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 by Matthew B. Tepper, Mini-Scribe

It was 20:22 when Bruce decided to bring the LASFS to order, a task not unlike making bricks without straw. Minutes were read and, with a small emendation in regard to Francis Hamit's newspaper reading habits, were approved as timely read. Galen introduced one guest, Rand E Huffman. Bruce read the Treasury report, observing parity between guests and deadbeats at four each. Guests are fine, but deadbeats, he observed, are not cricket. And there are still a few bugs in the system.

St. Stan Burns was duly given his deserved three cheers. Galen returned in a new committee, saying that a children's SF book published in connection with Isaac Asimov had included the name and address of the LASFS (with the club's permission), and that some children were now beginning to write us letters with their questions about science fiction. Galen suggested some people might want to lend a hand both in answering the kiddies' letters and to draft a suggested reading list, and Carol Ann Cranston and R Laurraine Tutihasi (in absentia) were mentioned as volunteers.

Charles Lee Jackson II and Fang Van took jointly spoke of tonight's program, a videotaped talk by David Brin from last year's Showcase. CL carried on solo, saying that the video library now included a whole bunch of serials, 17 Fleischer "Superman" cartoons, "Rodan," "Frankenstein," "This Island Earth," and "Them." It was suggested that we get a copy of the original 1956 film of "1984" (in order to complete our collection of SF/fantasy films including Adams Douglas' parents), but discussion revealed that it has been suppressed by the author's estate (he died in 1950). It goes to show that anything the State can do, private individuals can do just as well!

Jerry Pournelle called himself the Committee to Nauseate the LASFS, but failed to deliver, instead giving a long and interesting account of his recent visit to the Soviet Union. "I wanted to see a communist country before they're all gone," said Dr. P. Your humble Scribe is writing up his notes of Jerry's talk and will make them available separately from these minutes, due to limitations of time and space.

Due to the length of Dr. P's talk, Bruce called for committee reports and timely announcements only, reviews to be saved for next week. Leigh Strother-Vien, Librarian, informed us that the Library is open, even though books continue to be catalogued.

Under Surrealism, Francis Hamit had several choice goodies, including a long-range eavesdropping microphone toy from Spytech which is illegal to use, but not illegal to own. Now, that's silly! A tax collector's car in Jacksonville FL was ticketed and booted for unpaid parking tickets. Now, that's justice! And his final observation for the evening was that the doctors said that Leigh had a shortage of hormones. Now, that's surreal!

Ed Green reported on a full division of Soviet guards who, according to his sources, do nothing but march and look good. Jerry Pournelle said he doubted they were that limited -- look at the Coldstream Guards! Ed deftly saved with a few more items of genuine surrealism, including a stupid crook who got picked up because he'd had his name (Ray) tattooed on his forehead.

Jack Harness pointed to a disagreement between two supermarket tabloids. One of them says that Richard Chamberlain admits that he's gay, and the other says that Chamberlain denies it. I guess one of them isn't telling the truth! (Actually, I've heard that the National Enquirer once blackballed a former reporter for accidentally letting a fact creep into one of his stories.)

Judy Lazar had a tabloidoid report, too, on the claim that the Soviets are zapping us with microwaves. Bruce muttered, "Dr. Zarkoff says it's some kind of a ray." Unfortunately, her report became so long and detailed that Bruce declared it a review and ordered the committee closed.

Announcements: Terry Hopwood told of Alondra Orre's upcoming Live the Dream presentation on "Courtship Rite." Hare Hobbs said that the freebie table had a list of Rocketdyne job openings. He also said that he'd gotten his first free issue of Space News. Rick Foss said that Marc Lewis had been added to the Heal the Bay fund-raiser. Leigh S-V said that Gates McFadden would be reading and singing at an upcoming event. Carol Ann said she had a Wang she wanted to get rid of ... I only report 'em, folks, I don't make 'em up ... and Galen declared that he had been off-meat for one year to the day.

Francis warned that certain cheap videotapes, like some movies being sold in groceries, and the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" cartoons, were duplicated at the slowest speed, with the expected bad results. Frank Waller had no bones to pick with his new headrest pillow, shaped like -- well, you get the idea. And Bruce had two announcements: first, that he had the latest collected volume of the Australian comic strip, "Footrot Flats," for sale at $8 each, and second, that there is now a new version of Science Fiction Review that lives up to its title. The new editor isn't Dick Geis, though, but some other guy.

That being the case, we finally adjourned at 21:42 (whew!) to the program!

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