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President: Christian McGuire
Scribe: Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien

The 3,107th meeting of the LASFS was vigorously gavelled to order by President Christian McGuire at 8:17 p.m. on February 27, 1997. Rob Cole moved to adjourn the meeting at the end of the meeting. Prez McGuire did a doubletake, then promptly accepted a second. The motion was passed, and the meeting proceeded.

There were no SPECIAL ORDERS OF BUSINESS. Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien read the previous MENACE, after which things got somewhat foggy. Sam Frank opined that since he was discussed in the minutes he should have the right to reply. Christian said that was not something covered in the minutes. Someone else asked what a Fugghead is. When Christian attempted to define the term in response, Sam interrupted to say something anyway. He didn't know what Leigh Strother-Vien is talking about when she says he doesn't have a sense of humor, he's not surprised by Christian, who has a vicious and hypocritical vendetta against him, and there, he's said it whether you like it or not. Ulrika O'Brien burst into laughter. Quod erat demonstrandum? Amidst a foggy mix of laughter and applause, who knows what for, Christian announced that, hearing no additions or corrections, the menace were approved as Franked. More laughter ensued when several fen decided to contribute to the Committee to Nominate Sam Frank Fugghead of the Year. Christian tried to get the meeting back on track by announcing that there was still chocolate in the shape of science fiction characters for sale in the back of the room. Charles Lee Jackson, II, was recognized. He said he had been distracted before, presumably by the amount of free floating fog, but had an observational note to make about the minutes regarding the previous week's Patron Saint Maureen Garrett. After Charlie made his observation, Phil Castora rose with a point of information to say that Fugghead comes from a British variant of the word fog - that is, a fugghead is really a foghead.

Christian tried yet again to get the meeting out of the fog, rising first to clouds, then heaven, then angels, and finally to our PATRON SAINT of the week, Marjii Ellers. Marjii was given three rousing cheers and income property.

BUSINESS: Matthew Tepper and Kim Marks each gave one sentence descriptions of their bids for LOSCON 25 prior to voting by the membership. Chairman of the Board Ed Green was called upon to preside over the election for the committee to run LOSCON 25 and accepted bids for the color of the card on which the votes were to be cast. Christian won the bidding for $2.00 and declared that the salmon cards were actually (foggy) gray. While we waited for votes to be collected, Rick Foss was called upon to announce future programming. The votes were counted, and Kim Marks and her committee won by a vote of 27 to 21, with 1 dead ballot. Christian condoled, er, consoled Kim and congratulated the real winner, Matthew Tepper, who won't have to do all that work.

Ed Green started the AUCTION by selling the ballots to George Mulligan for a bid of $.38. for the ballots. Registrar Selena Phanara introduced GUEST David Voyt from Hollywood, who had heard of us over a period of ten years and finally decided to come because of the chocolate-covered manhole cover story. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Rick Foss requested the assistance of anyone present who could read Hebrew to translate a book advertisement for one of his clients. Mike Thorsen announced a cleaning and library work party for Sunday at 12:00 Noon. Phil Castora warned of the need to take alternate bus routes during the upcoming Marathon.

APPOINTIVE COMMITTEE REPORTS: Joe Zeff reported that, as of the beginning of the meeting, $42 had been donated to nominate Sam Frank. As of this announcement, the amount was $57. Joe pointed out that if we reached the three figures necessary to satisfy Ed, $1 would go to nominate Sam and the rest would be credited toward his election, which might well decide the winner then and there. Emperor Jackson asked lovely assistant Selena Phanara to pass the Lantern O' Jack to collect funds for picnic goodies (chips, dips, etc. - bring your own protein) for the next FWEMs, which will feature Alfred Hitchcock films. Charlie also announced that a new serial, "Jack Armstrong," began tonight and will continue for another 15 weeks. This will be followed by "The Perils of Pauline" and "The Black Widow." Tim Merrigan announced that "De Prof" is here and requested all present to save postage by picking up their own copies. Joyce Sperling noted that we are now in the two month countdown for "Tra La La Con."

MISCELLANEOUS: Matthew Tepper announced that 20th Century-Fox will be producing a theatrical film based on "The Lone Ranger" and noted that they are deliberately camping it up. Dick Senseman found Field of Honor by David Weber, which he said was obviously written by a male about a military female, interesting reading. Larry Niven informed us that he was interviewed today by Channel 13's "Strange Universe." The interview started off with a discussion of the cloning of sheep and other mammals.

Since he already had authorization to end the meeting, Christian declared the meeting adjourned at 9:16 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien

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