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President: Christian McGuire
Scribe: Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien

President Christian McGuire called the 3,105th meeting of the LASFS to order at 8:12 p.m. The meeting was on agenda light, and "mini" was the action of choice.

SPECIAL ORDERS OF BUSINESS: Emperor Charles Lee Jackson, II, announced the death of actress Marjorie Reynolds, who starred in the Mr. Wong movies with Boris Karloff and appeared as a revolutionary war ghost in the movie "The Time of Their Lives."

The harried McGuire, with us only for a mini moment, announced that both Matthew Tepper and Kim Marks had presented bids to run LOSCON 25 to the Board of Directors, which had forwarded the bids to the general membership, which will vote on the matter on February 27, 1997. Christian asked Matthew and Kim to give mini presentations. Matthew told us his committee consists of himself as chair, Michael Mason as Vice-Chair, Mike Glyer as Treasurer, and Christian McGuire as Hotel Liaison. The proposed theme for the convention is Music of the Spheres, and the name would be LOSCON Five Squared. Kim informed us that her committee consists of herself as Chair, Liz Mortensen as Treasurer, and Christian McGuire as Hotel Liaison. Kim does not have a theme yet, but is working around the fact that this will be the Silver Anniversary of LOSCON. Her goals are to continue the trend of bringing higher attendance to LOSCON and to revitalize the club by bringing people from the convention into the LASFS. Charlie Jackson noted that not only could Kim celebrate the Silver Anniversary of LOSCON in 1998, but the following year could also celebrate a Silver Anniversary. Hurried McGuire allowed only mini questions, as in none.

Christian had to leave the meeting at this point and asked Vice President Joe Zeff to preside for the rest of the meeting. PATRON SAINT Craig Miller was given three rousing cheers and a director's cut re-edition of his life.

MENACE: Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien had returned from her previous week's illness with the Menace of Meeting 3,103, and substitute scribe Phil Castora was prepared with 3,104's Menace. Joe auctioned off the order in which the minutes were to be read. Chronological order prevailed, and Beth started the Menace mini marathon. Her Menace were approved as cropped, and the following week's Menace, read by Phil Castora, were approved as senseless.

Ed Green conducted a mini money gouge, after which he announced that the Most Memorable Fan/Fanac of the Year contest would be returning under the guise of the re-emerging Fugghead Contest of the Year, a mini title easier for us to deal with. Joe Zeff continued with time bound ANNOUNCEMENTS by advising the club of a costume party hosted by Forry Ackerman next Wednesday at the El Rey Theater. Free passes were available. Rick Foss corrected his previous announcements about the employer of tonight's speaker, Jeff Lauby, who asked that Rick give the appropriate plug: he works for Lockheed Martin, not the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Rick then gave a mini summary of upcoming programming through March 20th, when Tom Safer will host a Classic Cartoons presentation of a mini selection of Academy Award winners from the years 1950 through 1990. Len Moffatt announced that a one day Sherlock Con (a mini con) would be held at the clubhouse on March 22, 1997, and Frank Waller reported that he has Easter goodies for sale.

There was no BUSINESS, either new or old, but Registrar Selina Phanara reported that a non-mini slue of GUESTS were in attendance. She presented Brody Aberson of Woodland Hills, Leota Vinion and Ed Brooks from Libby, Montana, Michael Walsh of Van Nuys and Paula Salo of Torrance to the meeting. Paula is actually a member returning after a lengthy absence. The guests were greeted with a warm round of applause, and Joe made a mini plea that the group treat them better than we treat the rest of us.

APPOINTIVE COMMITTEE REPORTS: Mike Stern informed us that a mini number of Millennium Award nominations had been received. The only category that received sufficient nominations was the Best Novel Award. He asked for volunteers to read the seven novels nominated in the mini period of one month, five of which will be present to the membership for voting. Mike's request elicited mini titters from those present, after which he announced that he had won last week's Magic the Gathering tournament, followed by Ken Rowan in second place and Sandy Cohen in third place. Joe Zeff gave Tim Merrigan's usual mini announcement for him: next week is the "De Prof" deadline. Tim then informed us of an autograph party at Flights of Fantasy. The guy with the sideburns continued with a mini sales pitch for contributions for new chairs. The Emperor reminded us that this month's theme for FWEMS is Caper Babes featuring women involved in complicated spy or criminal activities.

Continuing on agenda light, the guy with the sideburns offered a choice of Faanish Committee Reports or REVIEWS. In the true spirit of the literary society it pretends to be, the club opted for reviews. Mike Stern was favorably impressed by David Drake's latest series of military SF, the first of which is Igniting the Reaches. The series parallels Sir Francis Drake's rise in the British navy of Elizabethan times, with the latest novel featuring a Venusian fleet opposing an armada. Loren Wilton gave a mini review of a website,, noting that ten years ago this would have been a review of a short science fiction story. Loren was quite impressed by this hypertext version of the Yellow Pages, complete with reviews of and directions to such restaurants as The Greek Burrito in Westwood.

Matthew Tepper moved to Rob Cole, but Rick Foss interrupted to introduce the speaker before we actually adjourned the meeting. Joanne Dow then moved that we adjourn to last week, and the meeting ended at 9:07 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien  

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