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President: Christian McGuire
Scribe: Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien

President Christian McGuire called the 3,116th meeting of the LASFS to order at 8:12 p.m. on May 1, 1997. Matthew welcomed the visiting Lynn Maners by moving to shut Lynn up. The motion passed, many to few. Joe Zeff attempted to adjourn the meeting, but the motion was deferred to a more appropriate time.

SPECIAL ORDERS OF BUSINESS: Bruce Pelz reported that he had received a telephone call from Marjii Ellers, who wanted people to know why she has not been attending very often. She has been diagnosed as having cancer, with an unknown prognosis. She will be starting chemotherapy in the near future, and an operation is being considered for the fall. Marjii particularly wants LASFS to know that it has meant a very great deal to her. Christian asked for a motion to acknowledge a Saint out of order. Marjii was given three rousing cheers with all the positive energy available.

Christian surrendered the meeting to Vice President Joe Zeff, who had presided at last week's meeting, while Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien read the MENACE. After several attempts at reality corrections were rejected, the Menace were accepted in absentia. Christian resumed pseudo-control of the meeting and conducted a very short AUCTION.

BUSINESS: Rick Foss announced that there is no program scheduled for this evening. May 8th will feature Fugghead of the Year speeches and a mammoth auction; Tom Safer will present a Classic Cartoons show on May 15th; and Sam Frank will host a program on the fantastic radio shows of Ronald Colman on May 22nd. Rick is still looking for volunteers to assist with programming. Registrar Selina Phanara announced that no GUESTS were present this evening.

APPOINTIVE COMMITTEE REPORTS: Joe Zeff announced that a Magic the Gathering tournament will be held at the clubhouse tomorrow evening. Mike Donahue's report that Tra La La Con will have a profit of approximately $1,000.00 was received with a round of applause for him and for all members who contributed to the success of the con. Mike Thorsen reminded us that on the first Sunday of the month there will be a work party starting about Noon. Christian thanked all those who showed up to help clean after Tra La La Con.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Matthew Tepper informed us that there will be a film production of "My Favorite Martian," which will feature Christopher Lloyd in the role of Uncle Martin. George Mulligan warned of some neighbor problems with a household on Camellia Street and requested that members stay out of the private driveway. The residents, who own several expensive luxury vehicles, are quite territorial and aggressively protect their property. David Voyt announced that Griffith Observatory will have a display featuring mockups of the space station this coming weekend.

PATRON SAINT Larry Niven arrived at this time and was given three cheers and a happy birthday.

FAANISH COMMITTEE REPORTS: Lynn Maners observed that there is no fandom in Arizona. Jeff Stansfield reported that the FCC recently ruled that the sending of junk mail on the Internet without the permission of the mailbox holder is punishable as trespass with a penalty of $500 per incident. They have also ruled that ISP's can no longer play games when offering free hours. Jerry Pournelle told us that he had been informed that "The New York Times" published the obituary of a major science fiction writer recently and asked if anyone knew who the writer was. Matthew Tepper reported that John R. Pierce, who published under the name of J. J. Coupling, had died. Jerry praised Mr. Pierce for his contributions to the field and related the story of a major argument between them that occurred several years ago. John had averred that we had done the space program wrong. At the time, Jerry thought he was nuts and disagreed vehemently. Jerry opined that he now realizes that John was absolutely correct and described him as a giant in his day.

REVIEWS: Francis Hamit recently read Future Boston, edited by David Alexander Smith, and is donating his copy to the library. The book is a compilation of three stories on a common theme rendered by three different authors which Francis found very intelligently written; he recommends it highly. Lynn Maners reported hearing a rerun of a radio interview of Jerry Pournelle by "this lunatic" Art Bell. Lynn congratulated Jerry on his politeness to the interviewer. Jerry expressed his appreciation of the fact that Art has rerun the program 25 times or more and probably generated several book sales after each airing. Lynn had read Absolute Magnitude, a compilation of stories which have appeared in the magazine of the same name. Lynn had never read the magazine but will do so in future because he found the quality of the stories very impressive. Rick Foss reported that Patton's Spaceship by John Barnes is beautifully written and quite well done. The story is about a group of people whose raison d'etre is to force governments either toward anarchy or repression so that they can more easily take over the resulting police state. Jeff Stansfield was disenchanted with the movie "Volcano," noting that it is hard to figure out who is the bigger ham - the lava or the actors. Jeff found the prevalent racial undertones of the movie disturbing. Joe Zeff enjoyed Ringworld Throne by Larry Niven, which he described as an interesting continuation of the story line with likable characters. However, the consummate nitpicker noticed "one technological hiccup in it ... which does not quite fit as described with the preceding book." He kept waiting for an explanation but didn't find it.

Mike Donahue shared a conversation he had with Bill Rotsler earlier this week. Bill is up and about, washing dishes, and his therapy is going very well. He is in good spirits and planning a trip to Reno with his friend Paul Turner. Hare Hobbs noted that the most recent episode of "Star Trek: Voyager" is the best ever done. Bob Null added that "Voyager" has really screwed it up - they're supposed to put out nothing but bad science fiction shows and this one wasn't. Bob liked the episode so well that he figures that if a "Voyager" show could ever get a Hugo nomination, this would be the one. Christian enjoyed last week's episode of "Babylon 5," which was his first encounter with those little things on the shoulder that like to stay there.

MISCELLANEOUS: Francis Hamit reported that there are 973 days until the year 2000, at which time he predicts technological meltdown, empty freeways, and lots of stair climbing in tall buildings. Larry Niven shared some amusing birthday mail he had received.

The meeting adjourned at 9:17 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien  

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