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 by Matthew B. Tepper, Mini-Scribe

Would you buy it for a dollar? That seemed to be the theme of the meeting -- but I'm getting ahead of myself. It all started when Bruce Pelz brought this band of bozos to order at 20:12. The Minutes were read, and nitpicked by substituting "xenon" for "argon" before being approved as elementary. How noble. Reading the Treasurer Report, Bruce observed that most of the club's financial outgo the previous week had gone for either termite insurance or De Profundis. In either event, a bunch of bugs were taken care of. Three cheers were diagnosed and prescribed for the week's Patron Saint, St. Elst Weinstein, M.D. Rumor has it that the doctor had sent a message to the membership, but nobody could read it.

Due to the needs of the Dais Duo, Bruce said, this would be a short meeting. In addition, he wished to apprentice some of his traditional LASFS tasks to other, less nearly perfect hands. The first such job to be farmed out would be that of auctioneer; some volunteers were found, and rated (by a show of hands) on a scale of 1 to 5. Presumably 5 means "can sell refrigerators to eskimos" and 1 means "couldn't sell a newspaper to Rupert Murdoch." Results are toted up at the end of these minutes. Ah, suspense!

Registrar Galen Tripp had but one guest to show us, one Laurel M. Spencer. We gave her a hearty welcome. Charles Lee Jackson II said that the Video Library was about to go on a shopping spree, and asked the club for germane suggestions. In this regard, Bruce was pleased to note that we now had a tape of "Asterix in Britain." These fans are crazy!

Committees for Surrealism in Everyday Life heard first from Rick Foss, who told of a stupid thief in Switzerland who left his earprints in wet paint. Ed Green mentioned a PR officer at Fort Bragg who underplayed a military murder suspect by saying the guy just went a little "gung ho." And from the Eastern Front, Ed told of large orders from the German Democratic Republic for marital aids. Among other things, their battery-operated units are too loud, so they have to look to the west to import -- that's right -- stealth vibrators.

Francis Hamit had a lot of fun surrealism as well, but the ones that condense well include the lions being used as guard animals in Brazil, and the No Parking sign posted by the nonexistent Saugus Police department. Just shows that Francis has been keeping up his reading of the Los Angeles Times.

Charlie found ookable a book club selection on gravesites of the rich and famous here in the golden west: Permanent Californians. Not to be outdone, Rick Foss said that one could get tours to some of the more famous dead. I'll bet they must be grateful.

Announcements: Francis said that Leigh Strother-Vien was back in the Sepulveda VA, that her surgery had gone well, and that she would be home soon. She'd appreciate visitors, but call first.

Mike Stern reported that Harper & Row was instituting a new policy of planting trees to replace the ones used for paper. The trick is that the writer has to have it in the contract.

Under Reviews, Frank Gasperik praised the BBC North West series "Red Dwarf," currently running on channel 28, finding it funny and inventive. Francis saw the much-touted "Twin Peaks," and found it passing strange. For one thing, the really nice guys in town are the bikers. David Lynch collectors be on your guard.

Galen Tripp had been in the Bay Area where he saw Suzy McKee Charnas' "Vampire Dreams." It has a cast of four, but was very entertaining, and is worth the effort to see if it comes here.

Announcements: Frank Waller told of an Alliance potluck to be held at Griffith Park, and a trip to the Laserium afterwards. Francis advised Renaissance Faire-goers to do a bit of shopping at Vons, because the plastic grocery bags have a $3-off coupon. Unfortunately, no one knew what full price is. (We found out; it's $14.50.) Jack Harness mentioned the 3-D film festival at the Vagabond Theatre, and that Vincent Price was present at the opening of "House of Wax." Greg Bilan had some nice things to say about the upcoming International Animation Festival and "Space Invaders."

And now, what you've all been waiting for, the grading of the volunteer auctioneers! Bill Curry: 2. Frank Gasperik: 3. Ed Green: 4. Mike Glyer: 3. The winner would then seem to be Ed Green, wouldn't it? But let us not forget Dr. Pournelle's dictum that financial success is no less important than any award, and note that all of the auctioneers elicited final bids of $1, except for Mr. Glyer, who raised $2. But then, he works for the IRS and knows how to get that extra buck!

And so after this taxing meeting, Bruce adjourned us at 21:02.

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