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President: Christian McGuire
Scribe: Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien

No sooner had President Christian McGuire called the 3,118th meeting of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society to order at 8:13 p.m. on May 15, 1997 than Rob Cole moved to discombobulate. The President, apparently discombobulated by this shift in tactics, didn't respond rapidly enough to avoid a second by Joe Zeff. The motion failed by declaration of the President, if not by the actual vote, so Mike Thorsen promptly moved to abstain. The abstentions won, and the meeting creaked slowly into gear.

SPECIAL ORDERS OF BUSINESS: Christian informed us that Allan Rothstein was alive and well and resting at the home of his parents, whose address was on the board for those who wished to send get well wishes. Charlie Jackson noted the passing of actor Al Lewis, who appeared in "Car 54 Where Are You" and hosted a cable TV series that showed science fiction and horror movies. [Actually, it was not Al Lewis who had died, but another actor, Howard Morton, who played Grandpa Munster in a revival of the series. -- MBT]

It was time for a double dose of MENACE as Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien read the Menace of May 1, 1997, which were approved as passed imperfect, and those of May 8, 1997, which were approved as Hmmmm Hmmmm. PATRON SAINT Tom Digby was present. The members gave him three cheers and some soap bubbles. Ed Green came forward to conduct a raucous AUCTION.

BUSINESS: Joe Zeff announced that he is conducting a survey to allow members the ability to indicate which sodas they would like to have stocked - seems you can't tell the popular ones anymore by noting which ones disappear and which ones don't have to be restocked more than once a month. Joe insists that the surveys be signed to prevent ballot box stuffing. Joe also noted that a friend has a refrigerator he is willing to donate for donation credit. This marvelous machine needs a leak plugged and a recharge with freon, or whatever else it uses that might be more legal, at an estimated cost of $50 for both repair and recharge. The club passed a motion that Joe check out the feasibility of acquiring this refrigerator to replace the current one. Selina Phanara announced that there are no GUESTS present this evening.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Scribe Beth O'Brien noted that she was absent from the 3,104th meeting and that the Menace for that meeting were recorded by Acting Scribe Phil Castora. The Scribe indicated that she would continue to make the announcement until the matter was corrected in "De Profundis," the last issue of which indicated that she had not yet turned in the minutes (nor will she ever!) for the meeting she did not attend. Bruce Pelz was called to the front, with one of Robbie Cantor's boots in hand. Bruce reported that Robbie had something to do just before their drive to the airport, so they arrived during last call for Robbie's flight. Bruce spun a fanciful tale of Robbie running down the gangway just as the door to the plane was closing, trying to hit the flight attendant with her stick at the same time, leaving Robbie on the inside and the boot on the ootside. Some fool with little knowledge of Robbie tried to bid for the boot, but Bruce insisted, wisely, that it really has to go back to Robbie. Someone else suggested sending it to Robbie in Canada by diplomatic pouch, while Christian pounded the table with the boot. Hare Hobbs reported that Danny Elfman is releasing Volume II of "Music from a Darkened Theater," a two CD set, on June 3rd. Kim Brown is seeking to buy a Westercon membership. Fred Patten informed members that this Saturday is the Cartoon Fantasy Organization's 20th anniversary meeting, which will feature a free barbecue and cake. All are welcome. Selina Phanara noted that she has linked her home page to the LASFS homepage. Charlie noted that many people one might expect to see at Westercon are scheduled to appear at a science fiction convention in Pasadena that same weekend.

APPOINTIVE COMMITTEE REPORTS: Rick Foss announced that he still needs help with programming, since his schedule has become markedly busier than it used to be. Upcoming programming includes a retrospective on The Fantastic Radio Shows of Ronald Colman, hosted by Sam Frank on May 22, 1997; Classic cartoons, hosted by Tom Safer on May 29th; Nominations for LASFS president during the meeting of June 5th with a program to be announced afterward; LASFS Procedural Officers elections on June 12th; a film and television retrospective of Batman hosted by Charlie on June 19th; and a video presentation entitled "More Like the Movies - My Life in Pictures," by Charles Lee Jackson, II, on June 26th. Mike Stern asked members to help the LASFS webpage by including the web address right underneath their signatures to let people know we're there. He urged us to emulate Selina by linking homepages to LASFS' webpage. He also noted that would be going on to Yahoo "real soon now." Mike Thorsen thanked Bob Null, Joe Zeff, and Jeff Stansfield for helping with the May clubhouse cleaning day and solicited help for June's first Sunday cleaning day, which will start at about noon. Charlie announced that the magic number of films he's seen this year is currently 146.

REVIEWS: Christian reported seeing "Austin Powers" and finding Elizabeth Hurley very attractive. Sandy Cohen noted that "Fifth Element" is a wondrously visual film. He recommends it, with the proviso that it needs to be seen on the big screen. Ed commented that "Fifth Element" is a combination of "Stargate" meets "Diehard" meets a couple of other films, and concurred that it is a visual treat with some gaping plot holes. Greg Barrett announced that Jim Carrey has been cast as Brainiac and Nicolas Cage as Superman in the next adventure of the Man of Steel. Charlie opined that some 3-D home videos were the most effective 3-D shows aired so far this season. Rick Foss gave Anne McCaffrey's new book, Freedom's Landing, the Foss seal of disapproval for being the first in a series of novels and not saying so anywhere on the cover. He said the ideas were still good quality, Anne McCaffrey ideas, but the writing is just not up to par: the first two chapters are bad, it is repetitive, has lots of plot holes, and appears to have been written in a hurry. Don Wenner opined that the only good thing that could be said for the most recent version of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" is that it is better than the CBS version.

MISCELLANEOUS: Mike Stern reported that Wizards of the Coast has announced a Magic the Gathering summer camp on the University of Washington campus for those who want to take their kids off heroin and put them on to something else. Joe Zeff took us home with a few stories from work, after which Rob Cole moved to DISJOURN at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien  

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