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 by Matthew B. Tepper, Mini-Scribe

The traditional three thuds, hammered by the traditional President Pelz, brought us to order at 20:16. Minutes of the previous week were read and approved as nitpicked, engendering discussion of the "merits" of supermarket tabloids. The only one I liked was Pelz' observation that they're always marketed close together, so you can get them all with one match.

Treasury report showed deadbeats outnumbering guests six to three, boo hiss. Fortunately, we have about $35K all told. Galen brought us six guests: Joyce Sperling, Vern Jackson (who heard about us from "a gnome named Marty"), Eric Rohrs, Curt Covert, Fritz Bronner, and Armin R. Amler.

St. Bill Warren's day moved us to three cheers and an anamorphic lens. Charles Lee Jackson II, as Video Committee, told of the Sunday film program at Freehafer, with "Silver Bullet," "Down Argentine Way," "Footlight Parade," and the one concession to SF, "Singin' in the Rain." Next week's program will be British TV science fantasy, TBA. As Committee to Be a Bad Guy at LASFS, CL explained that the LASFS computers have been roped off, the first step in devising a policy for their fair use by club members. Unfortunately, game-players have been hogging the machines despite the nominal ban on puter games on Thursday nights.

Francis Hamit inaugurated this week's Committee for Surrealism in Everyday Life with many items, most notably the grave-squatters in Kuala Lumpur, and defense contractors being allowed to deduct the monies they use to promote themselves before Congress.

Stupid Crooks: Frank Gasperik told of a computer hacker in New York who broke into a network to book travel and lodging without paying, leaving his own name ... on the state penal system, and he got some free travel and lodging, all right. Also, he'd heard a whispering campaign that the real reason Sunkist won't take Charlie Tuna is that Charlie Tuna is actually a dolphin.

Announcements: Guest Fritz Bonner touted his new board game, "Liftoff," in which players compete to make a landing on the Moon. Retail will be $24.95, but for us, $15. Bruce Pelz and R Laurraine Tutihasi named several speakers for the upcoming Science Fiction Showcase. Due to underselling, any member who was paid up at the time of the announcement may attend for free. Sam Martinez asked for help setting up, and Fuzzy Pink Niven asked for assistance with the food. Fixing it, not eating it, folks!

Marv Wolfman related the information that Genny Dazzo's hospital stay had left her minus gallstones and appendix. Marv had the Disney artists design a card for Genny, and this was passed around for signing. Sounds like a Goofy idea to me. Rick Foss said he was putting together a fannish block of seats for Amtrak round trip to Portland for $174. Move to railroad?

Tom Safer touted the Morgan-Wixson's upcoming attraction, a bizarre comedy called "Bullshot Crummond," opening 25 May. Bruce Pelz had advance registration forms for NASFiC lodging, with rates that are abominable. He also had copies of the Hugo ballot which members of Worldcon may vote.

CL said he'd now seen his 200th serial, and lived! Surprisingly, "Tarzan the Tiger" actually had a nonzero Buchman rating, since the heroine's top is bared for a few seconds. Bruce displayed some art folios for sale, one of Boris Vallejo's women, and one of Samurai Cat.

Greg Bilan said he was driving to Baycon, and looking for riders. Francis said that he and Leigh might take riders to Las Vegas for ABA. Just then, some people voiced their problems with the ventilation for the evening. The blowers in the back of the room were too noisy to be left on, and when the doors were left open, noise from outside spilled in and drowned out the meeting. Gasperik observed, "Who ever heard of a quiet, efficient fan?" Pelz replied, "There are a couple, but not on this coast."

Reviews: Rick Foss called Isaac's Universe an interesting failure, since the universe designed by Asimov and written on by several writers was not much different from what David Brin had been doing for a while. He also liked a cassette called "Like a Version," by a quartet called Two Nice Girls, made science-fictional by their cover of the theme from "Speed Racer." And Irish harp lovers, he concluded, might like a recording by Sylvia Woods called "Harp of Brandiswhiere."

Tom Safer capsule-reviewed "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles": "If you want a good time, you might enjoy this film." CL pointed out an in-joke on a sitcom where a couple of guest characters were introduced as "Kermit Grenouille" and his wife, "Miss Peggy."

Prez Bruce ran down the upcoming programs, and asked people to think about their choices for procedural officers for second half 1990. He enumerated the responsibilities of the various posts, and indicated that all five officers, including Treasurer, will be voted on in the upcoming free-for-all. There was also some discussion of the wording on the guest cards. Is it really helpful, Bruce wondered, to ask people what their interests are and how they found out about the club? Marjii Ellers and Sandy Cohen opined that it lets us differentiate the guests, and Rick Foss observed that it lets us find out how they find out about us. Marjii suggested check-off boxes for this question, and there was general agreement that the questions be labeled "optional," so as not to frighten those with delicate sensibilities. Yeah, but what are they doing here in the first place?

Gary Louie then suggested a small auction of parking spaces and miscellaneous items, and so we adjourned at 21:08.  

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