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 by Matthew B. Tepper, Mini-Scribe

Another Pelzless night, and the less-pretty half of the Vice President -- Ken Rowand, if you needed any hints -- knuckled the meeting to order at 20:13. The treasury report was read while people were still noisy, so Ken gave them a chance to shout three cheers for St. Sue Haseltine. The previous week's were read, nitpicked, and approved as misread. We were off to a fine start.

Committee Reports began with the Guy with the Sideburns, Joe Zeff, reporting on Putridity. In his current assignment of copying personnel-related files for some other company, he's found evidence of lots of people who simply walked away from their jobs without telling anyone. He also found, and had to photocopy, a shredded note of reprimand, evidence of a secretary who lasted only 3.5 hours in her job, and an ID photo of a woman sticking her tongue out. Boy, I'm glad I don't work there!

Robbie Cantor, Northern half of the Treasurer, spoke as the Committee to Gouge Money Out of the LASFS, saying that this week was the last chance to pay the final installment on annual dues. (That's Geographical Northern Half by origin -- Man, you guys can be picky!)

Rick Foss gave a straight Surrealism report, citing a Wall Street Journal article about a very slow ferry from Sweden to a Finnish island that's a dodge for Sweden's extremely high tax on alcohol. In fact, alcohol is so heavily taxed and medical care is so heavily subsidized, that the difference between the cost of a bottle of beer and a heart operation is less than a couple of dollars!

Leigh Strother-Vien, Librarian, said that the Library inventory was finally finished, huzzah! There are still some books which have yet been catalogued, but if you wish to check any of them out, they will be catalogued on demand. Now, that's service! The bad news is that about 80 or 90 books have gone missing.

Nola Frame returned to Putridity as she said that the Panama invasion was almost rained out, due to continuing problems with the McDonnell-Douglas Apache helicopters used to support our military action. Those darn contractors!

Hare Hobbs was amused by the name of a West Valley bicycle shop: Cyclepath. Mother, is that you? Charles Lee Jackson II said the next week's program was being put on by the VC -- no, not some guys in funny hats and black pajamas, but the Video Committee -- and would consist of some TV sci-fic, including Rocky Jones. Future movie evenings, added the Emperor, will include such diverse amusements as Laurel & Hardy and Westerns. As George Mulligan put it, "That's another fine mess, Marshall Dillon."

Larry Niven had some advance art from Malibu Comics' adaptation of "Death By Ecstasy," the first in a series of books based on Gil the Arm. Larry was very pleased with the quality of the art, and judging from everyone's reaction, he has good reason. He also showed off a colorful poster for The Man-Kzin Wars #3.

Galen Tripp was nowhere to be seen for the second week running, but the beauteous Kimberlee Marks was filling in as Guest Registrar. She wore her "Registrar" badge in her cleavage, to make sure that guests would notice it. But Kim, some of us are already LASFS members! Nevertheless, she introduced one guest, Juan L. Fernández P., all the way from Santiago. Santiago, Santiago... Say, aren't they putting on the NASFiC this year?

Frank Gasperik told of a weird situation in Arizona where a referendum has had to be arranged for exactly one voter. The guy hasn't given any indication of which way he's voting, so it looks to be a close one.

Under Reviews, George Mulligan said he'd finally seen "Akira," and thought it had dynamite graphics. Veep Ken said that last year's Westercon had gotten a mention on "Jeopardy!", and a few other members recalled other intersections of fandom and Jeopardom. The LASFS-game-show connection goes way back. It seems like only twenty years since David Gerrold was on "Lucky Pair"? (Or even longer since he got a lucky pair?)

George also noted that one of the shared-universe series, "The Fleet," has actually reached a confusion conclusion. Robbie Cantor reminded us of a Dr. Who convention, Gallifrey One, to be held Memorial Day Weekend. Charlie Jackson gave a thumbs-up review to the public transportation in San Francisco, and this led to a free-wheeling discussion of busses, BART, and handicapped parking spaces.

So after these Transports of Delight, we adjourned at 20:46 for the evening's animated feature, "Kiki's Delivery Service."

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