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President: Christian McGuire
Scribe: Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien

Armed with two, count 'em two, gavels, President Christian McGuire vehemently crashed the 3,108th meeting of the LASFS to what it laughingly considers order at 8:17 p.m. on March 6th, 1997. Irrepressible Rob Cole squared off with the two-fisted President and moved to adjourn. The motion was ignored, as usual.

There were no SPECIAL ORDERS OF BUSINESS. Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien read the last week's MENACE, after which Prez McGuire called for additions, corrections, removals, etc. Francis Hamit was recognized and commented on the accuracy of the Menace from two weeks ago. The scribe responded that the Menace accurately reported what had been said, and that misinterpretations by others were their own problem. Prez McGuire had a correction and a removal from last week's Menace. Since Sam Frank was not recognized by the President in last week's meeting, the scribe was directed to strike Sam (note to Sam: that's not what Christian said, just the scribe's fuggy attempt to liven up the minutes) - correction - to strike all mention of Mr. Frank and his comments from the minutes, with strikeouts preferably. Rick Foss noted that, when speaking about Charlie Jackson's movies, "new" is a very relative term. Yeah, verily!! After kicking around a Latin phrase used in the minutes by the classically educated scribe, Rick Foss moved that the rest of the minutes be translated into Latin. Good Luck to You!, replied the scribe, or words to that effect. The fuggy minutes were accepted as fogged.

Christian notified us that, for all those who suffered from coercion by the Evil Empire, Marcia Workman had Girl Scout cookies in the back of the room. Ravening fen raced rearward as PATRON SAINT Dave Fox was given three crumby, er, lusty cheers and a country whose overseas possessions are enormously greater in land mass than the mother country. Staying on the topic of sainthood, Christian read a letter from Ste. Marjii Ellers indicating that she had made yet another donation to the LASFS, which had transformed her life.

Ed Green was cajoled into running yet another AUCTION to get rid of crap on the front table. Demonstrating Ed's ability to sell refrigerators to Eskimos, Barry Workman bought replacement cookies while Marcia continued to distribute the Girl Scout variety. Christian informed us that Barbara Hambly has written a murder mystery set in New Orleans in the 1840s called A Man of Color. Bruce Pelz is taking orders from those interested.

BUSINESS: Ed announced the current standings of the officially nominated candidates in the Fugghead of the Year Contest: Magic the Gathering is in the lead with 587 1/2 points, Rob Cole follows with 281 points, and Christian McGuire is bringing up the rear with a mere 187 points.

GUESTS: Registrar Selina Phanara introduced visitors Tyler Stallings and Naida Osline of the Huntington Beach Art Center, who had heard about the club on "Hour 25." Tyler informed the meeting that the Center is going to present an exhibition from July 27 through September 21, 1997 entitled "ARE WE TOUCHED? Forbidden Knowledge from Outer Space." He said the Center is seeking artwork and artifacts from folk artists, trained artists, scientists, ufologists, and cultural theorists and asked anyone interested in this exhibition opportunity to contact the Center with their proposal. Are we touched? What a straight line in this group: I N   T H E   H E A D!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bill Rotsler rose to share with us personally the fact that he has been diagnosed as having oral cancer and will have his face fried for the next several months. He emphasized that the prognosis is good, he'll just glow in the dark after five weeks or so. Mike Glyer reminded us that all members of LA Con III are eligible to submit nominations for this year's Hugo Awards and urged us to do so. Mike Stern informed us that the clubhouse would once again be overrun with Magicians at tomorrow night's fixed tournament.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: Joe Zeff announced that the Committee to Nominate the Obvious has raised $75 and urged the membership to keep the money coming. Mike Thorsen reported that the Committee to Keep the Clubhouse Presentable had met on Sunday and accomplished a reasonably respectable amount of work. They will convene next month on the first Sunday at about Noon. Joyce Sperling encouraged us to buy memberships for TraLaLa Con, which is less than two months away. Her announcement that Len and June Moffatt will be the Fan Guests of Honor was received enthusiastically by the assembled fen. Tee shirts with Selena Phanara's artwork will be available up to an unprecedented size 10X. At last - Faannish Extra Large! Rick Foss gave us an update on programming. Eugene Volokh will speak tonight, next week will be a grand auction, and Tom Safer will present Cartoon Classics on the 20th. Artist Chris Butler will return on March 27th to show slides and talk on the art of scientific illustration. Fred Patten will present a Japanimation show after the first meeting in April. Prez McGuire announced that after next week's auction, the following three meetings will have no auction so that we can give more time to other agenda items. Matthew Tepper cheered and Allen Rothstein bid five cents to bring auctions back. Emperor Charles Lee Jackson and Matthew Tepper jointly announced that FWEMs will be hosting a Hitchcock special this month featuring films such as "The Lady Vanishes," "The Trouble with Harry" and "Family Plot." There will also be a picnic of the "bring your own protein, buy beverages from the club, and enjoy chips, dips and cookies etc. provided for free" variety. Beth O'Brien noted that Marcia has lots of cookies for sale; Charlie responded that donations are always welcome. Second Sunday events were announced by Mike Stern and Christian McGuire - that cheap SOB - who will be telling the Board how much money LOSCON 23 will be passing on to the club. Tim Merrigan announced that "De Prof's" deadline is March 20th.

REVIEWS: Mike Thorsen announced a Community Theater presentation this coming Sunday at Emmanuel Lutheran Church on Radford which includes a presentation of "Revenge of the Space Pandas." The perspicacious scribe noted that this was an announcement, not a review. Hare Hobbs reviewed a new TV series called "Spy Games," which he thinks is very well done with multiple cameos by stars of former spy shows.

MISCELLANEOUS: Ed Green decided to add to the levity - and longevity - of the meeting by noting that LASFS meeting number 3,103 was tabled but never adjourned. Ed therefore moved to adjourn the meeting of January 30th, 1997. Joe Zeff promptly moved to put the motion on the table. Joe's motion was never seconded, Ed's motion carried, and the tired old meeting was finally laid to rest. Phil Castora stated categorically that there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that the MTA has commissioned a study for $10 million dollars to figure out how to strap more passengers to the sides and the tops of the buses. Mike Thorsen made another stab at reviewing "Revenge of the Space Pandas" again, saying it was very good, very well acted, and a very comfortable theater. He then asked the scribe to flop the two in the minutes. (Request denied.) Matthew Tepper informed us sadly that announced Larry Niven's death three weeks ago. Tepper said he would try to let them know that Niven is still alive and well, thank you. Ed Green said maybe we should speak to Niven about cloning. Allan Rothstein said he saw the Howard Stern movie - talk to him if you want his opinion. Joanne Dow shared that there is now a $500 fine for setting off a nuclear device in the city limits of Chico, payable to whomever is left to collect it. Rick Foss had an addendum to a previous review of, which he thinks would be a real great system if it worked but it doesn't. It still has businesses which have been defunct for more than five years, shows the position of his business in the middle of the El Segundo oil refinery, and has bad location indicators. Francis Hamit added that, once info gets on the Internet, it is impossible to get it changed. Christian called upon Liz Mortensen to express her opinion on the fiscal conservativeness of the LOSCON 23 chairman. Quoth Liz: "He's a cheap son of a bitch."

Rob Cole was enticed into moving to adjourn, which we did at 9:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien  

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