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President: Christian McGuire
Scribe: Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien

Vice President Joe Zeff called the 3,123rd meeting of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society to order at 8:11 p.m. on Thursday, June 19, 1997. There were no SPECIAL ORDERS OF BUSINESS.

The MENACE were read by Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien. In depreciation of the pun that Beth and Mike Glyer could bill themselves as The Lady or the Typer during their upcoming tenure as the scribal tag team if only Beth could convince Mike to attend as a cross-dresser, various suggestions for approval monikers were made. Pungent lost out and the Menace were approved as cross-dressed. David Voyt added that the author of Neanderthal, which he reviewed several weeks ago, is John Darden.

PATRON SAINT Ted Johnstone, who reversed the usual order of things by writing under his real name and joining the LASFS under a pseudonym, was given three hearty cheers and a P-38 special. Ed Green demonstrated his mastery of the art of gouging money from members during the AUCTION. There was no BUSINESS, and there were no GUESTS.

Moving along at a smart clip, the Guy With the Sideburns called for ANNOUNCEMENTS and we actually had some of those. Francis Hamit read a job description of a position as a costume designer, paying a salary between $28K and $71K per year. The bottom line turned out to be that the spooks want's a job with the CIA. Mike Stern announced that Rob Hirschburger is going to be married tomorrow. Ed snuck in another mini-auction for some passes to the Beverly Cinema. Joe Zeff informed us that Larry Niven and Jack Dann will be signing books at Dangerous Visions on June 21st, the next LOSCON meeting will be held in the clubhouse at noon on June 28th, and Planet Fest '97 will begin on July 3rd. Ed Green encouraged everyone to buy memberships for LOSCON before the rates increase to $35, which will happen after WesterCon. Charles Lee Jackson, II, the undemised emperor, announced that copies of "CLJII Presents" are now available and have the last two stories about Continent 8.

APPOINTIVE COMMITTEE REPORTS: Tim Merrigan noted that the "De Prof" deadline is tonight. Rick Foss gave a report from the Translation Committee: The club's expert Serbo-Croatian translator informed him that one of the new and exciting spots on tours in that area is the world's largest Dairy Queen in Lyubyana, Slovenia. I'd suggest to my sister that we schedule a stop to see it on our upcoming deluxe tour in Europe this Fall, but I'm afraid she might respond with the not unreasonable suggestion that I might profit more by a stay in a very posh Swiss sanatorium instead. Rick also reviewed the list of upcoming programs, which hasn't changed recently. Registrar Selina Phanara had some retro GUESTS to introduce: Richard C. Nordrum, Jr., from Mission Viejo and Valerie Muir from Auckland, N.Z. CLJII reported that there's finally enough money to put out another edition of "Shangri-L'Affaires," affectionately known as "Shaggy." Phil Castora is assisting with the editing, and the new edition will be out shortly after Westercon. Mike Stern encouraged everyone again to put the LASFS Webpage's URL on the bottom of their signature lines when corresponding on the Net. CLJII noted that the Summer Holiday Party will be a picnic in Bronson Canyon on the afternoon of July 26th.

Just to liven things up a bit, a spontaneous bidding war broke out to determine which should be the next agenda item: Reviews or Faanish Committee Reports.

REVIEWS: (Can you tell which item won?) Hare Hobbs finally got a chance to hear "Music From a Darkened Theater," which he described to us for many weeks before its release. No surprise - he liked it. Robert Jablon informed us that there is a new CD-ROM game out called "Callahan's Bar." He reports that the puns are extraordinarily funny, and you'll laugh a lot: he recommends it. Brett Achorn advised that "Batman" has leather, has latex, has an over-the-top villain, will win no Oscars but is entertaining.

FAANISH COMMITTEE REPORTS: Mike Stern reported spotting tanks as large as the clubroom in a parking lot at Third and Main. They reminded Mike of Keith Laumer's Bolos, and he conjectures that they must be props for a movie. Joe Zeff entertained us with his usual two stories.

MISCELLANEOUS: Don Wenner noted that the Research Library at the Autry Museum has recently received a donation of over 3,000 books and is giving volunteer docents points for reading them: It reminded him of the job of the guy in "Three Days of the Condor" before the hit squad made life more exciting. Mike Stern reported on a lady on the dim side of dull who couldn't tell that the train at the end of the tracks at Union Station would not leave before the one parked in front of it. Rick Foss recounted reading a story in "Nevada Magazine" that confirmed a story he thought was just an urban legend. About 20 years ago a group of people were doing some sampling on trees and found a very old, very dense tree. They tried doing a core sample and broke off the drill bit. In frustration, they sawed it down, only to find out that they had just killed the world's oldest living anything...the tree was some 5,000 years old at the time of its premature demise. There had been an agreement among members of the scientific community to not release the names of the people involved because it would be career poison to have killed the world's oldest thing. The magazine has now published the story with all the details.

Joe called for a motion to ADJOURN, which passed virtually unanimously, and we segued into the program at 9:03 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Pie'd Typer Beth O'Brien  

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