made him happy.

Hip hip hooray and cheers from Giuseppe Verdi


Patron Saint Tom Safer:

Eric Hoffman: Tom is the only person I know who knows everything about cartoons. He puts fantastic shows together, is a good friend and very lucky to have his wife.

Scratch: He has a gentle way of inflicting his 2-D dreams on everyone else.

David: Tom is very willing to help out, such as when he helped John Hertz at Westercon.

Debra: Tom is one of the warmest, kindest, sweetest people I've ever known.

Joe: Not only does Tom produce excellent cartoon shows, he is also gracious about honoring requests.

Matthew: Tom sings in choruses and choirs, including the Burbank Chorale, the mention of which was followed by a pun that the scribe refuses to repeat.

CLJ II: He sings like a larch

Scratch: He sings in the shower. Discussion ensued on how Scratch would know this and whether it was actually true.

Anna Safer: We have been married for 24 years, and he has been there in grief and happiness, the light of my life, as well as a singer and pianist.

Hooray, and Rabbit Season [Duck Season]


Aetna warning at 8:53 pm


A Moment of Science, with David Okamura

It's beginning to look a lot like El Nino. Santa Barbara has okayed the un-mothballing of a desalinization plant built in the 1970s.

Pluto is providing more information to New Horizons. This week, more mountains.

Passing of the last mission specialist for the Magellan Probe. Claudia Alexander passed away in her 50s. She was also a steampunk fan and worked on other JPL projects, not necessarily in that order.

SpaceX is blaming a metal strut on the second stage as the cause of the last launch failure of the Falcon 9. Because the strut came from a subcontractor, Elon Musk suggests that SpaceX needs to do more parts testing on their own. A submarine has been hired to search for the cargo capsule, but this capsule did not have an emergency parachute, so even if found, it may not be salvageable. David Okomura - it did have a parachute but not software to deploy it

A new study has linked poor sleep with Alzheimer's. The cause/effect cycle is not yet clear.

Dr. Pournelle pointed out that eventually, something will kill you.

David pointed out that women suffering from Alzheimer's decline much faster than men. As yet, this cause/effect cycle is also not yet clear.

The Keppler telescope has detected what is apparently an Earth-sized planet in the temperate orbital zone of its star, roughly 1400 light years away.

Dr. Pournelle comments on how unusual parts failure of a rocket really are. They are normally built to a safety factor of about 10. If you're sure you overbuilt the part, you bore holes to reduce weight. It seems odd to him that this mechanical failure occurred, and speculates that someone took a chance on weight vs. strength and erred in the wrong direction.




Old Business: None


New Business: None



Marcia Minsky read To Set a Watchman by Harper Lee and is still very confused.

It flashes back and forth in time, and she has to re-read it. Some parts very funny.

Milt Stevens read another NESFA-recommended book: The Mechanical by Ian Tregellis. Felt uncomfortable with a Steampunk/magic combination with alchemy, golems rowing galleys, and the Evil Dutch.



CLJ II—For 30-some years, his telephone service has gotten crazy whenever it rains. AT&T fixes it, and says water was getting into the box, and it won't happen again. It has, fifteen times. This time, the repairman also patched the hole in the box.

Also, Disneyland info from opening day, via David Okamura: Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was given a very interesting description in print compared to the reality. Either very odd hype or a serious redesign at the last minute.


Frank Waller had a brain scan. He has one. He is now on anti-seizure medicine, and is scheduled for surgery in October for other things.

Supercar Sunday on August 2nd, lots of cool stuff and celebrities at the Westfield Topanga Plaza, 6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd.


Adjourn to Program and subsequent chair-moving at: 9:20 pm.

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