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President: Christian McGuire
Scribe: Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien

It was 8:12 p.m. on Thursday, May 29, 1997 and no sign of President Christian McGuire, so Vice President Joe Zeff gavelled the 3,120th meeting of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society to whatever semblance of order we could manage. Rob Cole immediately moved to adjourn, but the nays were called for on both sides of the proposition so the motion failed on the kind of technicality so beloved by nit-pickers.

Emperor Charles Lee Jackson, II, announced that there were two SPECIAL ORDERS OF BUSINESS. John Rollins, director of lots and lots of "B" pictures, such as "Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome," passed away this week, as did Actor Edward Mulhare, who was featured in the TV series of "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" and played the principal villain in the film "Our Man Flint." A moment of silence was observed to pay respect to these departed members of the greater science fantasy community.

Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien read the MENACE of the previous meeting, including the description of the Ghana Penis Snatcher Crisis, which were approved as risen. Matthew Tepper rose to announce that he was NOT, repeat NOT, chairing the Committee to Collect a Fan Fund to Send Sam Frank to Ghana. The club then gave three rising cheers and just good thoughts for PATRON SAINT Ed Baker. President Christian McGuire joined the meeting at this time but left Joe presiding. A move to impeach was diligently ignored, after which Ed Green conducted an AUCTION.

There was some OLD BUSINESS to suffer through as Joe Zeff updated the results of the soda survey. Root beer in various and sundry concoctions now heads the list, followed by Dr. Pepper, with Coke and Pepsi tied for third place. UNquiring minds got to know.

Acting Registrar Matthew Tepper introduced the three GUESTS present this evening: Brian Garvey from Westminster, and Brett Achorn and Stacey Hallman from Burbank. Our guests were given a warm round of applause to welcome them.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: David Voyt noted that the film version of "George of the Jungle" will be screening one month from today. Joe Zeff reported that JPL will have an open house this weekend. Hare Hobbs reminded us that Volume 2 of "Music From a Darkened Theater" will be released on June 3rd. Matthew Tepper informed us that "Brassed Off," with Pete Postlethwaite, opened last Friday. [And my point was that Postlethwaite was, as in "The Lost World: Jurassic Park," which opened on the same day, facing off against hideous monsters of the past -- in this case, Margaret Thatcher and her Tories. -- MBT]

Author Larry Niven was invited to the front for a Sage Break. Larry reported being trapped at a station in Sweden with room for only 35 people, all of whom spent five days telling him ad nauseum that they haven't read any science fiction because there is no science fiction in Sweden. Then Larry hit Stockholm and found a dynamite book shop with all sorts of science fiction goodies, where he picked up several items he's donating to the club: a catalog from the bookshop; a library stamp; a folder, in Swedish, for "Independence Day;" a Swedish translation of Spider Robinson's Off the Wall at Callahan's; and, also in Swedish, Theodore Sturgeon's More Than Human.

APPOINTIVE COMMITTEE REPORTS: Mike Stern made a plea for all of us to spread the news of on the net, noting that two of tonight's guests found out about the LASFS from the website. Tom Safer reminded us that he is hosting the program tonight, showing Academy Award nominee cartoons from 1950 to 1990. Joe Zeff, filling in for the absent Rick Foss, announced other upcoming programs: "The Writer's Life and Other Strange Stories," presented by Emma Bull and Will Shetterly on June 19th; "More Like the Movies - My Life in Pictures," a presentation by Charles Lee Jackson, II, of films which shaped his career, plus features in which he actually appears; and the "Fantastic Radio Shows of Ronald Colman," the retrospective hosted by Sam Frank which has been rescheduled to July 10th.

REVIEWS: David Voyt announced that he's had it with "Outer Limits," which he likened to a reanimated corpse of your loved one. He complained loudly of multiple shows with the same story line. Hare Hobbs saw "The Lost World," which he described as good, fun, a retread, but enjoyable. Mike Stern reviewed the promos for "George of the Jungle," which he said are so good that they make you want to go see the movie. He definitely intends to be there opening night just to see if the movie is as good as the promos. Frank Waller commented on "The Fifth Element," noting that one could tell it was made by a French director by the clothing that people were wearing... and not wearing. George Mulligan opined that "The Lost World" is sloppy Spielberg. Actually, he said a lot more than that, but I was ordered to leave out the spoilers.

FAANISH COMMITTEE REPORTS: Joe Zeff reported attending an ISDN demonstration at which two techs with two ISDN devices hooked up to separate computers couldn't get either one of them to work - the same result they had achieved just that morning.

MISCELLANEOUS: Beth O'Brien stopped the presses to give kudos to SCIFI for the new mimeograph machine: the issues of "De Profundis" prepared on the new machine are beautifully legible in even the smallest type faces, eliciting comments of "WOW" from all who who came to look at the product. A spontaneous round of applause broke out in appreciation of SCIFI's generous gift. Joe Zeff noted that there is no ginger ale available because he cannot purchase it at an appropriate price point. Joe cautioned that the time may be approaching when the price may have to be raised in order to provide brands and varieties that members want.

Rob Cole moved to discombobulate and Tom Safer moved to ADJOURN. Discombobulation won, and we adjourned at some time I forgot to record - about 9:00 p.m. or so.

Respectfully Submitted,
Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien  

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