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 by Matthew B. Tepper, Mini-Scribe

Our returned elephant gavelled the meeting to order at 20:11. Previous week's minutes were read and were approved as of the correct length. The Treasurers hadn't written a report, and the Registrar was not present. Three hearty cheers were shouted for St. Dan Deckert. Couldn't you tell it would be a brief meeting?

Committee reports commenced with our computer wizard, R. Merlin Null, speaking for the computer committee. Bob said that he has endowed Wol F. Man (the machine in the middle) with a 17M Corvus hard disk, so now Welltris can be played on all three computers. Bruce Pelz opined that Corvus is for the birds. Perhaps he has just caws. Dr. Jerry Pournelle spake up that he had some spare graphics boards, if the club computers could use them.

Ed Green transformed into the Committee for Surrealism in Everyday Life, citing a family crisis in New York as reason for his absence. While there, he'd been reading the New York Pest Post, and so had lots of surrealism for us. This included the naming of The Worst New York City Taxi Driver, one Vehbi Gunduz. An outfit called BGR (Beat the Grim Reaper) will buy life insurance policies at 50¢ on the dollar from terminal patients who need the money while they can still use it. Pigeons were involved in no fewer than three deaths: Two involved construction workers who had the roof rats give them a terminal surprise; and one involved a man who tried to fly with 75 of the stripèd birdies tied to his body. Under Stupid Crooks, Ed told of a state trooper and undercover cops drawing on one another, letting their perp get away.

The Guy with the Sideburns, Joe Zeff, had a Putridity Report. On assignment for a law firm at his company's main office, he had to make two copies of absolutely everything that was given him, including a sample copy of Singles Register. Bruce Pelz said this sounded like the work of Phil Castora's firm of Dingdong, Dingaling, Dingbat & Yoyo.

Mike Stern told of a man in jail who was able to sneak out after changing places with his identical twin brother. Imagine the "innocent" brother being able to say, "That's my evil twin who really did it!" Rick Foss dolefully remarked, "I've tried that one, and it doesn't work!"

Announcements: Leigh Strother-Vien said she'd read in Science Digest that the two Voyager missions had cost under $550 million, less than the price tag for just one stealth bomber. Food for thought. Terry Hopwood announced that Live the Dream would hold a family seder on 2 April, hosted by Brian Gitt; RSVP to her.

Rick Foss said that the Easy Reader was helping to shake its old uptight image with an article on a coven. He also mentioned that his first-ever cover story was in the new issue of South Bay, and that he is the new travel writer for Village View. When does this man find time to read?

Bruce said that there were 9 or 10 sign-ups for the LASFS Garbage Sale, with room for some more. The Scribe relayed Jack Harness' announcement of a user's group devoted to Ventura Publisher. And Bill Ellern said that Forry Ackerman's answering machine message was downbeat, understandable since Wendayne's death a few weeks ago. Bill suggested people phone Forry to remind him that he has lots of friends.

And that was it for the meeting, as we adjourned at 20:33 to hear Dr. Pournelle speak off-the-cuff on the late Robert Adams, space, and other topics of interest.

And the moral is: With a name like Vehbi Gunduz, he has to be bad!

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