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President: Christian McGuire
Scribe: Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien

The 3,110th meeting of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society was called to order by President Christian McGuire at 8:07 p.m. on Thursday, March 20, 1997. Matthew Tepper moved to adjourn the meeting. Alex Pournelle promptly moved to rename Matthew Tepper to Rob Cole. Both motions failed of a second, and the fun and frivolity continued unabated.

Although Emperor Charles Lee Jackson, II, recalled no SPECIAL ORDERS OF BUSINESS to report, Matthew Tepper reminded him that Alexander Salkind, who produced various "Superman" and other related features, had passed away.

Microphone cords had disappeared, so Christian called for the MENACE to be read in the whispered tones of Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien. The scribe rallied to the situation, however, calling upon sufficient powers of vocal projection to make the minutes heard by anyone absurd enough to want to listen, and they were approved as a color, a shade of purple-gray. "De Prof" editor Tim Merrigan questioned whether a vote on changes to the Standing Rules has to be announced in "De Profundis." Sexy and sensuous Treasurer Liz Mortensen read the relevant portion of the Bylaws, and it was concluded that we don't have to tell anyone about it before we vote on Standing Rule changes.

Christian informed us that PATRON SAINT Dan Deckert is moving shortly to Iowa. We gave Dan three rousing cheers anyway and "you can have your fill of all the food you bring yourself." Christian was fending off questions about where in Iowa Dan is moving to when Dan came in the door. So we cheered him all over again and required him to come front and center to tell us something of his upcoming move. Dan will start work in Ames, IA, on April 7th as Program Manager for one of a group of companies being formed by a consortium of the Iowa public universities, the State of Iowa, and the largest businesses in Iowa for the purpose of transferring technology from universities or other government organizations to the public sector. Jerry Pournelle, at his sagacious best, observed that Iowa is actually not a bad place, really, but it is very cold there in winter. Underwhelmed by such wisdom, we all wished Dan, Danise, and their children a very happy trip.

THERE WAS NO AUCTION! However, some speckled Easter eggs donated for auction by Frank Waller, who hadn't gotten the message, were passed out and enjoyed by many fen. There was OLD BUSINESS tonight: the second vote on an amendment to the Standing Rules regarding the Millennium Awards. There were several suggestions to amend the amendment which were ruled out of order, and the amendment was approved many to zero with four abstentions. Christian muttered that anyone who wanted further amendments could draft them and get their own damn signatures.

Hawaii-bedecked Registrar Selina Phanara was invited to the front of the room to introduce our five GUESTS: Scott Heckard and Stephanie Dangott-Heckard from Granada Hills, Amber Jenkins from Canyon Country, and the son and grandson of long-time member Mr. (no first name given) Nagel. Both visiting Nagels are named Raoul and hail from Corpus Christie, TX. All of our guests were noisily welcomed.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Rick Foss announced upcoming programming: next week Chris Butler will show slides and discuss the art of illustrating science; Rick has no clue what the program will be on April 3rd since no one has suggested anything; and on April 10th, Fred Patten will host a Japanimation show. Ed Green notified us of the startling news that Sam Frank is in the lead in the Fugghead of the Year contest, having garnered approximately 10,000 votes! Cheers and applause broke forth...and third, and second. Mike Stern announced that he had just gotten a phone call from Heather and Jim notifying us that the club now has an official web page: More cheers! (It was a generally cheery meeting.) Matthew Tepper told us that he is going to post four years of LASFS Menace and two years of Board of Directors' minutes. He is working at acquiring copies of all Menace of the '90's from the various scribes so that all can be posted. Fred Patten reported that the schedule for the world animation celebration next week is changing moment by moment by moment by moment. You're just going to have to show up to find out what is being played in real time. Greg Barrett informed us that the library has acquired two new books from NESFA Press: His Share of Glory, the complete short fiction of Cyril M. Kornbluth, and the Boscone Guest of Honor book, From the End of the Twentieth Century by John M. Ford. Len Moffatt announced that the Sherlockian con being held this Saturday in the clubhouse will include a reading by Phil Castora of a paper he has written about Mr. Holmes. Tim Merrigan announced that tonight is the "De Prof" deadline, and Hare Hobbs informed us that his green 21 speed bike has been stolen: Hare requested members to keep an eye open for the bike and let him know if it is seen. Mike Donahue updated us on the forthcoming Tra La La Con, which will be held on April 26th-27th, and promised that it will be pandemonium. Mike Thorsen noted that April 6th is clubhouse appreciation day, inviting all interested in keeping the clubhouse clean and in good repair to join the work party scheduled then.

APPOINTIVE COMMITTEE REPORTS: Janis Olson declined to give a report on the Committee to Translate Club Stuff Into Moronics. Joe Zeff formally requested the dissolution of the Committee to Nominate Sam Frank as Fugghead of the Year. Committee dissolved, Sam alive and well and raising revenue for the club. CLJII announced that three new tapes are available for lending from the club's video collection: "The Crawling Eye," "The Comedy of Terrors," and "The Black Cat."

FAANISH COMMITTEE REPORTS: Mike Stern told us of an article in this month's "Scientific American" about a man who tried to turn himself into a life raft by blowing up balloons. Seems that if you blow up enough balloons, air bubbles are deposited under the skin, turning the blowhard into a human whoopee cushion. The Guy with the Sideburns reported on a response to an e-mail test message entitled "Not Testing:" one recipient sent back a message saying "It is too a test!" Tom Safer shared the report of a young lady who deposited $3,800 in a midwestern bank and was credited with $38,000 instead. When she reported the error to bank staff, they denied that they could ever have made such a mistake until her husband wrote them a letter with proof of the error. (Does this bank take out-of-state accounts? My husband is dead!) Ed Green noted that he has only 790 days left before he retires, but who's counting? Matthew Tepper informed us that Matt LeBlanc has been cast as Major Don West in the movie production of "Lost in Space." Also, the government of Pakistan, which is funding a movie about its founder to the tune of $8 million, is complaining that Christopher Lee has been cast in the lead role. What's the problem with that? you ask. Seems that Pakistan doesn't relish Count Dracula portraying their founder.

Christian gave a non-committee report, non-review warning: This weekend CBS will air one of the recent productions of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." Christian then REVIEWed "City of Industry," which he thinks has an excellent script and good acting and to which he gave a Buchman rating of less than a minute. Hare Hobbs reported that he had finished reading Steve Barnes' Blood Brothers, a techno-horror which he enjoyed immensely. Richard Costas saw "Touch," starring Christopher Walken, which depicts the incredible hucksterism surrounding religious faith healers. Mike Stern added to the review of "City of Industry," noting that it is located in the area of Bandini Mountain. Christian added that the movie features many scenes set in parts of LA you'd rather not see for yourself.

MISCELLANEOUS: Rick Foss is looking for someone to assist him with programming. He is extremely busy at work, likely to get busier, and needs help. Rick also noted that the outfit that produces La Phraoigh single malt scotch whiskey has a web page that is quite good, with great pictures of Scotland. Amongst other things, La Phraoigh is sponsoring a contest the prize for which is a year's supply of their product. Discussion ensued about what constituted a year's supply of this single malt whiskey. Rick opined that if you drink a bottle a day it's likely to turn into a lifetime supply since you won't survive the year. At the behest of Mike Thorsen, Christian reminded us that we need donations to buy more and better places to park our asses.

Tom Safer moved to ADJOURN and we finished at 9:14 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien  

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