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Every year, over the long Thanksgiving weekend, LASFS puts on a convention in the LA area.

Go to the Loscon website and click there for information on this year's  Loscon.

We are starting an archive of material about past Loscons.
Loscon Hall Costume Award Duties (by Bill Ellern)

Arlene Satin's interview about Loscon 38 (2011) on Hour 25 (recorded at Loscon 37).

Opening of Loscon 11 Masquerade (1984)

Like all organized SF fandom conventions, Loscon is run by volunteers.  Amateurs and professionals join as panelists (and a number of rooms host competing panels).  There's open discussion plus snacks in the con suite, a dealers room, an art show, nighttime parties in hotel rooms, dances, singing, gaming, and other activities. 

Think of a fan-run convention as a family reunion, except that the attendees are related by common interests instead of by genetic ties.

Each year's Loscon has its own name and theme, selected by the con chair, who is one of a number of candidates approved by the LASFS Board of Directors and then chosen by the vote of attendees at a Club meeting.  Click here for the Loscon History webpage. 

Please remember that the Loscon website is under the control of the Loscon webmaster, not of the LASFS webmaster.




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