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President: Christian McGuire
Scribe: Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien

The 3,114th meeting of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society was called to order by President Christian McGuire at 8:12 p.m. on April 17th, 1997. Matthew Tepper presented a SPECIAL ORDER OF BUSINESS: Leading fan Sam Moskowitz, co-organizer of the first World Con, editor, agent and historian of science fiction, passed away this week. A full minute of silence was observed in memory of this major figure in the field.

Christian noted that today's "Daily Variety" reported that QDE Productions, co-owned by Quincy Jones, has purchased the film rights to Larry Niven's Ringworld trilogy. Jerry Pournelle said that Larry hasn't controlled those rights in 20 years, but he and Larry had just spent the afternoon getting papers notarized to sell the options for Legacy of Heorot and Beowulf's Children to United Artists for $500k. More to come, both info and profit, if the films are actually produced.

Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien read the MENACE of last week's meeting, which were approved as eaten by aliens. Several tardy yet premature (typical of the LASFS) motions to adjourn to various times and places were diligently ignored by the President. PATRON SAINT Stan Burns, who was RIGHT HERE celebrating his 30th anniversary of joining the LASFS, was given three hearty cheers and an introduction to the President of the LASFS, who hadn't recognized him sitting in the audience.

Prez McGuire changed hats to AUCTIONeer for a not so quick money gouge, which he followed up by slamming his new-style chair onto the front table to exhort the assembled fen to contribute more money for purchase of same. There was no BUSINESS this evening, and Scratch, the virtual Registrar of the night, announced a dearth of GUESTS.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mike Stern reported that TSR, the makers of Dungeons & Dragons, has signed a letter of intent to be purchased by Wizards of the Coast, the publishers of Magic the Gathering. Eylat Eleasari announced two upcoming Live the Dream items - an event this Saturday at which ethics of group living will be discussed and a Seder on Monday to be held at Eylat's home. Joe Zeff announced upcoming programming in the absence of Rick Foss and warned everyone to get rid of Internet Explorer, version 4, which has a bug in the Java script that will trash an operating system, requiring a full-fledged reformat. Jeff Stansfield related the story of an English scientist whose theories were printed on toilet paper and who is suing the "publisher" in protest. Christian announced several upcoming book signings by Forry Ackerman - see the flyer posted on the Bulletin Board. Christian also announced next week's Tra La La Con at which Joe Zeff will act as head judge of the Chili contest. Evelyn Gamble reported that an attorney for the IRS has proposed changing its name to National Income Collection Enterprise, aka NICE. That's what I call a nice try but no cigar.

APPOINTIVE COMMITTEE REPORTS: Tim Merrigan announced that the "De Profundis" deadline is tonight. Mike Stern reported that the Board had adopted three resolutions with relation to the Internet: 1) We have an official Web site; 2) In the future, after legal requirements have been taken care of, the club will sell aliases for $5 and mail boxes for $10 per 5 Mb of mail; and 3) Web site space will be sold for $20 per 10 Mb of space per year.

FAANISH COMMITTEE REPORTS: Eylat announced that she is getting married in July and related some soap opera stories about planning the wedding. Christian notified us that the Board of Directors has asked that members be reminded that soda in the refrigerator is for sale not for free. The club has experienced excessive losses recently, turning the project from a fund raiser to a money losing proposition. The Vice President is now restricting his purchases of renewal soda supplies to the actual amount collected. Continued short changing will result in reduced supplies and ultimate discontinuance of the service. Christian noted that the club charges less than half the price charged by the store across the street. Matthew Tepper noted that the investigators of contributions to the Democratic National Committee have been investigating the wrong guy, someone with a similar name, perhaps because they all look alike? [*sigh* What I announced was that the suspected spurious donor was a Chinese gentleman, and the investigators instead fingered an American citizen, of Chinese descent, who had a somewhat similar name. My conclusion was that maybe those investigators think they all look alike. -- MBT]

REVIEWS: David Lathram informed fans of Lois McMaster Bujold that she has published an unabridged reading of her novel Shards of Honor. David has donated a copy to the LASFS library. He rated the reading as excellent and noted that the producer has exclusive rights to publish readings of all of Lois' books. Hare reported that he recently read the seventh "Babylon Five" book, which he enjoyed so much that he finished it in a mere four days. Christian reviewed Archangel by Sharon Shin, a story about a world with bioengineered angels and two classes of humans. Christian reports that it is a very good read, both a strong character and strong romance book. Ed Green gave a report on the Fugghead of the Year Contest, noting that there is a new nominee, Joe Zeff. Ed still leads the pack, however. Tonight's guest speaker, Victor Koman, reported that "Grosse Pointe Blank" is a great movie, a love story about assassins. Jeff Stansfield noted that there is a book fare this weekend at UCLA which will feature lots of publishers and lots of freebies. Nola Frame-Gray announced that she and Louis worked as extras in a movie but didn't make the final cut.

MISCELLANEOUS: Frank Waller informed us that he wasn't here last week because he was in New York at a wedding. Mike Stern reported he was absent because last week was Alison's 22nd birthday. Christian announced that he will be absent next week so Joe Zeff will chair the meeting in his absence.

The meeting was ADJOURNED at 9:12 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien  

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