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President: Christian McGuire
Scribe: Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien

The 3,112th meeting of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society was called to order by President Christian McGuire on April 4, 1997 at 8:07 p.m. Rob Cole immediately moved to adjourn at the end of the meeting. The motion was carried many to few.

SPECIAL ORDERS OF BUSINESS: Matthew Tepper notified the members of the death of the producer of many Godzilla movies. The MENACE were read and approved as lemon fresh. Led by Prez McGuire, the club gave three cheers for PATRON SAINT Chuck Donahue II and thanks for the money.

The ban on auctions was still in effect, so we got right down to BUSINESS. Christian called our attention to the new carpet, which was installed on Monday, and noted that help is needed this Sunday to move things out of the carpeted areas of the front building so that new carpet can be installed therein next week. The Prez then displayed a piece of the new carpet that Mike Thorsen had desecrated with mustard and other stuff. Mike opined that the whole carpet would look about the same in three months. Christian appointed a panel of judges chaired by Matthew Tepper to determine when the carpet looks as awful as Mike's dire predictions. The committee will be called the Rug Rats, and Sandy Cohen, Robbie Cantor, Dale Hales, Liz Mortensen and Frank Waller were also appointed as members. Rob Cole reminded the group that the By-Laws provide for the assessment of fines for anyone spilling food or beverages or any other kind of mess on the carpet. Beth O'Brien suggested that if money raised from fines were deposited in a fund to clean the carpet, members might be more aggressive, er, assertive in reporting and collecting such fines. Treasurer Robbie Cantor said she had no problem earmarking fines for professional carpet cleaning. Ed Green moved that Mr. Thorsen's ax be officially ground. Robby seconded the motion and it was carried. Christian once again exhorted us to contribute to the purchase of new chairs.

Registrar Selina Phanara reported that there were no GUESTS present tonight.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Ed Green announced the standings in the Fugghead of the Year Contest. There are now five nominees: Sam Frank is in the lead with 10,222 votes, Ed has 1,016 votes, Magic the Gathering is in third place with 625 votes, Rob Cole has 308 votes, and Christian is in last place with a mere 233 votes. Christian announced that this Friday through April 10th, "Spike and Mike's 1997 Festival of Animation" will be playing at the Nu Art Theater in West Los Angeles. Emperor Charles Lee Jackson, II, hawked the latest edition of "Amazing Adventures." Matthew Tepper relayed a report from Reuters that Liam Neeson has been cast as the lead in the first film of the new "Star Wars" trilogy. Rick Foss noted that he is hosting the band Boiled in Lead at his place on Sunday Evening. Liz Mortensen urged the assembled fen to buy memberships for Tra La La Con, which will occur on the last weekend of this month. Joyce Sperling gave a description of the events that will occur at the con. Tim Merrigan informed us how pleasant it is to no longer be tripping over the carpet as he goes in and out of the APA-L room. Frank Waller announced that he has Passover goodies for sale, including chocolate covered Matzos.

APPOINTIVE COMMITTEE REPORTS: The Emperor reported that he has seen 94 movies so far this year. Tim Merrigan announced that the deadline for "De Profundis" is April 17th. Gary Louie reported that the new plaques have arrived but have several omissions and errors. He asked everyone to eyeball the plaques and note any additions or corrections so that he can have them corrected. Mike Stern reminded us that the club's web page,, is up and running. He said that most club officers can be reached by addressing messages to their office title Mike also noted that Magic the Gathering is having another tournament tomorrow in the clubhouse. Bob Null reported the successful completion of phase 1 of the carpet installation and noted that phase 2 is scheduled for next week, with help needed on Sunday to move stuff out of the front building and on Wednesday to move it back and prepare the clubhouse for Thursday's meeting. Prez McGuire urged us to be good citizens and vote this coming Tuesday. Rick Foss announced upcoming programs. Fred Patten will be presenting a Japanese animation program next week showing "Ushio & Tora" and "Plastic Little." Christian requested that an auction be scheduled in about a month and noted that no donations are needed for the auction, since we already have plenty of junk to get rid of.

FAANISH COMMITTEE REPORTS: Nola Frame-Gray informed us of a putrid software product named "Dramatica Pro," which bills itself as the ultimate writing partner and appears to be great for generating formula trash. Matthew Tepper asked if the system requirements included an infinite number of monkeys. Joe Zeff regaled us with the many variations of his name by which he can be reached at George Mulligan told an involved story about the ultimate horror in visits to the boss's home. Ed Green noted that he can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Mike Stern and Christian McGuire discussed other uses of the <abuse> address.

REVIEWS: Christian reviewed Spider Robinson's Lifehouse, noting that it is a good example of Spider's skill at making the reader sympathetic to every character in the book. Charlie reviewed an episode of the TV show "Jeopardy." Mike Stern gave a positive review for Christopher Rowley's Dragon at the End of the World, the latest book in his Dragons at War series. Frank Waller reviewed Amalgum's new comic featuring "Lobo the Duck," and George Mulligan reported on Tuesday's comic strips, which featured strips traded between artists for April Fool's Day. Christian urged all fen who ever get married with no religious or denominational preferences to get Allan Rothstein to officiate. (Allan had officiated at the wedding of Kim Marks to Jordan Brown last Saturday.) Allan has the ability to jerk tears and get people rolling with laughter while performing a very appropriate ceremony, all at the same time.

MISCELLANEOUS: The miscellany this week approached marathon length, with over two dozen reports by the assembled fen, only a sampling of which will be reported here. Rick Foss described a banquet with the theme "Sushi in the Sky with Diamonds." Allan Rothstein noted that this week's edition of "Newsweek" has an article by Harlan Ellison relating the Heaven's Gate mass suicide to science fiction. Mike Stern reported seeing a sign on a building that said "Mortuary and Learning Center." Alex Pournelle reported the real time location of a bakery next door to a shop run by Sweeny Todd, Hair Stylist. Robbie Johnston noted seeing a sign promising "Ears Pierced While You Wait." How else?

The President finally took pity on us all and adjourned the meeting at 9:20 p.m.

SCRIBAL NOTE: The Scribe apologizes for the unusually dry and dreary tenor of the minutes this week. [C'mon, be nice to Jose Carreras - he's been sick! - MBT] Due to excessive bouncing while the table is pounded at each meeting, the Voice Actuated setting was inadvertently set on the cassette recorder. That means that most of your good lines were lost as voices fell at the end of sentences, and the beginnings were lost until volume reached sufficient to actuate the thing. This demonstrates how dependent this scribe is on both technology and the humorous input of fen present at each meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien

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